We look for quality links that are informative and have no commercial interests. Our aim is to provide the most relevant information on important topics, not to earn money. We cannot, and do not intend to raise any claim to exhaustiveness. The Internet is far too big for that. However, this collection of links makes it possible to gain an overview of facts, and different perspectives on current themes. Links with racist or sexist contents are not included. You can find out more in Our principles section.

We believe that a one-stop-shop to quality links is incredibly useful. We enjoy creating and developing a single site on the Internet containing important information on current events and wide-ranging themes relating to our future - thus enabling people to inform themselves quickly. We believe that we provide more, and better information than commercially oriented link collections. Our links are hand-picked. By building up networks of active and engaged citizens and by sharing information, we hope to make a contribution to a better world, and to encourage active use of the Internet.

Providing you with a small collection of links is not sufficient for gaining a detailed overview of a topic. Several good links will give you a broad insight into the complexity of each respective theme. Important and current links are usually at the top of the list under each subject heading.

The idea is not to read every individual link, that would take years! Anyone who is seeking information, or has specific questions they would like answering, can type keywords into the search tool. Alternatively, you can use the categories provided on the home page to narrow down the topics and easily find what you are looking for. We provide multiple links on each topic which users can choose from.

We finance the project internally. The founder is a physician from Germany who works alongside a small international team of volunteers and co-workers who dedicate their time and efforts.

Better World Info is consciously free of advertising. This enables us to retain our independence and stay impartial.

We do not wish to be dependent on donors with one-sided interests. However, if you wish to make a donation you will help us improve the quality of our website, and assist us in professionally publicising Better World Info.

No. We are not associated with any party or religion. Our aim is to provide information for consciousness-raising and to motivate people to work towards a better world in a more focused way, on the basis of the information we provide.

We are a few ordinary people who think critically and are worried about conflict, environmental degradation and the flagrant injustice of the disparity between rich and poor people in countries around the world. We believe that information precedes action and that democracy requires information. Our hope is that it will be easier for people to work for a better world, if they have access to a wider variety of information than that provided in daily newspapers.

There are many ways that you can get involved. First of all, our site is a participatory platform, this means you can send us links that you find useful and think are suitable for Better World Info. You can also inform us of any links which may no longer work or be out of date, and suggest new categories or topics that we have not yet covered.

A great way to spread the word is to link Better World Info on your own site or blog, or simply by recommending the site to others. We also think it is important to distribute our information leaflet as widely as possible. We can send you as many of these as you like, free of charge.

People involved in NGO work and experts on specific subjects are very welcome, and if suitable, can become permanent moderators for that topic. Simply send us an email with a phone number or Skype name and we will be pleased to speak with you about possibilities in supporting the link directory.

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