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Protesters gather in the street, the main focus of the picture is a cardboard sign that one of the protesters is carrying, it reads 'Fight today for a better tomorrow.'
Pexels | Markus Spiske

ROLE MODELS Leading Positive Change for a Better World

In our ➡️ platform on exemplary people we have handpicked hundreds of the most influential changemakers, activists, environmentalists, peace advocates, journalists, whistleblowers, human rights defenders, politicians, economists, scientists, and philanthropists who are changing our world for the better.

With over 21,000 links, and an excellent Twitter list for you to follow, you will never be short of motivation and inspiration. We all have the potential to make this world a brighter, more peaceful, and just place, and together we really can make a difference.

For German speakers we recommend visiting our partner site Bessere Welt Info for 6,000 links to role models from a European perspective. Checkout the category Vorbilder for more information.

As Nelson Mandela said, “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference.”


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The Right Livelihood Award

The RLA is often referred to as the ‘Alternative Nobel Peace Prize,' it honours and supports courageous people and organisations that have found practical solutions to the root causes of some of today's biggest global problems.

Explore over 5,000 links including information on the Global University Partnership Initiative, the Right Livelihood College, and a year-by-year guide to the laureates since 1980 including key information on their important work and related topics. The RLA, like ourselves are committed to peace, justice, and sustainability, and by supporting their work we hope to raise vital awareness and expand their reach to the wider public.

Along with many others, you can learn about the work of Indigenous rights activist Freda Huson, Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, Nicaraguan social and human rights advocate Bianca Jagger, Belarusian pro-democracy activist Ales Bialiatski, and Russian Human rights organization Memorial.


Black and white portrait of journalist Julian Assange. He is smiling at the camera and wearing a black tshirt with the word 'Truth' written in white
Flickr | Antonio Marín Segovia

Whistleblowers and Journalists

Responsible for the dissemination of truth and the exposure of corruption and fraud, we rely on whistleblowers and journalists to create a more informed and engaged society. They form an essential part of upholding democracy, protecting our rights, and exposing government and corporate wrongdoings - often at great risk to their own safety, livelihoods and freedom.

Find excellent guides to the work of Julian Assange and his Wikileaks project, Edward Snowden, Frances Haugen, Brittany Kaiser, Daniel Hale, and Chelsea Manning. We have also collated links and resources for whistleblowers, including information on secure drop, and attempts by governments to supress their findings.

Never before has access to unbiased and truthful news been so important. The global threat to journalists is at its highest level as they continue to face intimidation, internet censorship, political pressure, imprisonment, and even death.

From 2016 to the end of 2020, UNESCO recorded 400 killings of journalists. Just as concerning is the global rate of impunity for these murders. Nine times out of ten, the case remains unresolved creating a continued cycle of violence. Press freedom is a major pillar to democratic societies – journalists must not be silenced.

Our unique directory on journalism highlights the work of the world's most influential broadcasters, investigative journalists, and foreign correspondents. Learn more about the work of people such as Glenn Greenwald, Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Anna Politkovskaya, Shireen Abu Akleh, and Abby Martin.

Black and white sketch drawing of a smiling Mahatma Gandhi wearing his signature round glasses
Flickr | Wasfi Akab

Role Models for Peace

Peace activists, anti-war campaigners, nonviolence advocates, conscientious objectors, war resistors, peace educators, and influential voices for peace are essential in forming a world which is democratic, just, stable, safe, and free from corruption, oppression, and war profiteering.

As we have seen time and time again, war never brings peace, only suffering, destruction, and death. Despite the proven success of peaceful solutions in ending and preventing violence,

"The world is over-armed and peace is under-funded," Ban Ki-Moon.

For example, the U.S military budget for 2021 was $801 billion, with over one million people in active military duty. Whereas the U.S budget for the Peace Corps was $508 million. This accounts for less than 1% of the foreign operations budget.

We are committed to the peace movement, and all those who support a peace first approach. By highlighting the work of people such as Nelson Mandela, Albert Schweitzer, Bertha von Suttner, Mahatma Gandhi, Kathy Kelly, Megan Rice, Jan Oberg, and Vijay Mehta, we aim to honour their legacy and dedication, as well as inspiring hope for a more peaceful world.

