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Our extensive ➡️ platform for politics boasts over 90,000 links aimed at promoting political and civic education, and the political participation of everyone. Search by country to find extensive information on key political issues that affect you.

Politics effects everything around us. It influences the kind of world that we live in today, and shapes it for future generations.

One of the biggest challenges to democracy that we face is political apathy. For example, in the U.S. 2020 presidential election only 62% of citizens of voting cast their ballet. Sadly, this is actually the norm, and was even the highest voter turnout since 1960.

Lack of positive change, similarities between candidates, disconnection between your own life and governmental policies, corruption, propaganda and media influence, misinformation campaigns, and absence of political education and understanding are huge barriers to progress and social improvements.

Countries which have higher levels of democracy and freedoms produce governments which are accountable to their citizens and more responsive to their needs. An informed population can make smart political decisions.

Poor governance leaves a legacy for decades. It is a key driver of poverty, inequality, inflation, unemployment, weak economic growth, violent conflict, rights violations, and the failure of important social provisions such as healthcare and education.

A recent report from the Climate Observatory concerning the 2019-2022 Bolsonaro administration, revealed a 60% increase in deforestation, a 12% increase in greenhouse gas emissions, a 212% increase in indigenous land invasion, and a 125% increase in illegal mining.

This deliberate rollback of environmental protections is proof that politicians leave behind a legacy that lasts for generations. Politics can define our quality of life; we must create the world that we want our children to live in.

Political instability is rising, 68% of all countries are predicted to become more unstable by the end of 2023. 24% of the global population currently live in fragile states, 29 countries are currently at war, military coups are on the rise, and high-level corruption is worsening.

Whilst one-third of the world is facing economic recession in 2023, world military expenditure reached a record high of $2240 billion!


Thousands of protesters hold placards supporting democracy infront of the Whitehouse in Washington, DC
Flickr | Ted Eytan

Anti-governmental protests have rocked the globe in recent years. Protesters have taken to the streets in record numbers in response to harsh austerity measures, authoritarian regimes, the rise of the right-wing, police brutality, the reversal of women's rights, continued investment in the fossil fuel industry, spiralling costs of living, election fraud, media censorship, and failure to address climate change.

The coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis, the global food crisis, and the Russian war in Ukraine have plunged the world into a multi-crisis. More than ever, we need strong, transparent, and citizen focused governance.

Be sure to check out our related topics on democracy, economy, globalisation, international development, social justice, and environment. You can also follow our excellent Twitter list on Politics for critical analysis and updates from key political experts, activists, politicians, political scientists, NGOs, and international relations experts.

For German speakers we invite you to visit our sister site Bessere Welt Info for over 50,000 links to political resources from a European perspective.

Where can I get Background Info on Politics?

Here you can find excellent political resources and NGOs, information on political sciences, the influence of capitalism, and weakening international relations. Learn about increasing U.S. tensions with Russia, China, Israel and the Middle East, U.S. foreign relations in general, and UK foreign policy.


Image of  U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. An older white gentleman smiles warmily into the camera, he is wearing a light blue shirt and glasses
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Discover the main political ideologies including socialism, capitalism, fascism, anarchism, populism, and progressivism. In order to highlight and promote the inspiring work of exemplary people in politics and standout politicians we bring you a comprehensive guide to those who are not afraid to stand-up for social justice, citizens' rights, peace, and the environment. Find our heroes including Bernie Sanders, George Galloway, Nelson Mandela, Elizabeth Warren, Salma Yaqoob, and Kofi Annan. You can even find a compilation of historical political thinkers whose theories created a culture of critical thinking and greater political comprehension.

We dive deep into the worrying new influence of social media, filter bubbles, and fake news on politics and democracy. Finally, learn about the inspiring Suffragettes, their fight for women’s right to vote, and how it paved the way for women's rights and female political participation across the globe.

What is Global Politics and who are the United Nations?

