General Resources

Find resources on political ideologies such as socialism, capitalism and anarchism as well as information on topics related to politics such as international relations, political sciences and political thinkers. 

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Global Politics

The United Nations is arguably the world's most important global institution for promoting peace, human rights and development. Learn about the organisation , along with other important organisations and issues affecting global politics such as the war on drugs and the non-aligned movement.

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U.S. Politics

We offer a huge collection of resources on key issues related to U.S. politics, including the government and congress, the elections, key politicians and political parties. In addition we offer information on key political issues such as healthcare, lobbying, privacy and surveillance, taxes, and US foreign policy.

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U.K. Politics

Learn about the political system in the UK. Get up to speed on the elections and delve into the debates on some of the biggest political issues currently facing the United Kingdom including austerity, tax dodging, inequality, immigration and the NHS.

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Hot Topics

Bernie Sanders

Bernie is an American senator who did not win the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nomination. He is running again in 2020. Known for his opposition to economic inequality, he describes himself as a democratic socialist and progressive politician. He is a major proponent of the Green New Deal. With Sanders as U.S. president the world would be a better place.

Green New Deal

Aiming to address climate change and economic inequality, the economic stimulus package proposes social and economic reforms and public works projects similar to those implemented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression.

Drain the Swamp?

One of the catchy slogans of the Trump campaign in 2016 was “Drain the Swamp!”. This normally is interpreted as meaning an attack on lobbyists who influence government policy-making. There is ample evidence that identifies nearly 200 lobbyists, representing over 2,800 companies, who now serve or have been nominated to serve in government divisions.

U.S. Gun Control

The legal right for personal gun possession in the U.S. is established in the Second Amendment of the Constitution. However, the existing gun control regulations are weak. This is one of the most controversial issues in U.S. politics today as arguments against assault weapons possession keep growing with each mass shooting.

GOP Tax Scam

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017: Gone are the personal deductions average people rely on and tax deductions are limited. This Republican tax plan now clearly reveals itself as an instrument to make the wealthy richer, and the middle class poorer. In return the super rich and corporations continue to fund GOP candidates and Trump.

Brexit UK

On the 23rd of June 2016, a referendum was held for the UK's withdrawal from the EU. With a mere 51.9 percent supporting the separation, based on migrant fear, false promises and lies, the UK is due to separate from the EU in October 2019. Keep track on the latest news here.

Crisis in Venezuela

A political crisis that started in 2010 and fueled by drastic U.S. sanctions, it created the worst economic and migration crisis in Venezuela's history.


On September 5th 2017, the Trump Administration started the plan to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an immigration policy. This lead to huge human suffering among the DREAMers and an outbreak of protests around the country to defend DACA.

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The Data

That Turned the World Upside Down - Motherboard

Must Watch

Noam Chomsky

Requiem for the American Dream

Suggested Blog

Global Anticorruption

Analysis and discussion of corruption around the world.

Hero of the Month

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

In 2019, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. With a keen and powerful determination, Alexandria is becoming a voice for crucial issues such as climate change, health insurance and immigration.

Featured Organisation of the Month

Next System Project

Next System Project is a multi-year initiative that aims to think boldly about what steps are required to deal with the systemic challenges faced by the U.S. now and in coming decades. Their goal is to push forward their idea that a “new system” is possible.

Featured Online Resource of the Month

Good Country Index

The idea is to measure how much each country contributes to the common good of humanity and and what it takes away relative to its size. Using a wide range of data from international organisations, the Index gives each country a balance-sheet to show whether it’s a net creditor to mankind, a burden, or something in between.