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Better World Info recognises the profound need for accurate information about the world's most pressing issues which will shape our future. We aim to provide free access to thousands of carefully selected links regarding global current affairs, in order to help people make informed decisions, and affect positive change in this world.


Better World Info aims to make an important contribution to the global internet community, providing essential information so we can leave our children with a world worth living for, in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, Martin Luther King, Petra Kelly, Bernie Sanders, and the Dalai Lama.

"Many small people, who in many small places, do little things that can alter the face of the world"

  • Inform yourself about important topics and share them with your peers.
  • See suggestions from others, and share your own ideas or experiences.
  • Investigate background information for a project, a lecture, an essay or an article.
  • You may also use this resource for cross-references in articles and linking collections.
  • Advance and promote your own project for a better world.
  • Make new contacts, seek out collaborators and establish alliances.
  • People who want to make a difference and have a positive effect on the world.
  • Ordinary citizens, parents and families, and in particular the young generation.
  • Teachers, professors, lecturers and students.
  • Ideal as an internet portal for schools, universities, and adult education centres.
  • Committed people, action groups, civil society groups and movements.
  • Organizations (NGOs), and in particular campaigners.
  • Journalists, reporters, editors and writers.
  • Decision makers in politics, religion, science, education, the media, industry and the military.
  • People from all over the world, from every religion, crede, and ethnic group.

We want to help you create a better world by contributing easy access to free, reliable, and impartial information. We aim to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, and networking of activists and campaigners.

  • To help avoid duplication of internet research, thereby saving time and money for users.
  • To provide access to important information that does not correspond to published opinion: in particular, critical background information on current problems.

  • To direct the attention of people worldwide towards positive ideas, organizations, projects, actions and campaigns. As well as highlighting questionable or unacceptable state of affairs.

  • To bring like-minded and committed people together from all over the world, helping them overcome their isolation and encourage common local, or international initiatives.

  • To help people work towards global change and show them that they are not alone, and can make a difference.

  • To encourage people to contact decision makers, politicians, parties, journalists, and the media to activate change.

  • To be a counterbalance for the general lack of awareness, as well as non-informative or incorrect hushed up information put out by the corporate media.

  • To contribute to expanding horizons and forming democratic opinions, as well as reducing ignorance, prejudice and enemy images.

  • To create counter-publicity to the lobbyists in commerce and the military around the world, as well as some propaganda machines of governments, industry and media tycoons.

  • To promote peace, disarmament, non-violence, human rights, development in the southern hemisphere, environmental protection, sustainable development, democracy, freedom of opinion and expression, social justice, truth, tolerance, benevolence, compassion, and joy of life, as well as positive thinking, behaviour and actions.

  • To protest against war, the mad desire to possess more arms and weapons of mass destruction, violence and terror, dictatorships, abuse of power, greed, exploitation, violation of human rights, environmental pollution, destruction of the foundations of life, the wasting of tax-payers' money, brainwashing, inaction and resignation.

Humanism and Renaissance

Man penetrates his environment by means of his senses and his strength of intellect, thus making new discoveries about the universe. (German woodcut 16th Century)

Better World Info's objective is to provide the general public with a tool to be able to comprehensively inform themselves, and make a positive contribution towards a better world for everyone. 

Our service is free of charge, free of advertising and accessible to all. 

We aim to include links which are:

  • up-to-date, informative and independent
  • balanced, honest and for the common good
  • violence-free, environmentally friendly and socially compatible
  • non-dogmatic and free of propaganda and lies
  • non-commercial or non-profit-making
  • not racist or sexist
  • optimistic and encouraging
  • preferably free from advertising

Things to consider

  • We are not perfect! In fact, we welcome constructive criticism and suggestions. Please Contact Us
  • We do not cover topics related to consumption (luxury goods, cars, travel, beauty, fashion and shopping) and entertainment (sports, celebrities, sex, games, movies and TV shows) as they are provided by large commercial businesses.
  • We regard ourselves as a 'voice' for those who have none. Including the poor, the vulnerable, minorities, and individuals seeking worldwide peace.
  • The wealthy and powerful of this world do not need our assistance. They already possess significant access to, and control of commercial media and our governments. On the other hand, we endeavour to give both sides an opportunity to be heard.
  • We have, therefore, included some links, even though they do not follow the guidelines specified above. These are mainly from governments, political parties, the military and industrial companies. They are often primarily concerned with maintaining power, getting more influence and material gain. Nevertheless, they are listed because they add a different point of view, and to help the public make informed opinions and decisions. Additionally, they are included to help and encourage people to make contact with politicians and other decision makers.

