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YOUTH Guide - Our Youth, Our Future

Youth represents growth, optimism, and the future. They are key drivers of change and progress. During this phase, young people experience dramatic physical and mental changes. They develop their personality, their world view, and have many challenges to contend with.

Our ➡️ platform for youth boasts over 1,000 resources on important topics which today's young people are faced with. Divided into separate categories Better World Info has collected the most important information for young people, children, boys, and girls - we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

Connect with excellent organisations dedicated to adolescents, and those focused on younger children. Find a collection of philanthropic foundations and donors dedicated to helping children most in need. Learn more about the excellent work of UNICEF who are dedicated to upholding children's rights, providing protection and safety for children in 190 countries, and helping them to reach their full potential.

As an important tool for youth networking, the dissemination of reliable knowledge, and raising awareness of important topics, Better World Info supports campaigns such as International Day of the Girl and International Youth Day - learn more about both here.


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What Issues do Young People Face?

Children's rights are vitally important in upholding the dignity of children and highlight the importance of ensuring their wellbeing and development. All children have the right to health, education, a safe and loving home, recreation time, and to be free from abuse, harm, or exploitation.

Despite this, 60 million children of primary school age are not in education. 20 million children do not have access to essential health care. 45 million children endure severe malnutrition, and hunger is responsible for the death of 3.1 million children every year.


5 young Iraqi children, boys and girls stand smiling looking into the camera. One has a bandage on his head. The children are refugees living at a camp in Syria
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Learn more about the issues that affect those growing up in developing countries, and the initiatives working hard to improve conditions in our international development category on youth. Special sections featured include street children, children in conflict, child soldiers, child labour, trafficking, prostitution, FGM, hunger, child marriage, and girls' education.

The children of today face rising insecurities in all aspects of society. Children are exposed to racism, sexism, extremism, economic inequality, and discrimination all from a very early age. Rising inflation, economic crises, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the global climate crisis are all challenges which weigh heavily on the minds of young people.

Youth unemployment is huge global issue. Informal employment, irrelevant training, low rates of pay, lack of experience, and a weak labour market have all contributed to the 13% global youth unemployment rate. 3 times more likely to be unemployed than an adult, we must remove barriers and promote economic empowerment in youths.

Better World Info is the place for information on many vital topics impacting today's youth. Discover comprehensive guides on bullying, sexual health education, teen pregnancy, girls' empowerment, partnership issues, childhood obesity, transgender children, and gun violence in U.S. schools.

Having the courage to be different is an important part of growing up. Many young people just want to blend-in, and while being accepted as part of a group or community is important, it is equally important to accept and value yourself as an individual. Be sure to check out our essential help and advice category which covers a variety of topics, and extra resources on empowerment, young people with disabilities, the LGBTQI+ community, migrants and refugees, and online bullying.


Many young children gather to protest against climate inaction
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Why is Youth Empowerment so Important?

With today's young people facing so many challenges, the importance of youth empowerment has never been greater. 70% of people aged 16-25 are very concerned about the climate crisis. As a result, participation in youth activism has never been higher. Role models such as Greta Thunberg and the Fridays for Future climate campaign have inspired young people to get involved in the issues that will affect them the most. Check out our category on climate change for children for more information.

This increase in youth engagement has forced politicians and world leaders to listen, shifted the focus onto sustainability, and improved political participation of young people. Learn more about the importance of the youth voice and young leaders. Be sure to check out our comprehensive categories on politics, environment, and sustainability which cover essential information on future-related global issues.


A young girl stands in a crowd with her fist raised. She is shouting into a microphone
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An excellent way to make positive changes in your community, or further afield is via volunteering. Young people who volunteer tend to be more engaged with society, adopt leaderships skills early on, and understand about the needs and challenges that we are facing today.

There are many ways in which young people can get involved, explore the options here, and learn the importance of encouraging and supporting young people to get involved in these types of social projects.

Social media is an important part of life for young people today. Through platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, they can network with friends and express their personality. Our social media guide will show you how you can use social media for campaigning and advocacy, improve your media literacy skills, learn how to navigate through fake news, how to stay safe online, how to protect your personal data, and the impact of algorithms and filter bubbles.

Make sure to start following Better World Info’s Twitter lists where you can find carefully collated lists on the issues that matter to you such as climate, environment, sustainability, social justice, peace, and of course youth.


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Better World Info's Afterthoughts on Youth

Indian children’s rights activist Kailash Satyarthi said, “The faces of young people are the faces of our past, our present and our future. No segment in society can match with the power, idealism, enthusiasm and courage of the young people.”

