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A Jewish settler struggles with an Israeli security officer during clashes that erupted as authorities evacuated the West Bank settlement outpost of Amona
Flickr| Knight Foundation


Devastatingly, 2 billion people are currently living in areas with violent conflict - the equivalent of one quarter of the human population. Despite the horrifying wars of the past, humanity and it's leaders never seems to learn its lesson. The world is currently experiencing the highest number of conflicts since 1945 – the end of WWII.

Conflict is driven by complex political, social, religious, and discriminatory systems. It is fuelled by ignorance, hate, state-controlled media, weak democracy, greed and corruption. Citizens are always the losers in war.

Better World Info provides an excellent window into the worlds past and present conflicts. This ➡️ platform on violent and armed conflict monitors the situation in over 30 countries, and provides 35,000 links to vital resources. Make sure to check out our general info section where you can find our top selection of organisations, campaigns, blogs, reports, and other useful resources on conflict zones around the world.

Discover excellent sources of information on related topics such as the military, nuclear disarmament, peace, fragile states, politics, the global refugee and migrant crisis, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

What are the Humanitarian Consequences of War?

During times of conflict, human rights and social needs are forgotten. Arms companies and defence industries generate windfall profits, and military budgets become bloated beyond reason - all at the expense of taxpayers.

In 2021, the world military budget blew past the $2 trillion mark for the first time ever. In 2022, the defence expenditure for NATO members was approximately $1.2 trillion - more than half of global military spending! 

Meanwhile the U.S. is suffering with rampant inequality, poverty, national debt, and a multitude of other social issues. The UK is grappling with all time high levels of inflation, an economic crisis, a failing healthcare system, cruel austerity measures, and nationwide public sector strikes.

Levels of global hunger have reached new highs, worsened by the global food crisis, and supply chain issues. Foreign aid and humanitarian assistance are failing and remain vastly underfunded despite the unprecedented need for help.


Syrian refugees, men, women, and children, stand behind a fence in dispair in Budapest, Hungary.
Mstyslav Chernov | CC BY-SA 4.0

Citizens living in conflict regions are left surrounded by violence, death, and fear. They are forced to leave their homes resulting in millions of war refugees who endure perilous migrant routes, only to find deplorable conditions in border camps once they arrive.

89.3 million people globally have been forcibly displaced as a direct result of conflict, violence or rights violations. In Syria alone, 65% of the population, a massive 12 million people, are either internally displaced, or living abroad as refugees.

Education and employment become impossible. Assets become worthless, and health care systems are crippled. Water supplies become non-existent, farming systems collapse, and food supplies are cut off.

Children in conflict become separated from their families, lose their homes, and are torn away from their schools and universities. As a vulnerable sector of society, children experience lasting physical and emotional trauma, and suffer long-term consequences on their development and growth - a lost generation. As many as 300,000 children currently are believed to be directly involved in war as child soldiers.

In times of war, women’s rights are always forgotten. They suffer at the hands of soldiers, even becoming victims of rape. Ultimately, quality of life for everyone is reduced to a point where basic needs cannot be met, neither internally, nor through aid channels.

The humanitarian costs of war far can never be justified. No side ever truly wins a war if the sacrifice is 1000s of casualties and injured, a nation left traumatised, and total destruction of vital civilian infrastructure.

Where are the World's Worst Conflicts?

  • Conflict in The Middle East and North Africa

45 armed conflicts are currently taking place in this part of the world making it the most affected region. Now in its 10th year of conflict, Syria is suffering one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. Learn more about the 2011 uprising, the armed insurgency that followed, the global proxy war, and the Assad regime.


A man sits under a pile of broken infrastructure where he has a matress and a sheet hanging for privacy. The area is Khuzaa, the most destroyed part of the Gaza Strip
Flickr | Catholic Church England and Wales

The Israeli – Palestinian conflict is one of the most prolonged conflicts witnessed by the world. Citizens have endured conflict since 1948 after the creation of the State of Israel - igniting the first Arab-Israeli war. Ruled by the militant group Hamas, the Gaza Strip has been plagued by Israeli bombing and tight restrictions. Find guides on ceasefire initiatives, human rights violations, protests, West Bank annexation, the troubled peace process, and much more.