Better World Info began in 1996 as the German website 'Norbert's Bookmarks for a Better World'.

This unique collection of links to interesting articles and websites was the brainchild of socially-committed German citizen and physician, Norbert.

"Medicine is a social science,
and politics is nothing else but medicine on a large scale."

Rudolf Virchow (1848)

The directory expanded from an initial 300 links to 600,000 links we have today. In 2003 it was renamed 'Better World Links', then in 2007 the website was relaunched with a new and interactive design as 'Better World Links'. Most recently, in June 2019 the site was relaunched in Drupal 8 under the new name 'Better World Info', in January 2022 Drupal 9 was established and Drupal 10 in November 2023.

Better World Info was created in 1996, before the popularity of search engines and social media dominance. Google was the earliest in 1998, followed by Wikipedia in 2001, Facebook in 2004 and YouTube in 2005. Although massively successful, they do not always offer the quality and objectivity of information that we hope to provide. In addition they sell our data. See FAQ for further information on why we need Better World Info.

Norbert's aim was, and still very much is to make an important contribution to the global internet community, providing access to pertinent information so that our common vision for a better world can be realised. The site continues to be expanded and updated with the help of volunteers, experts, and people like yourself.

"Many small people who in many small places do little things that can alter the face of the world"

'Menschen-Friedens-Band um die Erde'

(a symbol used by but not a part of Better World Info)

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Irwin Abrams (Quaker)

"Large, varied site by German physician with thousands of links concerning issues such as Economics, Education, the Environment, Human Rights, Peace, Politics, Religion, and Social Justice. An exceptional resource."

Vijay Mehta (Uniting for Peace)

"Better World Info encourages and promotes nonviolent alternative solutions for lasting peace and more effective change. Congratulations for building a fantastic website which is very informative and useful for peace activists all around the world."

FW de Klerk (Global Leadership Foundation)

"As it grows it will increasingly become a prime site for those who write, and those who seek, articles on the key topics of 'peace' and 'humanitarian issues', and it underlines the importance of the internet and social media for peace campaigning.”

Fredrik Heffermehl (Nobel Peace Prize Watch)

"So great to see that you have brought your unique service to humanity to a new level by a remake of the website. A terrific tool for civil society."

Jan Oberg (Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research)

"All the sources you can ever need... People often ask me where they can get reliable information about our world - now they can't trust most of the mainstream media. HERE is the answer and only a fool would ignore such a site..."

This is what you can do:

  • Add links yourself. Help us improve Better World Info - You can recommend new links and inform us of expired or unsuitable links.
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We love to hear from you! Your assistance, feedback and suggestions for improvements are always very welcome - Contact us.

By offering comprehensive and nonbiased information on the most pressing global issues, users receive the full picture and not a snapshot of sensationalised headlines and corporate media narrative. With peace, human rights, social justice, and environment at our core this directory educates, networks, and empowers activists, movements, and campaigners.

Education is a fundamental solution to many of the world's biggest problems. Free access to the right information can help to shape our world, bolster worthy causes, spread kindness and positivity, and foster global unity – we play a crucial role in this revolution.

Supporting Better World Info is like fueling a revolution. It is not just a repository of links, but a catalyst for change, a beacon for those seeking to make a difference, and a unique project for mankind.

By democratising information, it unlocks global potential for reinforcing human rights, driving social justice, and strengthening peace movements. This passion project is not just about information, it is about the impact that information can have. It is about creating a better, more informed world, where knowledge meets impact

Here at Better World Info we believe that tackling the root causes of global issues should be the priority. If we can prevent or cure, then why resort to providing relief? The relief that charities provide can be likened to distributing band aids in war. It is also costly, and effective mainly in the short term.

By focusing on the promotion of peace, nonviolence, tolerance, democracy, transparent and just governance, disarmament, and the creation of sustainable conditions for peaceful coexistence we can tackle many issues before they arise.

We resonate deeply with the famous expression by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu,

'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime'

By supporting Better World Info you are investing in a better future. You are helping to create a world where everyone, regardless of their background, beliefs, and geographical location have access to the information that they need to make a difference.

