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EU policy on energy and environment

As the previous world leading importer of oil and gas in 2007, find out how much progress the EU has made in implementing policies to reach its Paris Agreement targets. Does the fossil fuel industry have a hand in which projects are approved? Where is EU funding going? Find out more here.

Eurozone debt crisis

Starting back in 2009, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Cyprus began a trend of falling into debt, and looking to the ECB, IMF, and other EU countries for help. Unemployment rates rocketed, and economic growth was stifled. This led to the implementation of austerity measures all over Europe. Find more information, country by country here.

European refugee crisis

The ongoing conflict and resulting humanitarian crisis happening in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, have mad these places (other others) unsafe for citizens. Since 1995 we have witnessed huge numbers of people arriving from the Mediterranean Sea or overland from SE Europe. Discover the causes, positive stories, and how you can help here.