The Yemeni Civil War is not only one of the most under reported, but also now the world's worst humanitarian disaster ever. It began back in 2014 when Houthi insurgents took over the country's capitol. Relentless bombing by Saudi Arabia and the U.S. has only escalated tensions and led to almost 250,000 fatalities. An ongoing economic crisis and famine is crippling the country further and stretching its citizens to the absolute brink.

Lebanon is currently undergoing a political and economic crisis, which has driven thousands to the streets in protest of rising food prices, fuel shortages, blackouts, and poor management of the Covid-19 pandemic. Further exasperated by the Beirut Port Blast in 2020, civil unrest is expected to continue until major reforms are made. Tensions are also simmering on the Israel border as rockets were recently fired from Lebanon into Northern Israel in the beginning of a storm that seems to be gathering over many Middle Eastern countries.

For further reading on the region find extensive categories on the conflict in Iran where extreme governmental repression has led to widespread protests, and also Libya, which has been plagued by military and political instability since the Arab Spring protests of 2011.

Be sure to check out our country-by-country political guides to the complex situations in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Conflicts in Africa

35 armed conflicts are currently taking place on the African continent. Increasing tensions being felt all over this region. In second place for the most armed conflicts, we are witnessing coups, military takeovers, and daily violence become the norm in many African countries.

Find an in-depth guide to the civil war in Tigray, where power struggles, protests, calls for political reform, and concerns over human rights and democracy led to military confrontation. In the deadliest war of the 21st century, 600,000 lives were lost. An acute famine is now affecting 350,000 people.

The Central African Republic has witnessed decades of violence and political instability. Learn about Muslim-Chrisitan clashes, attempts at disarmament, armed groups, lawlessness, peace endeavours, and the resulting economic fallout.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo faces similar issues with multiple armed groups engaged in conflicts over both territorial and resource control. Activity from the M23 rebels seems to be spiralling, and upcoming elections suggest more violence to come. Find further information on the Kivu conflict, child soldiers, violence against women, and human rights implications.


Juba forces drive away in a pickup truck celebrating rescuing hostages.  8 men wearing uniforms sit in the back of the truck holding their guns high.
Flickr | AMISOM Public Information

The civil war in Somalia is one of Africa’s oldest wars. 20 years of violence has left Somalians fighting for survival. Caught between severe drought and conflict in a dangerous and unstable situation, further worsened by Islamist terrorist group Al-Shabab. They control large parts of the country and regularly carry out lethal attacks on civilians and peace workers, they battle to overthrow the UN-backed Somali government.

Since its separation from now South Sudan in 2011, Sudan has suffered relentless conflict and instability comprising of two civil wars and a lengthy ongoing war in Darfur. Currently ruled under militant leader al-Burhan after a coup in 2019, we are now witnessing a power struggle which has exacerbated widespread violence, massive displacement, and huge ariel bombing campaigns. Learn about the brutal genocide, the Darfur war crimes trials, rebels, protests, and much more.

Years of political struggles in South Sudan have been dominated by a power play between Kiir and Machar. Violence has massively interfered with agricultural production and resulted in large scale food insecurity. Armed insurgency The National Salvation Front possess a new threat as fragile peace agreements become unravelled.

Find even more information on the complex situations in the Western Sahara, Mali, and Senegal, and be sure to check out our political guides to all African countries here.

  • Conflicts in Asia

21 armed conflicts are currently taking place in Asia. Violence resurged in Myanmar after the brutally violent 2021 coup d'état where power was seized from the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi. Pro-democracy activists clashed with the ruling junta resulting in ariel bombings and destruction of civilian infrastructure in an attempt to secure military control. Martial law has spread to 47 townships, and violence has escalated in ethnic areas.