Support Better World Info, because a better future depends on it.

Hot Topics

Caricatures of Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer stand either side of a ballot box. There is a map of the UK in the background with the British flag on it and ballot papers with the main candidates are flying in the air.
John Broadhurst | Better World Info CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

UK General Election - 4 July 2024

Since the Brexit vote in 2016, the UK has endured a revolving door of Prime Ministers, bringing with it instability, weak economic performance, and lack of leadership. This July Brits will take to the polls in what is predicted to be a landslide Labour victory. With little to differentiate the policies between the two main parties and both struggling with internal divisions and controversies, Better World Info highlights the merits of independent candidates and outsider parties which could offer a fresh hope for the British public who are ready for change.

UK General Election - 4 July 2024
Poster calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. In the bottom left an Israel woman and a Palestinian woman hold hands in the air. There is a Palestinian flag which fills the background and in front the outline of burning black buildings with grey smoke and flames coming off them.
Mei | Better World Info

Israel–Hamas War 2023 – Atrocities and De-escalation

The Hamas attack on Israel took place on October 7th as part of the ongoing conflict between Hamas militant groups and the Israeli army. Militants stormed the border from Gaza and deployed more than 3,000 missiles. Israel was quick to declare war on Hamas and responded with months of airstrikes in the densely populated Gaza Strip. So far over 38,000 Palestinian lives have been lost, including 15,000 children. The bombardment by Israel has resulted in the displacement of 1.9 million Palestinians as they have become cut off from supplies of food, water, electricity, and medicine.  ➡️ - Please share!

Israel–Hamas War 2023 – Atrocities and De-escalation
Info image on the EU Parliament's seven political groups: The European Parliament counts 705 members or MEPs in seven political groups. Date: 16.02.23
European Parliament

European Union Elections 2024

Elections for a new EU Parliament will take place June 6 - 9. About 350 million Europeans are called upon to help decide the future of European policy. In the last EU election, enthusiasm and voter turnout were low. Voters were impeded by language barriers, apathy regarding EU affairs, and lack of focus on national issues. With right-wing parties and militarism on the rise across Europe, increasing urgency of the climate crisis and growing social inequality, every vote counts! Make sure to stay informed and support democracy in Europe.

European Union Elections 2024
The flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) consists of a dark blue field charged with a white compass rose emblem, with four white lines radiating from the four cardinal directions.
Flickr | Defence Imagery

NATO Summit in Washington DC, 2024 – 75th Anniversary

9–11 July state leaders of the 32 NATO members will gather in Washington DC to mark the 75th anniversary of the allegiance, to welcome Sweden to the ranks, and to bolster further military spending under the guise of unity. - In light of the ongoing Ukraine war, US efforts to reassert their global dominance, and NATOs commitment to remaining a nuclear alliance peace advocates would say there is little to celebrate. - Protests and counter-summit rallies have been organised to spread the message ‘No to NATO, Yes to Peace’.

NATO Summit in Washington DC, 2024 – 75th Anniversary
Ukraine: No War! - Two young people wearing a banner and a megaphone demanding peace
Mei Lau | Better World Info

Russia - Ukraine War 2022

Now entering its third year, Russia’s invasion into Ukraine began back in February 2022. This unique platform provides 10,000 resources from a peace perspective. Find in-depth information on NATO and U.S. involvement, weapons exports, sanctions, peace voices, and neglected diplomacy. Uncover the disastrous humanitarian fallout and the devastating global ramifications. ➡️ - Please help to spread the word of peace.

Russia - Ukraine War 2022
Poster for Hiroshima Day - A white paper crane carrying a green olive branch in its beak flies over the outline of Japan. Infront of a blue background the words 'Hiroshima Day Augst 6th' are written in white
Mei | Better World Info

Hiroshima Day

Every August 6, thousands of people around the world commemorate the catastrophic event that was the dropping of the atomic bomb in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. - Seventy states have ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) until now.

Hiroshima Day
Colourful AI image of Donald Trump battling against Joe Biden there are lots of bright lights in the background as the two older men wearing suits fight
Deviant Art | Sennexx

U.S. Presidential Election 2024 – A Biden and Trump Rematch

November 5th will see American voters head to the polls to decide between the re-election of Democratic President Joe Biden and his predecessor Republican Donald Trump. Key issues for voters include the struggling economy, healthcare, foreign policy, the bloating military budget, climate policy, and gun laws. Disillusioned with the stance from congress and both parties, voter turnout is sadly expected to be low. Given the huge influence the U.S. has on the international stage, the outcome of this election will have far-reaching implications particularly in regard to the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, the global fight against climate change, and the likelihood of World War III erupting in our lifetimes.