Global politics refers to larger scale political processes which shape our world. Various international GO’s such as the IMF, World Bank, and WTO are key players in global governance. Global politics oversees issues related to globalisation, conflict, democracy, peace, the environment, debt, the global war on drugs, and many other international concerns.

Our toolbox on the United Nations contains everything you need to know about this huge global organisation addressing our planets most pressing issues. Find over 800 resources to the latest news, the SDGs, UNESCO, UNICEF, and WHO, as well as their work in peacekeeping, disarmament, the environment, human rights, and international development.

Politics – Country Profiles

Our country-by-country political guide is sorted by region. It is easy to stay informed with our collection of reliable and independent news sources for each country, and find the organisations fighting for positive change. Follow past and present elections, key political issues, and important politicians.


A British Union flag with the gold European Union stars waves in a crowd of remain supporters prior to the Brexit vote.
Ilovetheeu | CC BY-SA 4.0

Regarding the U.S, you will find an extensive guide to U.S elections and an excellent toolbox for voters. Find extensive information on massive inequality and social injustice, right-wing populism, democracy under threat, devastating school shootings and lack of gun control, the Roe V. Wade abortion debate, tax injustice, unions, the environment, energy, agriculture, police brutality and the Black Lives Matter Campaign, immigration, and so much more.

Check out and follow our excellent Twitter list on U.S politics for critical analysis from key U.S political experts, activists, and politicians.

Discover comprehesive coverage on political developments in Mexico and Canada.

In our section dedicated to the European Union you can learn about past elections, institutions, EU expansion, environmental and energy policies, and increasing EU militarisation.

Following developments in EU member states you can learn about the unpopular pension reforms by Macron’s government in France, rising right-wing policies in Poland, democracy under threat in Hungary, and the huge immigration problem in Greece.

Regarding non-EU member states, you will find an impressive 10,000 links in our guide to the Russian war in Ukraine from a peace perspective, and an in-depth look at the involvement of Belarus and their recent political crisis. You will also find offer in-depth coverage of UK politics including Brexit, the UK Police and Crime bill, NHS privatisation, immigration controversies, austerity programmes, the struggling UK economy, and how British political turmoil has resulted in 5 Prime Ministers in 6 years.

Find extensive coverage of the latest political instability in Ecuador, the protests and political crisis in Peru, detailed account of the new constitution in Chile and Gabriel Boric’s fight against far-right influence, the work of President Lula in Brazil to repair the damage done by Bolsonaro, the ongoing crisis in Venezuela and much more.

Featuring issues such as the U.S embargo against Cuba, the controversial anti-gang crack down in El Salvador, the corruption crisis in Guatemala, the political crisis in Haiti, and ongoing protests and governmental repression in Nicaragua.

Political tensions, conflict, religious intolerance, the presence of valuable natural resources, and foreign intervention have turned the Middle-East into a volatile and instable part of the world.


Three women from Iran hold a large white banner which says 'Woman, life, freedom' the slogan which became popular during the Mahsa Amini protests in Iran in 2022. Many protesters stand behind them.
Flickr | Taymaz Valley

Learn about the decades long oppression of Palestinians by Israel, the controversial 2023 Turkish elections,12 years of unrest in Syria, the devastating humanitarian crisis in Yemen, repressive governmental regimes in Iran, and the struggles in post-invasion Iraq.

The 2022 floods in Pakistan sent the country into economic collapse, which was then followed by the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan on alleged corruption charges. Funding and security concerns surround the upcoming elections as the world eagerly awaits the end of political upheaval.


Many Pakistani children and one women sit in a boat filled with possessions on dirty flood waters whilst two men guide the boat from the outside
Flickr | IRIN Photos

75 years since the partition of India from British rule and we are still witnessing tensions. Kashmir is still a contended region, and controversial Prime Minister Modi is in the spotlight for his dire record on human rights, democracy, right-wing policies, censorship, the 2019 Citizenship Law, and increasing discrimination of Muslims in India. Follow the ongoing economic crisis in Sri Lanka and how anti-government protesters have gathered to challenge inflation, repression, and fuel and food shortages.