Years of persecution of the Rohingya people has led to almost one million refugees living in camps in Bangladesh. They endure deplorable living situations and rely entirely on humanitarian aid for their survival.

Territorial disputes over Kashmir between Pakistan and India are still ongoing despite a 2003 cease-fire. In one of the most militarised places on Earth, human rights abuses, unrest, disappearances, terrorism, and violent protests are commonplace.

Learn more about the situation in Pakistan and India, as well as the rise in Hindu nationalism under Modi’s government and the resulting Muslim discrimination and increasing marginalisation of the community.


Many soldiers wearing green uniforms are shooting in the streets of Kashmir
Flickr | Kashmir Global

Find extensive coverage of the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, both offer complete background knowledge, ongoing developments, and analysis of the forever war on terrorism. Follow the Taliban takeover as they continue their assault on women's rights and reinstate many of their harsh penalties from previous rule. Discover information on international isolation, protests, diplomatic solutions, elections, human rights, sanctions, and voices for peace in both regions.

Food for thought - $8 trillion was spent by the US military on the Afghan war in 20 years. This is $5 trillion more than the annual U.S. Federal Budget. It is DOUBLE the global annual budget needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals AND the Global Aid Budget (OECD) for 50 years - combined!

Now locked in an arms race after years of stalemate, tensions between North Korea and South Korea appear to be escalating. North Korea has ramped up their frequency of missile tests, and with denuclearization no longer on the table, South Korea has responded with new sanctions targeting weapons programmes, and vowed a full-scale military response with backing from its allies in Japan and the U.S.

Better World Info is also closely monitoring the situation regarding China. With a shared mutual distrust of the West, and expanding NATO presence in the East, Russia and China have recommitted to a close partnership. You can learn more about the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in our European category.

Chinas ongoing dispute with Taiwan is also causing international ripples. Independent since 1949, Taiwan has its own democratic government, but fails to maintain diplomat ties with many countries, it is unable to join the UN and most international organisations.

China has always viewed Taiwan as part of its territory, and eventually aims to unify Taiwan with the mainland – with force if necessary. The U.S. has a close but unofficial relationship with the island, and despite pressure from China, continues to sell weapons to the Taiwanese military. Experts fear that the U.S. and China could go to war over Taiwan independence.


An older Uyghur lady wearing a yellow headscarf stands using a crutch and holding her hand against her head in anguish. Behind her is a line of Chinese soldiers wearing full riot gear.
Flickr | Uyghur East Turkistan

With relations between China and the U.S. at an all-time low, and increasing military build-up from both sides, experts have labelled it the new cold war. Factors at play include China’s oppression of the Uyghur population, harsh U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports, a diplomatic boycott on the Beijing Olympics, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, restrictions on U.S. tech exports derailing China’s chip industry, and recently the suspected Chinese spy balloons floating over U.S. territory.

With so many complex situations unravelling in this part of the world, be sure to check out our political guides to the situations in Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

  • Conflicts in Europe

7 armed conflicts are currently taking place in Europe, the largest and most devastating of which is the Russian war in Ukraine. Explore our unique peace guide which contains over 10,000 resources featuring extensive topics on NATO expansion, Western weapon exports into Ukraine, global economic consequences including Russian gas and oil, sanctions, war crimes, human rights, the resulting refugee crisis, nuclear war threats, and much more.

We highly recommend checking out our voices for peace and peace negotiations categories, as well as our essential viewing and reading sections for reliable critical news and analysis.

On the border between Europe and Asia, Armenia has been locked in a bitter conflict with Azerbaijan over the Nagorno Karabakh region since 1988. Incidents between the two territories were a regular occurrence until 2020 when all-out war broke out. Around 5,000 soldiers and civilians were killed before a ceasefire brokered by Russia was implemented. Currently under control by Azerbaijan, localised but deadly border clashes are still commonplace.

Be sure to check out our excellent country-by-country political guides covering the European Union, including separate categories for EU members and non-EU states.

