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Have a look through our selection of key websites and online resources providing you with essential information on democracy, along with links to the history of democracy, the International Day of Democracy and how to organize activities in support of democracy.

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Want to stay up to date about all the latest developments on democracy around the world? Find a list of websites providing news and analysis. Download our Democracy RSS file and get access to all the best democracy news feeds.

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Types of Democracy

Representative democracy may be the most prevalent form of democracy, but it is not the only one. Other models have been proposed and applied including direct democracy, grassroots democracy and deliberative democracy. Learn more here!

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Democracy Initiatives

Find a large range of inspiring initiatives that are working to promote democracy around the world, ranging from the global World Movement for Democracy movement, to Represent.Us in the USA and DiEM25 in Europe.

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Hot Topics

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Cambridge Analytica - Facebook Scandal

A major political scandal compromising democracy as we know it. In early 2018 it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica had harvested the personal data of millions of people's Facebook profiles without their consent and used it for political advertising purposes: Donald Trump (USA) and Brexit (UK). It was a game changer in the public understanding of personal data and precipitated calls for tighter regulation of tech companies' use of personal data. We have to take back control.

Cambridge Analytica - Facebook Scandal
Public Domain

Exemplary Politicians

For many, politics has become synonymous with deception, since every day we see examples of manipulative politicians who only want to protect their own interests. However, there are still people who see politics as a tool to achieve a common good.

Exemplary Politicians
Defend our Democracy rally - view from the back where many people hold signs about democracy
Flickr | Garry Knight

The Fight for Democracy

In every part of the world, people are fighting to preserve and defend their rights to shape their own life and make their own decisions to create a more equal society.

The Fight for Democracy
Common rights

Citizen Empowerment

An essential element of Democracy, citizen empowerment is based on providing citizens with the ability to actively participate in the decision making affecting their community.

Citizen Empowerment
Image by Benjamin Hartwich from Pixabay

Public Access Media - Non-Commercial and Local Communication

Access to quality local journalism has never been more important in securing democracy. Our directory features real news for citizens and communities. Find examples of local news sites, radio and TV channels.

Public Access Media - Non-Commercial and Local Communication
Free Press Action Fund

Net Neutrality

On December 14, 2017, the Trump FCC voted to make network neutrality a thing of the past. Find here all the updates on this war for the freedom of the Internet.

Net Neutrality
The letters DiEM25 are written in black with 2 orange arrows pointing towards the logo
Wikimedia | Diem25

DiEM 25

The Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 is a political movement that aims for a Green New Deal and to create more transparent processes in the EU decision-making.

DiEM 25

Must Read

61 Forms of Voter Suppression

By the Voting Rights Alliance

Must Watch

The Crisis of Democracy

by the New Economics

Suggested Blog

Democracy Works

by the National Democratic Institute

Hero of the Month

Xiaobo Liu

China’s only Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Liu was a life-time defender of freedom and democracy. He was imprisoned in 2008 for being accused of political subversion. After his death in 2017, he became a global symbol of social justice and liberty.

Featured Organisation of the Month

World Alliance for Citizen Participation

An international alliance of civil society organizations that works to strengthen citizen action & civil society throughout the world. CIVICUS has a vision for a global community consisting of active, engaged citizens committed to creating a more just and equitable world.

Featured Online Resource of the Month

Open Government Guide

The Open Government Guide is a resource that support people who work to make their governments more transparent, responsive, accountable and effective. 

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