General Resources

Culture is one of the greatest unifying forces that brings us together as human beings whilst simultaneously providing humanity with diversity to thrive. In this section, you can find links to key cultural organisations, inspirational artists, museums and other useful online resources. 

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Film & Photography

Are you a budding photographer or simply a film fanatic? Here you can links to loads of great organisations, festivals and online resources dedicated to film and photography.

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Parks and Gardens

National parks and gardens are amongst the best places in the world to enjoy the beauty of nature and escape from the hassles of 21st Century Life. Find more information about organisations dedicated to promoting and protecting these precious spaces here. 

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Art Forms

There are many different representations of culture, including music, dance, poetry and literature. Click here to find more information about these diverse forms of cultural expressions. 

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Art Venues

Interested in exploring art venues? Consult this section to review what festivals, projects, theatres and galleries are currently offering.

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Hot Topics

Human Rights Film Festivals

Nowadays we can find film festivals all around. Human right’s activists found here an opportunity to show different points of view and new perspectives to approach the human rights subject matter.

Human Rights Film Festivals

Artists against violence

Violence is a global problem, that everyday takes countless lives. Many artists choose to make statements against weapons, war and violence, in a more engaging and creative way.

Artists against violence

Women Film Festivals

Women across the world deserve a space to tell their stories. A film festival is a platform to empower and celebrate female artists in the film industry.

Women Film Festivals

Street Art & Grafitti

There are many places that can be used as a canvas for a creative mind. Nowadays, street art is turning our cities into art museums. And for many artists, it is a great way to bring the public's attention to important issues.

Street Art & Grafitti

Must Watch on Culture

Film festival

We the Peoples - London

Must Read on Culture

Representation does matter

The rise of Latin American art in museums

Suggested Blog


The “Tate Modern of the Internet” 

Hero of the Month

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist. Famous for being an openly critic of the Chinese government’s censorship, he uses art as a way to express his unconformities and inspire people.

Featured Online-Resource

Open Culture

This great tool brings together the best free cultural media on the web for the worldwide learning community. Their mission is to centralize this content, and give you access to this high quality content whenever and wherever you want it.

Featured Organisation of the Month

Center for Artistic Activism

A space to explore, analyze, and strengthen connections between social activism and artistic practice. The goal of C4AA is to make more creative activists and more effective artists.