Better World Info’s Afterthoughts on Conflict Regions

The costs of war, financial and humanitarian, far exceed that of any potential gain by ‘winning’. The cost of peaceful conflict resolution leading to long term sustainable peace is a drop in the ocean when compared to the trillions wasted on gigantic military budgets.

Bottom line - Wars never bring peace. Statistically, nonviolent resolutions have a success rate five times higher than violent ones. As UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-Moon said, “The world is over-armed, and peace is under-funded.”

Levels of conflict are at an all-time high, and climate change is becoming an increasing driver. Violent disputes arise over land, depleting resources, and agricultural boundaries. Of the 25 countries most vulnerable to climate change, 14 are plagued with conflict. These countries also tend to be some of the poorest, lack strong governance, and are less able to adapt to a changing climate.

Add the fact that military emissions play a significant role in the generation of greenhouse gases accelerating climate change, not to mention the colossal environmental damage caused by destructive war machines. Militaries conveniently, are largely spared from emissions reporting so the data is spotty, and mostly ignored by the media, but estimates are around 5% of total global emissions.

The world is on the brink of a global nuclear disaster, with the very real potential to wipe out humankind. It is of upmost importance that we step back from this brink by implementing a total nuclear weapon ban, including stockpiling and posturing, a feat which will only be achieved through global cooperation.   

Better World Info stands as a voice for peace, a platform for truth, and fights against military propaganda and misleading enemy images. Open dialogue, diplomatic negotiations, and de-escalation should always be sought first.

We must shift focus and funding to peacebuilding.

Instead of supporting the multi-billion-dollar arms industry, and bloated military budgets we support the peace movement, increased peace funding, development aid, and investment in social projects – to create a better world for everyone.

For our German speakers, be sure to check out our German site Bessere Welt Info and their excellent category on Konfliktregionen.

Author: Rachael Mellor, 20.04.23 licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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Poster calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. In the bottom left an Israel woman and a Palestinian woman hold hands in the air. There is a Palestinian flag which fills the background and in front the outline of burning black buildings with grey smoke and flames coming off them.
Mei | Better World Info

Israel–Hamas War 2023 – Atrocities and De-escalation

The Hamas terror attack on Israel took place on October 7th as part of the ongoing conflict between Hamas militant groups and the Israeli army. The terrorist attack began as militants stormed the border from Gaza and deployed more than 3,000 missiles. Israel was quick to declare war on Hamas and responded with days of airstrikes in the densely populated Gaza Strip. So far over 34,000 lives have been lost, including 14,000 children. The bombardment by Israel has resulted in the internal displacement of over a 1,9 million Palestinians as they have become cut off from supplies of food, water, electricity, and medicine. As the UN declares a ‘dire situation’ in the region, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that Israel will never be alone and committed full U.S. support.

Israel–Hamas War 2023 – Atrocities and De-escalation
Soldiers stand in front of the Sudanese flag. The background shows mountains at sunset and a line of refugees walking.
Better World Info | Mei Lau

Sudan Conflict 2023 - Ongoing

After failed efforts to implement democratic civilian-led rule, mid-April saw the beginning of intense fighting between two main factions of the Sudanese military regime. 12,000 lives have been lost so far, 8 million people are displaced, and 18 million face acute hunger. With no signs of a peaceful resolution, this civil war could spread internationally and create further instability in this volatile part of Africa. As the conflict intensifies, food and basic supplies are compromised, hospitals are inoperational, and electricity and water supplies have been cut off. In a battle for further influence, involvement from Russia, the US, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the UK has added further complexity to the situation.

Sudan Conflict 2023 - Ongoing
Men and women holding a flag in Ukrainian colours, with anti-war messages.
Better World Info| Mei Lau

Russia - Ukraine War 2022

Now entering its second year, Russia’s invasion into Ukraine began back in February 2022. This unique platform provides 10,000 resources from a peace perspective. Find in-depth information on NATO and U.S. involvement, weapons exports, sanctions, peace voices, and neglected diplomacy. Uncover the disastrous humanitarian fallout and the devastating global ramifications. ➡️ - Please help to spread the word of peace.

