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Find resources on political ideologies such as socialism, capitalism and anarchism as well as information on topics related to politics such as international relations, political sciences and political thinkers. 

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Global Politics

The United Nations is arguably the world's most important global institution for promoting peace, human rights and development. Learn about the organisation , along with other important organisations and issues affecting global politics such as the war on drugs and the non-aligned movement.

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U.S. Politics

We offer a huge collection of resources on key issues related to U.S. politics, including the government and congress, the elections, key politicians and political parties. In addition we offer information on key political issues such as healthcare, lobbying, privacy and surveillance, taxes, and US foreign policy.

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U.K. Politics

Learn about the political system in the UK. Get up to speed on the elections and delve into the debates on some of the biggest political issues currently facing the United Kingdom including austerity, tax dodging, inequality, immigration and the NHS.

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Hot Topics

Belarus Protests

In the last few days there have been nationwide protests with several thousand participants in Belarus. The demonstrations are in response to the sixth re-election of the authoritarian regime of Alexander Lukashenko. Many people doubt the official election result because the media and critics have been censored for years. Lukashenko has sent his police units to beat the demonstrators off the street, but the protest movement is growing and demands for democratic changes are getting louder.

Kamala Harris - Joe Biden's running mate

The Californian Senator on August 11th was announced as the third ever female U.S. vice presidential running mate of a major party – and the first African American, and Asian American. She has drawn attention for her questioning of Trump administration, and support of healthcare reform, the DREAM act, the ban of assault weapons, and a progressive tax reform. Here we follow her journey alongside Biden to election day 2020.

2020 Beirut Explosions

One of the world's most powerful non-nuclear explosions rocked the port of Beirut on August 4th. The result was the death of more than 220 people, 7,000 injured, billions of dollars' worth of property damage, and thousands being made homeless. Find information here on the cause, lack of safety measures, government culpability, and the protests now arising.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders went from an unknown senator to a progressive national icon. Representing Vermont, he has become the longest independent member of Congress in U.S. history, well known for his views on economic inequality and for being a leading supporter of the Green New Deal. He lost the 2016 Democratic Party nomination to Hilary Clinton, but fortunately Bernie and his revolution are back for the 2020 race. With Sanders as president of the United States, the U.S.A and the world would be a far better place.

Joe Biden

The former vice president of the Obama era and two-time presidential candidate. He is trying his luck again as one of the favorites to be the Democratic Party's nominee for 2020. The controversy surrounding his son, Hunter and the work he did in Ukraine while Biden was vice president is the reason why President Trump was facing an impeachment investigation. After Senator Sanders pulled out of the race Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee. He needs to do more to convince the younger and more progressive population.

GOP Tax Scam

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017: Gone are the personal deductions average people rely on and tax deductions are limited. This Republican tax plan now clearly reveals itself as an instrument to make the wealthy richer, and the middle class poorer. In return the super rich and corporations continue to fund GOP candidates and Trump.

Elizabeth Warren

She is a former academic, current representative of Massachusetts and one of the most prominent candidates for the Democratic Party's nomination. She's putting up a fight with a steady rise in polls, shortening her distance from Joe Biden and even overtaking him in some states, thanks to her bold agenda that revolves around restructuring the U.S. economy by targeting on big pharmaceuticals, big tech companies, Wall-Street and the super-rich people.

Howie Hawkins

Trade unionist and activist from New York, Howie Gresham Hawkins is the co-founder of the Green Party. He is currently running for the party's nomination for the 2020 Presidential Elections against two other candidates, Dario Hunter and David Rolde. His goal is to build an independent working class social and political movement with the eco-socialist Green New Deal at the center of his campaign.

Tulsi Gabbard

She is a long-time representative of Hawaii, and a contender for the 2020 Democratic Party's candidacy, yet she had gone relatively unnoticed until Hillary Clinton drew attention to her by saying in a podcast that Gabbard could be the “Russian’s favourite” to become a third party candidate for the upcoming elections. As a former soldier herself she has a disdain for warmongers in the U.S. Government.

Tom Steyer

Running for president, Tom Steyer is a self-made billionaire and Democrat who is committed to give away his fortune by being one of the first people to sign "the Giving Pledge". He is the founder of NextGen, a non for profit group that focuses on social justice and climate change. He was one of the first Democrats to create a movement to impeach Trump.

Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 US presidential elections. As a member of the Democratic Farmer Labor Party(DFL), she is a corporate lawyer and US Senator from Minnesota since 2006.

Michael Bloomberg

Mr. Bloomberg, ex-mayor of New York City (2002-2013) is currently a 2020 candidate for the Democratic presidential primaries. He is a businessman who gives almost all his profits to organizations supporting gun safety, climate change, education, women’s rights, and health care.