Be sure to check out our platform for peace with over 100,000 links devoted to peacebuilding and nonviolence and related topics such as conflict regions and the military.


Determined young girl stands in the rain wearing a yellow rain jacket with the hood up
Wikimedia | Anders Hellberg

Role Models for the Environment

With environmental issues now a top priority for seven in ten people, and the effects of climate change negatively affecting about 85% of the world's population, it is no wonder that inaction by governments on key environmental issues has become a prime concern for many activists, environmentalists, scientists, and rights defenders.

As climate law becomes stronger, and more and more citizens take matters into their own hands, it proves that even the actions of one person can make a difference.

The effects of the fossil fuel industry, deforestation, intensive agriculture, transportation, and over consumption are causing unprecedented flooding, wildfires, drought, heatwaves, biodiversity loss, climate instability, refugees, extraordinary financial costs, and even conflict across the globe.

We take a look at some of the most important people driving the climate movement and pushing for environmental protection including Greta Thunberg, Berta Cáceres, Wangari Maathai, Bill McKibben, and Steven Donziger.

For further information on the future of our planet, check out our comprehensive platforms for environment, the climate crisis, and nature.


Inspiring quotation from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. :"I’m here to say to you this morning that some things are right and some things are wrong. Eternally so, absolutely so. It’s wrong to hate. It always has been wrong and it always will be wrong! It’s wrong in America, it’s wrong in Germany, it’s wrong in Russia, it’s wrong in China! It was wrong in 2,000 BC., and it’s wrong in 1954 AD. It always has been wrong, and it always will be wrong." Sermon that King delivered on February 28, 1954
United States Mission Geneva | CC BY-SA 2.0

Role Models for Human Rights

Many people around the world are still fighting for their rights due to persecution based solely on their race, gender, age, religion, place of birth, skin colour, or sexual orientation. Many are not even aware that they have had their rights stripped from them and live under daily violations of their freedoms.

We honour the courageous rights defenders, educators, activists, and NGOs who standup for the voiceless in the name of equality and justice. Right advocates raise awareness, promote and protect the civil, social, and political rights of others, and effect positive change for a more equal world.

Those working in this field face numerous challenges, some which place their lives in danger. They often become the enemy of powerful governments, criminal groups, gangs, and corporations. In 2019, Colombia witnessed one human rights defender killed every four days. Smear campaigns, threats, arrest, corrupt judicial processes, and forced disappearances are also commonplace, more often than not with complete impunity.

Learn about brave human rights advocates past and present such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Rachel Corrie, Malalai Joya, Rigoberta Menchu TumShirin Ebadi, Vittorio Arrigoni, and many others. For further reading on human rights in general we recommend heading to our excellent platform for human rights with over 40,000 hand-picked links dedicated to our rights and freedoms.


An older gentleman of colour wears a black suit and holds his hands almost together infront of his chest whilst he is talking
World Economic Forum | CC BY-SA 2.0

Role Models for Social Justice

Social justice is the concept of fairness between individuals in society. Equal access to opportunities, education, healthcare, income, employment, and legal representation are unfortunately still a goal that society is striving for. It is about recognizing and eliminating inequalities in order to build a just and inclusive world for everyone.

As Desmond Tutu said, “Exclusion is never the way forward on our shared paths to freedom and justice.”

There are many groups of society which find themselves marginalised, underrepresented, or treated poorly simply because of their gender, sexual preferences, racial background, nationality, or religious beliefs.

We have selected some of the most inspiring social justice advocates, human rights experts, and equality campaigners for you explore and gain inspiration from. Finds guides to the work of Mother Teresa, Sulak Sivaraksa, Krishnammal Jagannathan & Sankaralingam, Kiran Bedi, and Karen Woo amongst many others.

For further information on Social Justice, check out our platform for equality and justice featuring key social justice themes such as economic inequality, workers' rights, the LGBTQI+ community, minorities, refugees, racism, inclusion, empowerment, community service, and education.


Image of Pakistani girls education activist Malala Yousafzai. She is looking directly into the camera and wears a purple headscarf with a green sari
内閣官房内閣広報室 | CC BY 4.0

Role Models for Women

“I raise my voice not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back,” Malala Yousafzai.