Russia - Ukraine War 2022
Flags of South Africa and Palestine in background with two hands holding the scales of justice and a symbol of peace.
Better World Info | Mei Lau

South Africa’s ICJ Genocide Case Against Israel

As the war in Gaza continues, South Africa, supported by many other nations, aims to hold Israeli officials accountable for genocidal intent in Gaza. The South Africa against the State of Israel proceedings began December 29, 2023. The case will decide whether Israel is in violation of the Genocide Convention for their atrocities against Palestinian people in Gaza. Israel has so far denied all allegations and accused South Africa of cooperating with terrorist organisation Hamas. Follow updates on the allegations and proceedings here.

South Africa’s ICJ Genocide Case Against Israel
Six you men stand on top of a destroyed building, one of them is holding the yellow fllag of Hezbollah
Flickr | Paul Keller

Hezbollah - Militant Group Backed by Iran

Hezbollah are a Shiite Muslim Political Party & Militant Group in Lebanon who are funded almost entirely by Iran. They operate in total opposition to Israel and resist all forms of Western influence. They have a history of carrying out terrorist attacks and as such many countries have labelled them a terrorist organisation. Their long-standing alliances with Iran and Syria has morphed Hezbollah into a formidable military force, one which could standup against Israel. The group displayed support for the Hamas terror attack on Israel this October, however, has denied involvement with both planning and on the ground attacks. If the Hamas – Israel war continues to escalate, Hezbollah has said that further support will be provided. Due to their military strength, this would come at a tremendous human cost.

Hezbollah - Militant Group Backed by Iran
Soldier kneeling with sunset in background.
Better World Info | Mei Lau

Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict.

The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the region began after the collapse of the USSR. Both countries are former Soviet nations, and although Nagorno-Karabakh is predominantly ethnic Armenian, it has been under Azerbaijani control since 1923, as part of a Soviet practice to avoid homogeneity within nations. Azerbaijan launched a new offensive after 6 people were killed by landmines, but has since agreed to a ceasefire with separatist Armenian forces proposed by Russian peacekeepers.

Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict.
A paint splattered image of the Niger Flag, with three horisontal stripes orange, white, and green. There is an orange circle in the centre of the flag in the white stripe
Vector Portal | Public Domain

Military Coup Niger 2023

July 26th saw the country's 5th military coup since its independence from France in 1960. Condemned by ECOWAS the crisis in Niger began when president Bazoum was detained by guard commander general Tchiani who declared himself as the new leader. Adding more chaos to the Sahel region, they have since ignored the deadline to reinstate the president.

Military Coup Niger 2023
Profile of a woman with flowing hair, painted in the colours of the Iranian flag, holding a hijab in her fist.
Better World Info | Mei Lau

Women, Life, Freedom!

Protests sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini whilst under arrest for violation of the strict hijab law continue to rock Iran and the world. Demonstrations against mandatory hijab use soon evolved into demands for greater freedoms, women's rights, and against the controversial morality police and harsh Iranian regime. Now being labelled the Iran Revolution, the government has responded with widespread internet blackouts, tear gas, and gun fire. 185 people have already lost their lives as Iranians desperately fight for massive governmental change. - ➡️ with 1,500 links - Share! - On October 6 the Nobel Prize for Peace was awarded to human rights advocate Narges Mohammadi.

Women, Life, Freedom!
A wanted poster is hung infront of a government building in London. Pictures of Tony Blair and George Bush sit under a red 'Wanted' banner with the words 'Bush and Blair for war crimes' written in black underneath
Flickr | Chris Beckett

The UK and U.S. Invasion of Iraq – 20 Years On

The illegal war on Iraq began 20 years ago. Built on lies created under the Blair and Bush governments it led to the creation of millions of refugees, not to mention thousands of lives lost and even more injured. The instigators of this war of aggression still enjoy impunity and have received no investigation from the ICC for their war crimes. Meanwhile whistle-blower Julian Assange remains imprisoned for exposing these crimes on website Wikileaks back in 2010.