A male protester in Myanmar holds a large white sign which reads 'Respect our votes, Myanmar citizens' he is protesting again the military coup which took place in 2021. Many other protesters stand behind him.
MgHla | CC BY-SA 4.0

The crisis in Myanmar began in 2021 after a military coup cast the country into an increasingly dangerous conflict. Increasing tensions between North Korea and South Korea are causing global concerns as North Korea continues to show off its military and nuclear capabilities.

The political status of Taiwan is again being drawn into the spotlight as China continues to ramp up its military presence in the seas around the island. China is set on reunification, whereas Taiwan, with their own constitution and elected leaders sees itself as independent. U.S. posturing and intervention is adding further fuel to the fire.

The 20-year war led by the U.S in Afghanistan has resulted in 2 decades and counting of suffering by the Afghan people. Now under Taliban rule, the human rights situation has deteriorated, the economy is in crisis, malnutrition is rife, women's rights are non-existent, and mass unemployment and poverty has become the norm. Learn more about the insurgency, the humanitarian costs of war, and the rollback of civil and political rights in Afghanistan.


Soldiers stand in front of the Sudanese flag. The background shows mountains at sunset and a line of refugees walking.
Better World Info | Mei Lau

There are 35 armed conflicts currently taking place in Africa making it an extremely volatile and instable region. Weak governance, a high number of military takeovers, ethnic and religious violence, terrorism, and the backsliding of democracy have created the perfect conditions for corruption and war.

Read more on the political situation in the particularly fragile countries of Libya, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cameroon, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The 2023 Sudan conflict has become a further catalyst for instability in the region as the affects ripple through the surrounding countries and beyond, the humanitarian situation has become deplorable.

Better World Info's Afterthoughts on Politics

We believe that political education is the key to ending apathy and poor governance. The link between high voter turnouts and education has been documented for many decades. Governments must be held accountable for their actions, or lack thereof.

Universal healthcare, pension and social security schemes, commitment to the rule of law, anti-corruption mechanisms, transparency, and freedom of information are all examples of good governance.

Not all politicians are the same, there are good ones fighting for the rights of citizens, for state services, and led by human rights values. We must protect freedom of democracy, promote political engagement, and empower young leaders who carry some of the biggest burdens yet.

One vote really can make a difference. In the wise words of John Lewis, American politician and civil rights activist,

“The vote is precious. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it.”

Author: Rachael Mellor, 27.06.23 licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

For further reading on Politics see below  ⬇️

Hot Topics

Seats in the EU Parliament
EU parliament

European Union Elections 2024

Elections for a new EU Parliament will take place June 6 - 9. 320 million Europeans are called upon to help decide the future of European policy. In the last EU election, enthusiasm and voter turnout were low. Voters were impeded by language barriers, apathy regarding EU affairs, and lack of focus on national issues. With right-wing parties and militarism on the rise across Europe, increasing urgency of the climate crisis and growing social inequality, every vote counts! Make sure to stay informed and support democracy in Europe.

European Union Elections 2024
Men and women holding a flag in Ukrainian colours, with anti-war messages.
Better World Info| Mei Lau

Russia - Ukraine War 2022

Now in its second year, Russia’s invasion into Ukraine began back in February 2022. This unique platform provides 10,000 resources from a peace perspective. Find in-depth information on NATO and U.S. involvement, weapons exports, sanctions, peace voices, and neglected diplomacy. Uncover the disastrous humanitarian fallout and the devastating global ramifications.         ➡️ betterworld.info/UkraineWar - Please help us to spread the word of peace.

