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Crisis in Venezuela

Since 2010, Venezuelans have been suffering under hyperinflation, hunger, and unprecedented levels of crime and disease. The social and economic disaster has led to massive emigration from the country. Learn more here about the protests, U.S. interference, various coup attempts, and international solidarity for the seemingly never-ending humanitarian catastrophe.

Ongoing political crisis in Bolivia

At the end of 2019, the country was rocked by 21 days of protests demanding the resignation of Evo Morales over election controversy. Since then, political unrest has been rife. Human rights concerns have been raised, and increased militarisation, and coup attempts have led to the urgent need to reforms, and a free and fair 2020 election. 

President Bolsonaro

Undoubtedly, the 38thnBrazilian president has been the centre of many contentious headlines. He has been described as far-right and populist, and uncertainty about his decisions is growing. His management of the COVID-19 pandemic, and his relaxation of several environmental protection policies is of particular concern to watching eyes around the globe.