The UK and U.S. Invasion of Iraq – 20 Years On
Israel flags on protests against goverment,
Nir Hirshman (ניר הירשמן) CC BY-SA 4.0 | Nir Hirshman Communication

Israel’s Ultra-Right Gov’t

The coalition, formed by Netanyahu's centre-right party and the ultra-Orthodox parties, has plunged the country into one of its deepest political crises. Thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets in protest following the government's proposed changes to the judicial system, and have been met with excessive police violence. Meanwhile, the country is on the brink of a new escalation in the conflict with Palestine, after more than 100 armed Israeli settlers carried out attacks in Palestinian villages hours after two settlers were shot by a Palestinian gunman.

Israel’s Ultra-Right Gov’t
Houthi demonstrators protesting the refusal of the Saudi-led coalition to pay compensation for victims of an airstrike in Yemen
Flickr | Felton Davis

Yemen - A two-month truce

The UN brokered a long-awaited agreement allowing a truce between the Houthis and the Saudi-led coalition. It is the first ceasefire since 2016 in a conflict that has caused one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in modern times, due to mass starvation, extreme poverty and nearly 400,000 deaths. It is hoped that this pause will be the opportunity for a humanitarian response and much-needed peace talks.  

Yemen - A two-month truce

Tigray Conflict

The Ethiopian army has been at war against the TPLF and the regional government of Tigray since early November. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered the military campaign after Tigray elected a regional administration in defiance of the central government and attacked an Ethiopian military post in their regional capital Mekele. Since then, reports of attacks on civilians in the region have increased and many have fled to the neighboring state of Sudan. The central government denied targeting civilians but we see a humanitarian crisis that could get even worse in the next few weeks.

Tigray Conflict
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

Taliban Takeover (2021)

After the collapse of the Afghanistan government, the Taliban flooded the capital with heavily armed fighters ready to take control. Signifying the failure of the 20-year U.S. campaign to stabilise the country. With plans to form an Islamic government, Afghans and foreigners alike are rushing to leave the country. Many fear the elimination of women’s rights, and the harsh penalties of previous Taliban rule.

Taliban Takeover (2021)
War tank with soldiers and an Afghan flag.
Al Jazeera English CC BY-SA 2.0 | Wikimedia Commons

The Forever War

After 20 years of war, the US-led coalition has decided to withdraw from Afghanistan because, as President Biden said, "the United States had to end its presence in another country's civil conflict". The Taliban were ousted from power by US-led forces in 2001, but after the foreign military withdrawal, they have been rapidly regaining territory, with Kabul being the latest city to fall, prompting Afghan President Ghani to flee abroad, causing chaos among the Afghan population, who fear Taliban human rights abuses.

The Forever War

Western Sahara

Recently, there were armed clashes in the Western Sahara between the Moroccan military and the region’s independence movement Polisario Front. Western Sahara is a former Spanish colony that was occupied by Morocco in 1975. The Polisario Front fought against the occupation and in 1976, with the support of Algeria and Libya, proclaimed the Democratic Arab Republic of the Sahara. Since 1991 there has been a truce between the two sides, that now seems to be over.

Western Sahara

US-Iran Crisis 2020

On January 3rd, 2020 U.S. President Trump assassinated a famous Iranian military commander in Iraq and in the USA the drums of war are clearly to be heard again. In May 2018 U.S. President Trump withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal and reinstated drastic sanctions on Iran 6 months later. In May and June 2019 oil tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman by an unknown entity. The U.S. Government has immediately accused Iran. A false flag operation as a pretext for war? Find out more about this ongoing crisis.