Russia - Ukraine War 2022
Colourful AI image of Donald Trump battling against Joe Biden there are lots of bright lights in the background as the two older men wearing suits fight
Deviant Art | Sennexx

U.S. Presidential Election 2024 – A Biden and Trump Rematch

November 5th will see American voters head to the polls to decide between the re-election of Democratic President Joe Biden and his predecessor Republican Donald Trump. Key issues for voters include the struggling economy, healthcare, foreign policy, the bloating military budget, climate policy, and gun laws. Disillusioned with the stance from congress and both parties, voter turnout is sadly expected to be low. Given the huge influence the U.S. has on the international stage, the outcome of this election will have far-reaching implications particularly in regard to the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, the global fight against climate change, and the likelihood of World War III erupting in our lifetimes.

U.S. Presidential Election 2024 – A Biden and Trump Rematch

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders went from an unknown senator to a progressive national icon. Representing Vermont, he has become the longest independent member of Congress in U.S. history, well known for his views on economic inequality and for being a leading supporter of the Green New Deal. He lost the 2016 Democratic Party nomination to Hilary Clinton, but fortunately Bernie and his revolution are back for the 2020 race. With Sanders as president of the United States, the U.S.A and the world would be a far better place.

Bernie Sanders
Man on his back with the flag of Haiti on his shoulders.
abdallahh CC BY 2.0 | Flickr

2024 Haiti Unrest

In a new escalation of the ongoing crisis in Haiti, armed gangs have stormed two of the country's largest prisons, causing at least 3,700 inmates to escape. The move was aimed at putting pressure on Prime Minister Ariel Henry to resign. Prior to the incident, Henry had travelled to Kenya to secure a UN-backed operation to deploy Kenyan security forces to help regain control of the country. Haiti's national police force has around 9,000 officers serving a population of over 11 million. The unrest has forced 15,000 people to flee the violence, including those already living in makeshift camps for the displaced. Henry took over as prime minister after the assassination of President Moise and has repeatedly postponed plans to hold elections.

2024 Haiti Unrest
Portrait of Vladimir Putin,Russian President
Antonio Marín Segovia via Flickr | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

2024 Russian presidential election

On 15-17 March, Russia will hold its first elections since the country invaded Ukraine, leading to a major war.Putin wants a massive victory to show that he still has the support of the Russian people. The main challenge will be turnout, as apathy among the population is high. In addition, people in annexed Crimea and occupied Ukrainian territory will also vote, a move considered illegitimate by the international community. The 71-year-old was first elected in 2000, making him the longest-serving leader since Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. A favourable result for Putin is almost certain, as his opponents have faced constant political persecution.

2024 Russian presidential election
Senegal President Macky Sall delivering a formal address.
CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 | © European Union 2013 via Flickr

Senegal 2024 - Democracy under attack

Since gaining independence in 1960, Senegal has never experienced a coup d'état and is consistently regarded as the most stable democracy in the region. Despite attempts by past leaders to extend their terms, Senegal is known for its stability and successful democratic transitions of power. Once again, President Macky Sall announced the postponement of scheduled elections from 25 February to 15 December. On 6 February, the parliament voted to postpone the elections, drawing strong opposition from lawmakers on the other side of the aisle, who called the move a coup d'état. This decision sparked widespread civilian demonstrations across the country, which were met with repression and government-imposed restrictions on internet access.

Senegal 2024 - Democracy under attack
Iranian woman with long flowing hair holds a hijab in her fist - the hair reflects the Iranian flag with the protest slogan: Women, Live, Freedom!
Mei Lau | Better World Info

Mahsa Amini and Iran Anti-Regime Protests

Protests sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini whilst under arrest for violation of the strict hijab law continue to rock Iran and the world. Demonstrations against mandatory hijab use soon evolved into demands for greater freedoms, women's rights, and against the controversial morality police and harsh Iranian regime. Now being labelled the Iran Revolution, the government has responded with widespread internet blackouts, tear gas, and gun fire. 185 people have already lost their lives as Iranians desperately fight for massive governmental change.