Pete Buttigieg

The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is increasingly drawing the attention of voters, as a potential option for the Democratic nomination. He is the youngest of the candidates and has built his campaign, around the idea of being the leader of a new generation of democrats. However, he is constantly criticized by younger generations of voters, for his approach to health care policies, college debt and federal spending.

You're Fired !

In a long-awaited process, with public hearings starting next week, President Trump finally faces an impeachment investigation. This comes after a whist-blower accused him of misusing U.S. military aid to Ukraine to force this foreign government to conduct an investigation related to the son of his rival, Joe Biden. This abuse of power is just a small taste of what Trump is willing to do to avoid free and fair elections in 2020.

UK Elections - December 12

In a disappointing result, the Labour Party has suffered one of its worst results in the general election, with dozens of its seats now in the hands of conservatives. Boris Johnson's message that he was going to "Get Brexit Done" seems to be one of the main reasons for the victory of the Tories. And now the people of the UK have to endure the reality that Brexit will happen and that it is quite possible that the Independence of Scotland can follow. Click here for information and analysis of results.

Brexit UK - an ongoing tragedy

On the 23rd of June 2016, a referendum was held for the UK's withdrawal from the EU. With a mere 51.9 percent supporting the separation, based on migrant fear, false promises, voter exclusion and lies, the UK is due to separate from the EU in October 2019. Keep track on the latest news here.

Nobel Prize for Peace 2019 - Abiy Ahmed Ali

Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minster of Ethiopia, wins award for outstanding contribution to peace for his work in bringing to an end more than 20 years of conflict with neighbouring Eritrea.

2019 Indian Citizenship Act

A wave of protest against a new citizenship law passed in early December 2019 has led to the biggest demonstrations in India for decades. The Citizenship Act states that religious minorities who fled to India before 2014 are allowed to claim Indian Citizenship. Muslim immigrants are excluded from this law though. Protesters criticize the Citizenship Act as discrimination against the Muslim minority and see the secular foundations of India at risk.

U.S. backed Military Coup in Bolivia

In a shocking event, one of Latin America's longest leaders, Evo Morales, has resigned after nearly 14 years in power and announced new elections. For weeks Bolivia faced anti-government protests led by opposition leaders on OAS backed allegations of electoral fraud. The leader denounced a coup d'état after the military and police withdrew their support, leading him to announce his resignation to protect the Bolivarian people.

Lebanese Protests

In an inspiring demonstration of unity, thousands of Lebanese have been protesting in the country's major cities, since the government announced a tax on social media apps. A proposal that was abandoned in a few hours, but the protests had already focused on deeper issues, such as political corruption and the country's high level of indebtedness. Demonstrations continue, even after the Prime Minister's resignation, as people demand more in-depth change.

2019 Colombian Protests

Since Nov.21st 2019, hundreds and thousands of Colombians have been protesting against their president Iván Duque Márquez, government corruption and in support for the Colombian peace process and better life conditions. Rioting, looting and violence during these protests have led to deaths and many injuries.

Nicaragua Facing Social Security Reforms

In 2018, Nicaraguans began protesting against president Ortega's social security reform which eventually was cancelled. Protestors began requesting Ortega'S resignation. What started off as peaceful protests has lead to the deadliest civil conflict since the end of the Nicaraguan Revolution. To this day, Nicaraguan's face the government's human's right violations.

Sudanese Protests 2018-19

Since December 2018, the Sudanese have been protesting peacefully against the economic deterioration of the country. The government responded violently leading to a coup d'état and the removal of president al-Bashir. The Sudanese continue to protest to this day.

VE-Day 2020

On the 8th May 2020, we celebrate the Victory in Europe Day and 75 years since the end of the Second World War and the Liberation from National Socialism. Around 60 Million People died in this War and many others were traumatized or displaced. Lets use this day to commemorate the many victims and recognize the significant danger of fascist ideology. So this will never happen again. 

Haiti Protests 2018-19

What began in July 2018 as protests against the increase in gas prices, people in Haiti are now protesting against government corruption and requesting resignation from their current president Jovenel Moïse. The current government and opposition party led by Jean-Charles Moïse have not yet been able to participate in a peaceful dialogue and the problems persist.

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Global Anticorruption

Analysis and discussion of corruption around the world.

Hero of the Month

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

In 2019, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. With a keen and powerful determination, Alexandria is becoming a voice for crucial issues such as climate change, health insurance and immigration.

Featured Organisation of the Month

Next System Project

Next System Project is a multi-year initiative that aims to think boldly about what steps are required to deal with the systemic challenges faced by the U.S. now and in coming decades. Their goal is to push forward their idea that a “new system” is possible.

Featured Online Resource of the Month

Good Country Index

The idea is to measure how much each country contributes to the common good of humanity and and what it takes away relative to its size. Using a wide range of data from international organisations, the Index gives each country a balance-sheet to show whether it’s a net creditor to mankind, a burden, or something in between.