As proud advocates for women's rights and gender equality, Better World Info aims to amplify the voices of women around the world and celebrate their successes and achievements. We live in a world where -

  • 380 million women and girls live in poverty

  • 1.2 billion women are denied access to safe abortions

  • 12 million girls are married under 18 every year and,

  • 130 million girls are not receiving any formal education

Search through our essential guides to girl's education, feminism, BAME women, women in technology, women in science, women and peace, women and the environment, women and politics, indigenous women, and the growing field of women’s philanthropy.

Amongst others, find important information on the work of female activists and exemplary women such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Melinda Gates, Dolores Huerta, Susan Anthony and the Suffragettes.


Image of  U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. An older white gentleman smiles warmily into the camera, he is wearing a light blue shirt and glasses
Gage Skidmore | CC BY-SA 2.0

Role Models in Politics and Economy

World leaders carry huge responsibilities on their shoulders and must answer to the demands of their citizens. With the rise of right-wing authoritarianism, coups, armed conflict, corruption, and the pressing need for greater equality and climate action, the need for exemplary politicians is greater than ever.

We bring you a comprehensive guide to the leaders who are not afraid to stand-up for social justice, citizens' rights, peace, and the environment. Learn more about our heroes including Bernie Sanders, George Galloway, Nelson Mandela, Elizabeth Warren, Salma Yaqoob, and Kofi Annan. You can even find a compilation of historical political thinkers whose theories created a culture of critical thinking and greater political comprehension.

For inspiring economists redefining economic thinking here is our top selection of exemplary people in economy whose contributions to finance have created positive social change. Learn about Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, Bangladeshi social entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus, labour rights advocate Robert Reich, and Austrian Right Livelihood Award winner Leopold Kohr.

By highlighting and celebrating the work of these progressive thinkers, reform pioneers, social entrepreneurs, and financial experts thinking outside the box, we aim to inspire hope for a more just economic system where social uplift, not profit for the few, is the primary motivation.

Be sure to check out our extensive platform for politics with over 90,000 links aimed at promoting political and civic education, and the political participation of everyone, as well as our guides to global economics, democracy, and sustainable alternatives.


A white older gentleman sits on a chair holding a blue folder wearing a black and blue suit. He smiles warmly at the camera
Flickr | Global Justice Now

Role Models in Science and Education

Scientists and educators are responsible for the advancement of society and the shaping of young minds. Both professions contribute massively to the progression of humanity and the creation of a better and more knowledgeable world.

We take a look at various inspiring scientists whose dedication to their field has helped thousands in the form of medical and health discoveries, the development of technologies, a greater understanding of climate change, and many other lifesaving discoveries. Checkout our guides to Hans-Peter Dürr, James Hansen, Maurice Wilkins, Marie Curie and many others.

At Better World Info we advocate for quality, free, and accessible education for everyone. In our platform for education find information on girls' education, adult education, peace education, environmental education, sustainability educationhuman rights education, health education, financial education, and civic education.

We promote the invaluable work of the Global Teacher Prize who celebrate inspiring mentors, educational reformers, and those fighting for educational equality. Learn more about Keishia Thorpe who opened up education for low-income and immigrant students, Ranjitsinh Disale who transformed the lives of young girls in Maharashtra, India, and many others.


Thich Nhat Hanh

Role Models in Culture, Philanthropy and Religion

Culture is threaded into the fabric of our lives, its importance often undervalued and underfunded. The role that culture plays in creating tolerance, preserving traditions, languages, and quality of life must not be overlooked.

Our collection of artistic, literary, and musical role models showcases the talent of individuals who bring global attention to important issues, open the eyes of the general public, and use the stage for advocacy. Learn more about people such as George Orwell, Rebeca Lane, Woody Guthrie and many others.

With the popularity of philanthropy at its highest ever, and the need for investment in huge global issues such as poverty, environmental challenges, and healthcare, we want to celebrate the inspiring philanthropists who are using their money for social uplift and the greater good. People like MacKenzie Scott and George Soros, and organisations like the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative provide funding for long lasting change which can span generations.

Finally, we explore the impact of important religious leaders who have helped to bring more peace, stability, and tolerance to our world. Role models such as Roman Catholic priest Bruce Kent who campaigned for nuclear disarmament with the CND, peace activist and Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, and of course the Dalai Lama whose nonviolent opposition to the occupation of Tibet has drawn international praise.