As the next generation, young people hold the key to shaping our future. We must ensure that they are heard, are supported, and are given every opportunity to reach their full potential. A future-oriented education for ALL children is essential.

Raising boys responsibly is vitally important in ensuring a more gender equal world, ending gender violence, toxic masculinity, and a host of other issues. We must end the ‘boys will be boys’ culture and ensure early on that they are taught to show equal respect, support, cooperation, and value to girls and women.

If children are taught tolerance, acceptance, kindness, and generosity, and know that their opinion counts, then we can raise socially and environmentally conscious adults who will play an important part in helping to make our world a better place.

Better World Info aims to inform, inspire, and empower young people around the world. Get involved today!

For our German speakers, be sure to check out our sister site Bessere Welt Info and their category Jugend for extra insight.

Author: Rachael Mellor, 27.03.23 licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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Hot Topics

Poster for International Day of the Girl Child. Graphics of many different young girls smiling stand underneath a pink banner with the name of the celebration and the date October 11
Rachael | BWI

International Day of the Girl - October 11

This annual day raises awareness of the challenges girls face in reaching their full potential. It is a reminder of the dire need for action in securing girls education, protection from violence, and ensuring their mental and physical wellbeing. Girls rights are essential, as is the fight for gender equality. Learn more about the significance of this day here.

International Day of the Girl - October 11
Colourful graphic of four smiling youths
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International Youth Day 2022 – August 12

The UN every year marks this special day to focus on intergenerational solidary, equality, and helping young people to realise their full potential. In order to achieve the SDGs young people must be empowered, heard, and encouraged to participate politically. Youths today face a daunting number of challenges ranging from high levels of unemployment to the global climate crisis. As our future leaders, decision makers, and caretakers of our planet, lets ensure that all young people are given every opportunity to succeed.

International Youth Day 2022 – August 12

Youth Activism

We are never too young to become leaders, and it’s never too soon to get involved in the decision-making of our societies. Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thunberg and Emma Gonzales are great examples of youth activism. They have shown the world that young people have a powerful voice and an overpowering will to change the future of the world.

Youth Activism

Random Acts of Kindness

Kindess is a powerful tool that helps make the world a better place. If you can make someone happy, do it. Offer random acts of kindness and inspire people to spread love and happiness among humanity.

Random Acts of Kindness

Fridays for Future

After sitting in front of the Swedish parliament for 3 weeks protesting her country's inaction towards the climate crisis, Greta Thunberg decided to strike every Friday. The #FridaysForFuture movement spread, mobilizing children and adults worldwide to protest locally every Friday noon.

Fridays for Future

Children's Rights

We all share the same human rights in general, but children have some specific rights that are adapted, to the fact that a child depends on an adult to receive nurture and guidance during their development. These include the right to health, education, family life, play and recreation, an adequate standard of living and protection against abuse.

Children's Rights
Public Domain

Childhood Obesity

Named by the WHO as "one of the most serious public health challenges", obesity in children is reaching alarming levels in many countries of the world. Sedentary lifestyle and the increase in junk food consumption are some of the reasons behind this growing problem that has a significant impact on both physical and psychological health, and can have lasting consequences such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Childhood Obesity

Migrant Children in the U.S.

This Immigration Law lasted from April till June 2018, and is the reason behind the 2,047 children who were separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, several of this detained children have died under US government custody. After worldwide condemnation, Trump signed an executive order to stop families' separation, but because of many failures that were made during separation, is uncertain if families can reunite.

Migrant Children in the U.S.
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Bullies are made, not born, and it’s an issue that directly depends on parenting. Every day, thousands of children worldwide suffers some form of aggressive behavior from school peers, this behavior is usually constant and causes serious and lasting consequences, both for the bully and for the victim. Find here information on activists and organisations working to put an end on this life changing problem.


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Wilson Dias-Agência Brasil

Hero of the Month

Kailash Satyarthi

Awarded with the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of the work he has done to stop child labor. He is the founder of many organisations and campaigns, including the Global March against Child Labor, a march of 80,000 km in 103 countries to demand the end of child exploitation. 

Featured Organisation of the Month

Restless Development

A development agency whose mission is to place young people at the forefront of change and development. They believe that if we unleash the power of youth to change our world, every generation will benefit from these actions.

Take it Global

Featured Online Resource of the Month

Taking IT Global

One of the world's leading networks of young people learning about, engaging with, and working towards tackling global challenges and shaping a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable world. 

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