The Right Livelihood Award

The Right Livelihood Award, a key partner of Better World Links, is often referred to as the "Alternative Nobel Peace Prize". It is dedicated to honoring and supporting courageous people and organisations that have found practical solutions to the root causes of global problems. 

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EP in Peace

Get inspired by some of the most influential peace activists the world has ever seen, including Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, Thich Nhat Hanh and Nelson Mandela. 

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EP for the Environment

Are you an environmental activist looking for some inspiration? Get to know some of the most important people, historical and current, who have dedicated their lives to protecting our precious planet and its natural resources including Berta Caceres, Wangari Maathai, Bill McKibben and Vandana Shiva.

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EP in the Media

From resolute investigative journalists working to expose corruption or human rights violations, to alternative media icons speaking truth to powerful key campaigners for media reform, find our selection of the most exemplary people working in the media here. 

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Exemplary Whistleblowers

They form an essential part of a functioning democracy as they expose cases of government and corporate wrongdoing, often at a considerable risk to their own safety, livelihoods and freedom.

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EP for the Economy

Learn about some of the key figures working to transform our economies into more progressive systems that work better for people and the planet. They include Thomas Piketty, Joseph Stiglitz, Ha Joon Chang, Robert Reich, Elon Musk, Muhhammad Yunus and more. 

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EP for Human Rights

Whether you are working full-time for an organization or dedicating most of your free time to a human rights cause, find motivation here by reviewing world leaders and activists who have changed world populations with their actions and strength.

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EP in Science

Find out how some exceptional people have changed our lives through the use of science and scientific discovery. Inform yourself and be influenced by reading about their exceptional work! 

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Hot Topics

Dalai Lama

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama and Buddhist monk, is celebrating his 85th birthday on July 6. The spiritual head of the Tibetan Buddhists resigned from his political duties in 2011 but is still an influential voice for global peace. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 for his lifelong commitment to harmony and non-violent resistance to the occupation of Tibet by China.

Right Livelihood Awards

Promoted as the Alternative Nobel Prize, the Right Livelihood Awards honour and support courageous people solving global problems" since 1980. Every December, a jury of 5 members award people working in such fields as environment protection, human rights, sustainable development, health, education and peace. Find out who won the awards since 1980 here.

Julian Assange

Founder of WikiLeaks, Assange as a journalist revealed international human rights abuses, and corruption. In April 2019, Assange's asylum was withdrawn by Ecuador leading to his arrest by the UK police. He has been accused of violating the Espionage Act of 1917 in the USA and faces extradition and lifelong incarceration. In prison he has been isolated and given only very limited access to his legal defense team.

Bernie Sanders

The Senator from Vermont is the longest independent member of Congress in U.S. history. He announced his candidacy for presidency in February. Sanders is well known for his work to stop the growing wealth gap in the USA, and for his call of a "Political Revolution", which seeks to achieve the common good and positively transform U.S. policy.

Martin Luther King Jr.

The Afro-American minister and activist became one of the lead figures in the Civil Rights Movement of 1955. To end the racial discrimination and segregation, King organized the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955 and led the famous March on Washington in 1963. Inspired by his Christian faith and Gandhi's works, he always advocated non-violent activism. For his constant commitment to civil rights, King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Just four years later he was assassinated, under circumstances that make the involvement of government officials appear possible. His legacy and political ideas are still alive today, honored for example on the official Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Nelson Mandela

Every July 18 we celebrate the legacy of this true leader who will always be remembered for his transcendental role in the liberation of South Africa from apartheid. He spent his life fighting for a free, democratic and anti-racist society. His ideals have shaped world leaders and touched millions of people around the world.

Telma Aldana

She is the 2018 laureate of the Right Livelihood award for her work as the former chief of Guatemala's Public Prosecutor’s Office. Together with CICIG, this courageous woman lead an unprecedented anti-corruption effort in Latin America that triggered the largest civil protests against corruption in Guatemala’s history.

Chelsea Manning

A courageous activist and whistleblower. She is a former US Army soldier that was convicted to 35 years in prison for leaking secret U.S. documents to WikiLeaks, Manning was released from imprisonment in May 2017. She faced incarceration again in 2019, for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating Julian Assange.

Tom Steyer

Running for president, Tom Steyer is a self-made billionaire and Democrat who is committed to give away his fortune by being the first people to sign "the Giving Pledge". He is the founder of NextGen, a non for profit group that focuses on social justice and climate change. He was one of the first Democrats to create a movement to impeach Trump.

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Hero of the Month

Jeremy Corbyn

“Not the candidate of Fleet Street or the Billionaires”, Jeremy Corbyn is known for his lifelong commitment to social justice, civil rights, health care, climate change, peace & democracy, and engaging students, workers & middle class citizens.

Featured Organisation of the Month

The Goldman Prize

This Prize honors the achievements and leadership of grassroot environmental activists from around the world. Through recognizing these individual leaders, the Prize seeks to inspire citizens to take extraordinary actions to protect our natural resources.

Featured Online Resource of the Month

The Right Livelihood Award Directory

Since 1980, The Right Livelihood Award has been awarded to inspirational people working to make a better world. Here you can find their directory of laureates, which you can search by year, location and topic.