For more information on these topics make sure to visit our extensive platforms for culture and religion all from the perspective of creating a better world.

How Can I Make the World a Better Place?

These brave and selfless individuals inspire us to make our own small differences. We can all strive to be a role model for others, even through the smallest of actions. Collectively, this is how we change the world.

Below we provide some tips on how you can start making small changes today -

  • Vote – By educating ourselves and making an informed choice we can ensure that responsible and democratic leaders are the ones in charge, and are held accountable for their decisions

  • Use your voice – Join a local protest, sign petitions, share informative posts online, use social media as an advocacy tool to raise awareness of issues that matter to you

  • Volunteer – Whether it be helping a neighbour with their groceries, in a community garden, or at a food bank. You can make friends, gain experience, learn new skills, and become more involved with your community all by sharing your time. Contact us today for volunteer opportunities with Better World Info

  • Pay it forward – Small acts of kindness and compassion go a long way to making the world a better place

  • Donate – Consider donating even a small amount to a project that is close to your heart, lots of small donations can make a big difference. Consider decluttering your home and gift your unwanted items to a local charity who are always happy to accept quality items for resale

“Activism is my rent for living on the planet,” 
Alice Walker, American writer & social activist.

Author: Rachael Mellor, 22.08.23 licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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Hot Topics

Middle-aged white man stands proundly wearing a suit
David G. Silvers | CC BY NC SA 2.0

Julian Assange is FREE!

WikiLeaks founder Assange as a journalist revealed international human rights abuses, war crimes and corruption. After 13 years of legal battles, and 5 years held in the high-security and controversial Belmarsh Prison in London, as of June 2024 he is officially free! The whistle-blower suffered a serious decline in his mental and physical health since his incarceration in April 2019. Explore a detailed guide to his appeals, the U.S. extradition trials, implications for press freedom, and the huge amount of public support which helped secure his release.

Julian Assange is FREE!
Noam Chomsky is an older white gentleman who is a celebrated linguist, and political analyst. He stands behind two microphones delivering a speech outside.
Flickr | Andrew Rusk

Noam Chomsky – Celebrated Linguist and Political Analyst

The 95-year-old ‘lion of the left’ has recently been hospitalised following a stroke. He will most likely be retiring from public life. Chomsky has published over 100 books, he was voted one of the world’s top public intellectuals, he is a widely respected critic of U.S. foreign policies and the mass media, and has been a tireless advocate for a better future. We congratulate Chomsky on his incredible career, wish him well in his recovery, and thank him for his positive influence in his field over the years.

Noam Chomsky – Celebrated Linguist and Political Analyst
Japanese Buddhist philosopher smiles at the camera wearing a blue suit and tie infront of a purple flowering bush
Rukomii | CC BY-SA 3.0

Daisaku Ikeda - Japanese Peacebuilder (1928-2023)

Philosopher, educator, author, and founder of Sokka Gakkai International – the world largest Buddhist organisation, Ikeda is celebrated for his work in promoting peace. He was a powerful advocate for nuclear disarmament and worked hard to normalise international relations between Japan and China.

Daisaku Ikeda - Japanese Peacebuilder (1928-2023)
Image of Mother Nature a group of Cambodian activists from Cambodia. Four young activists are covered in food colouring representing blood. One of them holds a megaphone.
Right Livlihood Award

Right Livelihood Award 2023 Laureates

This year's Right Livelihood Award focuses on the safeguarding of lives and nature. The inspiring winners are: Eunice Brookman-Amissah - fighting for women’s reproductive rights in Africa. Mother Nature Cambodia - a human rights group fighting for environmental protection. SOS Mediterranee - a search and rescue organisation working to save migrants lives in the Mediterranean. Phyllis Omido – Kenyan environmental activist standing up against the lead industry. The award ceremony to honour the chosen laureates will take place on 29 November in Stockholm.

Right Livelihood Award 2023 Laureates
Portrait of an older gentleman with tanned skin, wearing a black suit with a brown tie. He has grey hair and bushy eyebrows, he smiles warmly into the camera
Flickr | UN Geneva

Antonio Guterres - Secretary-General of the United Nations

After taking office in 2017, Guterres’ personal experience of the terrible human suffering taking place in conflict regions and refugee camps gave him a unique perspective and drive to work towards human dignity for all. He has shown tireless commitment to pushing action during the Covid-19 pandemic, regarding the climate crisis, advancing gender equality, driving sustainability, human rights, and aid efforts.