U.S. Presidential Election 2024 – A Biden and Trump Rematch
International Court of Justice Seal - A figure in a blue tunic sits on a grand chair holding a balance. Below is two images of different sides of the Earth. It is suurrounded by a golden circle and many green leaves
FOX 52 | CC BY-SA 4.0

South Africa’s ICJ Genocide Case Against Israel

Attention: The Court delivered its Order on January 26. - As the war in Gaza continues, South Africa, supported by many other nations, aims to hold Israeli officials accountable for genocidal intent in Gaza. The South Africa against the State of Israel proceedings began December 29, 2023. The case will decide whether Israel is in violation of the Genocide Convention for their atrocities against Palestinian people in Gaza. Israel has so far denied all allegations and accused South Africa of cooperating with terrorist organisation Hamas. Follow updates on the allegations and proceedings here.

South Africa’s ICJ Genocide Case Against Israel
United Nations

2030 Agenda / SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interlinked Global Goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all". The SDGs were set up in 2015 by the UN General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by the year 2030. Here you find all the info & updates on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2030 Agenda / SDGs
Soldiers stand in front of the Sudanese flag. The background shows mountains at sunset and a line of refugees walking.
Better World Info | Mei Lau

Sudan Conflict 2023 - Ongoing

After failed efforts to implement democratic civilian-led rule, mid-April saw the beginning of intense fighting between two main factions of the Sudanese military regime. 12,000 lives have been lost so far, 8 million people are displaced, and 18 million face acute hunger. With no signs of a peaceful resolution, this civil war could spread internationally and create further instability in this volatile part of Africa. As the conflict intensifies, food and basic supplies are compromised, hospitals are inoperational, and electricity and water supplies have been cut off. In a battle for further influence, involvement from Russia, the US, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the UK has added further complexity to the situation.

Sudan Conflict 2023 - Ongoing
Middle-aged white man stands proundly wearing a suit
David G. Silvers | CC BY NC SA 2.0

Julian Assange is FREE!

WikiLeaks founder Assange as a journalist revealed international human rights abuses, war crimes and corruption. After 13 years of legal battles, and 5 years held in the high-security and controversial Belmarsh Prison in London, as of June 2024 he is officially free! The whistle-blower suffered a serious decline in his mental and physical health since his incarceration in April 2019. Explore a detailed guide to his appeals, the U.S. extradition trials, implications for press freedom, and the huge amount of public support which helped secure his release.

Julian Assange is FREE!
Graphic for the COP28 climate talks in Dubai. There is a woman on the left being silenced and there are protesters on the right infront of a large planet Earth. There are signs that say 'Respect our voice' and 'Stop Big Oil.'
Mei | Better World Info

COP28 – UN Climate Change Conference 2023, Dubai

Taking place from 30 November until 12 December, last year's COP was hosted by one of the world's largest carbon emitters. There have already been accusations of greenwashing, and many activists and NGOs are unhappy with the appointment of oil tycoon Sultan al-Jaber as president of these urgently needed talks. The UAE has strict laws prohibiting unauthorised protests; however, activists have been reassured that their right to be heard will be honoured. We followed the build-up and all developments. Find everything you need to know right here! ➡️ - Please share widely!

COP28 – UN Climate Change Conference 2023, Dubai
Poster for the Merchants of Death war crimes tribunal - A black poster with red letters reads 'Come war profiteers, give account' In the centre there is a white box with a picture of a missile with a large red line across it
Merchants of Death | World BEYOND War

Merchants of Death - War Crimes Tribunal

A war crimes tribunal - starting November 12, 2023 - organized to hold weapons manufacturers accountable for the deaths they are responsible for – both combatants and civilians. Operating on gigantic profits these weapons producers manufacture and then sell products which are used for murder. Through a series of evidence, the tribunal aims to prove they have violated U.S. Federal criminal law and committed crimes against humanity.