Mahsa Amini and Iran Anti-Regime Protests
Portrait of the Turkish President Erdoğan. He wears a black suit with a blue striped tie and a small pin of the red Turksih flag on his lapel.
Wikimedia | CC0 1.0

Turkish Elections 2023

In one of the most important elections of the year, we see President Erdoğan fighting to maintain his 20 years of control against key rival Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. The election will be held on May 14, to a backdrop of growing dissatisfaction, economic downturn, rising inflation, and the deaths of more than 50,000 during the mismanaged earthquake back in February. With citizens desperate for change, Kılıçdaroğlu promises to restore democracy, judicial independence, and deport millions of refugees. Many Turkish people view another win by Erdoğan as huge loss for democracy.

Turkish Elections 2023
2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake montage displaying the epicentre of the Earthquake, the destruction that followed and the many victims left homeless
Penaber49 | CC BY-SA 4.0

Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

Two lethal earthquakes struck southern Turkey and western Syria, causing widespread damage and deaths in the region. In Turkey, many poorly constructed buildings collapsed, leaving thousands of people trapped under the rubble and many more at the mercy of the cold winter. In Syria, still suffering from the wounds of 12 years of civil war, the quake came at a very vulnerable time, when the population was already suffering from food shortages, economic collapse, vulnerable infrastructure and a recent cholera outbreak.

Turkey-Syria Earthquakes
Minimalist graphic of the new Brazilain president smiling wearing a suit. The image of Lula is green infront of a yellow background
Free SVG | Public Domain

Lula da Silva – President of Brazil

An incredibly tight race gives Lula the reigns to a divided Brazil. After becoming Brazil's first working-class president over 20 years ago, many are hoping that his incredible political comeback will see the return of environmental protections, and improved conditions for the 100 million Brazilians living in poverty. Bolsonaro's catastrophic environmental record turned Brazil into a pariah, with COP 27 around the corner, we wait anxiously to see Lula’s stance.

Lula da Silva – President of Brazil
Christopher Dilts

2023 State of the Union.

The SOTU is an annual message to U.S. Congress from the sitting President on the current state of the nation. At the start of his third year in office, Biden is expected to discuss his administration's efforts to rebuild the economy in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, the US role in aid to Ukraine and the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. As well as growing tensions with the Chinese government.

2023 State of the Union.

Colombian presidential election

Colombia has elected former guerrilla Gustavo Petro as president, along with Francia Márquez, making them the first left-wing government in the country's history and making Márquez the first black female vice-president. Petro's victory is seen as a break with the country's status quo and evidence of Colombians' strong desire for a new political path.

Colombian presidential election
Austrlaian flag flies in the wind infrot of a blue sky
Pixabay | Marius_Oberholster

Australian Federal Elections 2022

To be held on May 21 2022, current PM religious conversative Scott Morrison seeks his fourth term in office. Anthony Albanese has emerged as his main contender; his victory would secure the first Labor government in almost a decade. Australians have been rushing to the polls with top issues including immigration, healthcare, living wage, handling of the pandemic, and climate change inaction at the forefront of their minds.

Australian Federal Elections 2022
Asian man wearing a red tshirt speaks into a microphone
Wikimedia | Patrickroque01

Bongbong Marcos – New President of the Philippines

After a landslide victory in the May 9 election, concerns about the consequences for democracy in the country are widespread. Hailing from a notorious political family, his father's corrupt and brutal dictatorship ended in just 1986. The family have spent decades attempting to wipe clear this legacy through disinformation campaigns and publicity via social media. Lack of accountability for their misdeeds has angered campaigners, and the world will be closely watching developments concerning the economy, civil liberties, and press freedom.

Bongbong Marcos – New President of the Philippines

Indian Farmers' Protest

After more than a year of uninterrupted protests and the deaths of several farmers, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has agreed to repeal the three controversial farm laws that sparked the public outcry. The laws were passed in September 2020, after parliament claimed the laws would strengthen farmers' rights, but major trade unions and opposition politicians claimed they would give more power to big business in particular. Farmers formed a large movement called "Dilli Chalo" and organised general strikes and a protest march to Dehli with millions of participants.