Antonio Guterres - Secretary-General of the United Nations
Black and white portrait photograph of J. Robert Oppenheimer – Father of the Atomic Bomb. A middle aged gentleman wtih dark hair wears a suit and looks away from the camera
Get Archive | Public Domain

J. Robert Oppenheimer – Father of the Atomic Bomb

Oppenheimer was an exemplary scientist whose research and design during the Manhattan Project helped create the first atomic bombs. They were later used in the devastating attacks on Hiroshima and Japan. After the war, Oppenheimer lobbied for greater international arms control. He went on to be the director at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and helped establish the World Academy of Art and Science.

J. Robert Oppenheimer – Father of the Atomic Bomb
Image of Daniel Ellsberg U.S. whistle-blower. A senior white male smiles warmly into the camera wearing a white shirt and black jacket.
Kushal Das | CC BY-SA 4.0

Daniel Ellsberg U.S. whistle-blower (1931-2023)

We pay tribute to the late Daniel Ellsberg and his heroic work exposing the Pentagon Papers and the truth about the Vietnam war. In his hope for peace and accountability he dedicated his life to ending governmental secrecy. An open supporter of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, we must continue his fight for press freedom and truth.

Daniel Ellsberg U.S. whistle-blower (1931-2023)
Black and white image of happy African American man waving on a stage with many spectators below and two cameramen filming behind him
Flickr | National Park Service

Martin Luther King Jr.

The January 16 federal holiday marks the birthday of the Afro-American minister and activist who became one of the lead figures in the 1955 Civil Rights Movement to end racial discrimination and segregation. Inspired by his Christian faith and Gandhi's works, he always advocated non-violent activism. For his constant commitment to civil rights, King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Just four years later he was assassinated. His legacy and political ideas are still alive today.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Picture of Ales Bialiarski
Chancellery of the Senate of the Republic of Poland , CC BY-SA 3.0 | Wikimedia Commons

Ales Bialiatski

The human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate has been sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in the 2020 pro-democracy protests against the Lukashenko regime, in power since 1994. In 2011, Bialiatski was arrested on charges of financing the protests and smuggling money into Belarus, as his NGO, Viasna, which was never allowed to register in Belarus, needed to keep its funds in Vilnius and Warsaw, from where money was brought to support political prisoners in Belarus.

Ales Bialiatski
Two beautiful smiling women from Somalia sit at an awards table for the Right Livelihood Award 2022 ceremony
Right LIvelihood Award

Right Livelihood Awards 2022

This year's inspiring laureates of the RLA share a vision of social change. They prove that broken systems can, and must be fixed. The winners include Fartuun Adan and Ilwad Elman of Somalia for their peacebuilding and human rights work with marginalized groups. Human rights defender Oleksandra Matviichuk and her outstanding work with the Center for Civil Liberties in Ukraine. Venezuelan organisation Cecosesola for its commitment to providing affordable goods and services to families in dire need. Finally, the Africa Institute for Energy Governance in Uganda, for emboldening communities to stand-up for environmental causes, and against destructive oil and gas industries.

Right Livelihood Awards 2022
A photograph of Judith Heumann.
By Taylordw, CC BY-SA 4.0 | Wikimedia Commons

Judy Heumann (1947-2023)

Her journey began when she was refused a job as a teacher because of her physical condition, having been diagnosed with polio at the age of 18 months. This refusal led her to dedicate her life to building a more inclusive society for people with disabilities, believing that it was exclusion from society, not disability, that held people back. Heumann was a great civil rights heroine who dedicated her life to advocating for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the U.S.

Judy Heumann (1947-2023)
Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh (1926-2022)

We celebrate the legacy of Thich Nhat Hanh, the Buddhist monk who was a global inspiration for his work on peaceful conflict resolution. The founder of engaged Buddhism was an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War, and anti-war campaigner. He helped spread the concept of mindfulness across the west, and dedicated his whole life to peace work.

Thich Nhat Hanh (1926-2022)

Bernie Sanders

The Senator from Vermont is the longest independent member of Congress in U.S. history. He ran for presidency twice. Sanders is well known for his work to stop the growing wealth gap in the USA, and for his call of a "Political Revolution", which seeks to achieve the common good and positively transform U.S. policy.