Merchants of Death - War Crimes Tribunal
Blue simple logo on a white background of 2 connected flowers

Right Livelihood Awards 2023

The Right Livelihood Award (RLA) was established in 1980 to “honour and support courageous people solving global problems”. The 'Alternative Nobel Prize' has so far celebrated 194 laureates from 76 countries. Click here to find out more about the laureates from 2023 and their work. - Last year's RLA focuses on the safeguarding of lives and nature. The inspiring winners are: Eunice Brookman-Amissah - fighting for women’s reproductive rights in Africa. Mother Nature Cambodia - a human rights group fighting for environmental protection. SOS Mediterranee - a search and rescue organisation working to save migrants lives in the Mediterranean. Phyllis Omido – Kenyan environmental activist standing up against the lead industry.

Right Livelihood Awards 2023
Strong white women wearing a red and white polka dot bandana and blue shirt, raising her hand into a fist and displaying her biceps
Pixabay | Clker-Free-Vector-Images

Gender Inequality

Even in 2021, much work still remains in order to achieve gender parity. The social and economic benefits of a gender equal world have been widely proven, yet the gap persists. Current estimates predict it will take another 108 years to close it! Our huge resource covers all the issues including girls’ education, child marriage, political participation, discrimination in the workplace, the wage gap, and cultural norms and expectations of women’s role in society. You will also find the organisations working tirelessly to achieve equality. Here’s to ALL women reaching their full potential, and to empowering women everywhere.

Gender Inequality
Profile of a woman with flowing hair, painted in the colours of the Iranian flag, holding a hijab in her fist.
Better World Info | Mei Lau

Mahsa Amini and Iran Anti-Regime Protests 2022

Protests sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini whilst under arrest for violation of the strict hijab law continue to rock Iran and the world. Demonstrations against mandatory hijab use soon evolved into demands for greater freedoms, women's rights, and against the controversial morality police and harsh Iranian regime. Now being labelled the Iran Revolution, the government has responded with widespread internet blackouts, tear gas, and gun fire. 185 people have already lost their lives as Iranians desperately fight for massive governmental change. - ➡️ with 1,500 links - Share! - On October 6 the Nobel Prize for Peace was awarded to human rights advocate Narges Mohammadi.

Mahsa Amini and Iran Anti-Regime Protests 2022
Image shows two scientists working on Covid-19 and two Students with books and working on notebook and tablet
Mei I Better World Info

Coronavirus Pandemic Resource

At Better World Info we aim to provide a world leading medical information resource on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: Over 19,000 links in English, German, French and Spanish have been carefully selected by a physician and were updated daily. Plus our great Twitter list with 385 virus experts. - Help us to share this unique internet guide so that this collection of information can benefit many people in the current pandemic. Expert input is most welcome!

Coronavirus Pandemic Resource
Black and white silhouette of unbalanced weighing scales
Free SVG | CC0 1.0

Income Inequality

Economic inequality has always been part of our society. Recently however, it has become one of the world's biggest issues. Click here to find out more information about the situation around the world, and the various strategies being used to fight it.

Income Inequality
Colourful scene of many young children holding signs about climate change
Flickr | School Strike 4 Climate

Climate Crisis & the 1.5oC Goal

There is a climate crisis that is unfolding in our lifetime. Here you can find all the information you need to take action, along with the consequences that we can already see, and the solutions to tackle them. Spread the word, get involved, and be part of the change!

Climate Crisis & the 1.5oC Goal
Two countries joined together by pins and string to represent Offshore Tax Havens
Flickr | Patrick Cannon

The Pandora Papers (2021)

The ICIJ has just published a new investigative report on tax avoidance, in which the work of more than 600 journalists in 117 countries has resulted in more than 2.6 terabytes of data, gathering diverse evidence of how wealthy individuals use tax havens to hide their wealth and avoid paying tax on it. The list of those implicated includes 35 current and former national leaders and 400 officials from around the world.

The Pandora Papers (2021)
Different kinds of money hangs from a washing line with pegs symbolising money laundering
Pixabay | Stevepb

FinCEN Files Leak (2020)

Transactions worth roughly $2tn have been discovered in leaked documents from the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network revealing shocking secrets. Closely guarded for years, banks such as HSBC, JP Morgan, Barclays, Deutsche Bank and others, have been exposed allowing criminals to move their illegally gained money all over the world. Follow the story as journalists search through the thousands of suspicious activity reports that government agencies tried to keep out of the public eye.

FinCEN Files Leak (2020)

Better World Info / Links for a Better World

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