Indian Farmers' Protest

Myanmar coup

On February 1st, a coup was carried out in Myanmar. The military arrested political leaders including State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, shutting off the internet and showing presence in the streets. A state of Emergency was declared for one year and the power was handed over to the commander-in-chief of the army, General Min Aung Hlaing. As a result, the military, which had been in power since 1962, regains full control of the country after a de facto democracy since 2011.  

Myanmar coup

Biden Presidency

Many were relieved when the major media organizations announced the Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the 46th presidential election. US Senator Kamala Harris will be his vice-president, becoming the first woman and African-American in this position. The two face the difficult task of bringing a deeply divided America back together and fighting the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden Presidency
Image by A_Matskevich from Pixabay

Belarus Protests

The Belarusian democracy movement began in response to the sixth re-election in 2020 of Alexander Lukashenko's authoritarian regime who they consider a dictator. Many people doubt the official election result because the media and critics have been censored for years. The movement is growing and demands for democracy and freedom of speech persist.

Belarus Protests

Storm on the Capitol

On January 6, supporters of US President Donald Trump stormed the United States Capitol, attacked security guards and occupied it for several hours.The events disrupted the count of the Electoral College votes and theverification of Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 presidential campaign. Trump and his supporters are protesting the election results, claiming there was fraud. A defeat for American democracy, manipulated by fake news, right-wing fanaticism and a lying populist as president.

Storm on the Capitol
Publlic Domain

Brexit UK - an ongoing tragedy

On the 23rd of June 2016, a referendum was held for the UK's withdrawal from the EU. With a mere 51.9 percent supporting the separation, based on migrant fear, false promises, voter exclusion and lies, the UK is due to separate from the EU in January 2021. Keep track on the latest news here.

Brexit UK - an ongoing tragedy
UN Photo / Mark Garten

U.S. backed Military Coup in Bolivia

In a shocking event, one of Latin America's longest leaders, Evo Morales, has resigned after nearly 14 years in power and announced new elections. For weeks Bolivia faced anti-government protests led by opposition leaders on OAS backed allegations of electoral fraud. The leader denounced a coup d'état after the military and police withdrew their support, leading him to announce his resignation to protect the Bolivarian people.

U.S. backed Military Coup in Bolivia

Lebanese Protests

In an inspiring demonstration of unity, thousands of Lebanese have been protesting in the country's major cities, since the government announced a tax on social media apps. A proposal that was abandoned in a few hours, but the protests had already focused on deeper issues, such as political corruption and the country's high level of indebtedness. Demonstrations continue, even after the Prime Minister's resignation, as people demand more in-depth change.

Lebanese Protests
Black and white image of an army truck driving down a road lined with waving children
Fotograaf Onbekend / Anefo

VE-Day 2020

On the 8th May 2020, we celebrate the Victory in Europe Day and 75 years since the end of the Second World War and the Liberation from National Socialism. Around 60 Million People died in this War and many others were traumatized or displaced. Lets use this day to commemorate the many victims and recognize the significant danger of fascist ideology. So this will never happen again. 

VE-Day 2020

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Hero of the Month

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

In 2019, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. With a keen and powerful determination, Alexandria is becoming a voice for crucial issues such as climate change, health insurance and immigration.

Featured Organisation of the Month

Next System Project

Next System Project is a multi-year initiative that aims to think boldly about what steps are required to deal with the systemic challenges faced by the U.S. now and in coming decades. Their goal is to push forward their idea that a “new system” is possible.

Featured Online Resource of the Month

Good Country Index

The idea is to measure how much each country contributes to the common good of humanity and and what it takes away relative to its size. Using a wide range of data from international organisations, the Index gives each country a balance-sheet to show whether it’s a net creditor to mankind, a burden, or something in between.   

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