Bernie Sanders

Desmond Tutu

On December 26th, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and anti-apartheid activist Desmond Tutu passed away. Known for his cheerful and positive manner, the clergyman was Archbishop of Cape Town for ten years and also chairman of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission. In addition to his lifelong commitment against racism and South African apartheid, he campaigned for global climate protection, peace, education and the rights of ethnic and sexual minorities.

Desmond Tutu
White lady with blonde hair wearing a suit talks passionately
Flickr | Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

Frances Haugen

The former Facebook employee and whistleblower Frances Haugen disclosed thousands of Facebook's internal documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission and Wall Street Journal in 2021. After publicly acknowledging this, she is now being questioned by the US Congress. Haugen accuses Facebook of violations of consumer protection, product safety and data security and sees far-reaching dangers for democracy and society with an urgent need for regulation.

Frances Haugen

Nelson Mandela Day - July 18

Every July 18 we celebrate the legacy of this true leader who will always be remembered for his transcendental role in the liberation of South Africa from apartheid. He spent his life fighting for a free, democratic and anti-racist society. His ideals have shaped world leaders and touched millions of people around the world.

Nelson Mandela Day - July 18
Malcolm x Clipart
CC0 1.0. | Openclipart

Malcolm X

This year marks the 57th anniversary of the assassination of one of the icons of the civil rights movement. Last year, two men wrongly accused of his murder were exonerated, so we still don't know who killed him and why. Malcolm is sometimes seen as MLK's counterpart for his belief that black Americans should protect themselves from aggression by any means, which contrasted with King's non-violent discourse. In reality, Malcolm did not advocate violence, but encouraged active action for freedom, equality and justice.  

Malcolm X
Nina Subin/Random House

Bryan Stevenson

He is a U.S. civil rights attorney and the founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, which is an organization rooted in the fight for a justice system that is not based on systemic racism. EJI's initiative is to provide the opportunity for legal representation for those who cannot obtain it, or for those who have not had a fair trial. Stevenson has long fought for a justice system that can ensure equal rights for all.

Bryan Stevenson
Right Livelihood Award Foundation

Lottie Cunningham Wren

She is a human rights activist whose work as a lawyer has been dedicated to defending the rights of indigenous people and people of African descent in Nicaragua. Wren is the founder of CEJUDHCAN, an organization that provides educational programs and legal support to help people protect their natural resources.

Lottie Cunningham Wren

Dalai Lama

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama and Buddhist monk, is celebrating his 85th birthday on July 6. The spiritual head of the Tibetan Buddhists resigned from his political duties in 2011 but is still an influential voice for global peace. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 for his lifelong commitment to harmony and non-violent resistance to the occupation of Tibet by China.

Dalai Lama
Bruce Kent - White man infront of anti-nuclear weapons poster
Wikimedia | Garry Knight

Bruce Kent obituary (1929 – 2022)

We send our condolences to the loved ones of charismatic peace advocate Bruce Kent. The Roman Catholic priest dedicated his life to the campaign for nuclear disarmament, becoming a figure head and inspiration to peace advocates. He was the vice-president of the CND and Pax Christi - the international Catholic peace movement. During many of his public speeches he condemned the use of nuclear weapons and labelled them immoral due to their ability to commit mass murder.

Bruce Kent obituary (1929 – 2022)

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Chris McAndrew

Hero of the Month

Jeremy Corbyn

“Not the candidate of Fleet Street or the Billionaires”, Jeremy Corbyn is known for his lifelong commitment to social justice, civil rights, health care, climate change, peace & democracy, and engaging students, workers & middle class citizens.


The Goldman Environmental Prize

Featured Organisation of the Month

The Goldman Prize

This Prize honors the achievements and leadership of grassroot environmental activists from around the world. Through recognizing these individual leaders, the Prize seeks to inspire citizens to take extraordinary actions to protect our natural resources.

Blue simple logo on a white background of 2 connected flowers

Featured Online Resource of the Month

The Right Livelihood Award Directory

Since 1980, The Right Livelihood Award has been awarded to inspirational people working to make a better world. Here you can find their directory of laureates, which you can search by year, location and topic. 

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