US-Iran Crisis 2020
Public Domain


In the name of “democracy defence”, U.S. government has imposed sanctions against Venezuela’s PDVSA, the real reason being to take control over the huge oil market. The Venezuelan people are suffering the consequences of these crippling sanctions. Food and medicine shortages have triggered one of the largest migrant exodus in the world.


West Bank Annexation

The annexation of the Israeli-occupied West Bank announced by Netanyahu could already begin in July. The Palestinian leadership strictly rejects the plan while Donald Trump supports the taking of the Palestinian Territories. Critics warn that a Israeli takeover could cause significant unrest and permanently destabilize the area.

West Bank Annexation
Dignidad Rebelde

BDS Israel

Israel maintains a regime of colonialism and occupation over the Palestinian people, possible only because of international indifference. BDS Israel is a global campaign, with a growing number of supporters from around the world, that promotes various non-violent forms of international boycott against Israel until it fulfills its obligations to Palestine under international law.

BDS Israel

Staged Fake Douma Gas Attack 4/18

On 7 April 2018, the Syrian army allegedly attacked the population of Douma, a city in Syria, with chemicals leading to 40 to 50 deaths. On 14 April 2018, the United States, France and the United Kingdom carried out a series of military strikes against multiple government sites in Syria. Find out more about why this was likely a staged fake attack by reading our extensive resources on the subject.

Staged Fake Douma Gas Attack 4/18
Syrian refugees wave Turkish and Syrian Independence flags during a protest against Assad at Yayladagi refugee camp
Flickr | Freedom House

Turkey Attacks Kurds in Northern Syria

The world witnessed another backstabbing move from Trump, as he announced the end of the U.S. alliance with the Kurds to fight ISIS. Since then, Turkish military forces have launched several attacks in Northern Syria, starting a new deadly chapter in this ongoing war.

Turkey Attacks Kurds in Northern Syria


Kashmir, a territorial conflict since 1947 between India and Pakistan, has experienced 3 wars and many human right allegations against the Indian and Pakistan government. The conflict is not over. On August 5 2019, the Indian government revoked Article 370 that guarantees special autonomy rights to this Muslim-majority state. Find current news and information here!

Public Domain

North Korea

Trump and Kim Jong-un met in the Hanoi Summit, back in February, to negotiate the end of North Korea’s nuclear program. But it ended without reaching an agreement, as both sides made demands the other couldn’t accept. After the recent test of a ballistic missile by North Korea, the negotiations fell off on a fragile point.

North Korea
Many people wait for water at the water tank at a refugee camp in the DRC
Flickr | Colin Delfosse

DRC Conflict

DRC is a country that has been trapped in a cycle of violence and political instability. With more than 13 million people needing humanitarian aid and 4.5 million Congolese displaced, this conflict threats to outbreak into a civil war similar to the one suffered by the country from 1997 to 2003 in which five million people died.

DRC Conflict

Recommended content

Picture of Shireen Abu Akleh
Al Jazeera Media Network CC BY-SA 4.0 | Wikimedia Commons

Hero of the Month

Shireen Abu Akleh

The Al Jazeera journalist reported on the occupation of Palestine for two decades, making her one of the region's best-known journalists. Shireen was killed in the line of duty while reporting on a raid in the West Bank city of Jenin; the shot that killed her was presumably fired by the Israeli Defence Forces. Thousands gathered at Abu Akleh's funeral procession in one of the largest public demonstrations in recent years, and many, including the US government, have called for a transparent investigation into the killing. 


Featured Organisation of the Month

World Beyond War

A global non-violent movement to end war and establish sustainable peace. It was founded in January 2014, by David Hartsough and David Swanson, with the aim of finding a way to transition to a global system supported by international law and collaboration between countries, rather than opting for violent conflicts. WBW's work includes education to debunk myths about war, creation of organising resources, global campaigning and non-violent activism.

Featured Online Resource of the Month

Insight on Conflict

Provides information on peacebuilding organisations. Although they make a real impact, their important work is often ignored due to lack of awareness and information. You can find out who local peacebuilders are, what they do and how to get in touch with them.

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