Protesters gather In Washington for women's rights. One large pink poster dominates the view with the words 'Never underestimate the power of women' in large black letters.
Unsplash | Gayatri Malhotra


50% of the human population have historically been silenced - denied education, employment, financial independence, the right to participate politically, even the right to autonomy.

Well 50% of the human population have said no longer! Womens rights movements are rising up, leaders are opening their eyes, and women are becoming empowered.

The importance of a gender equal society in fighting key issues such as poverty, disease, and hunger are finally being recognised by world leaders.

Better World Info explores the barriers that women continue to face including child marriage, cultural and societal mindsets, the pay gap, and unpaid labour.

In this ➡️ platform for women we provide the essential information needed to inform women of their rights, we connect women's organisations to create stronger support systems, and we raise awareness of the important issues affecting women today such as access to education and reproductive rights.

We believe that education is key to a gender inclusive world and aim to play an important role in the dissemination of reliable and impartial information for women.

Where can I find Women’s News?

Here you can find an extensive collection of the best media sources by women, for women.

In a male dominated world, just 24% of news sources are from women.

Better World Info recognises the importance of the female voice, and the need for fair representation in journalism. By being more inclusive, the media can only benefit by offering different perspectives, from more experts, and providing coverage of female related issues.

Likewise, without diversity in media coverage, the quality of journalism is diminished, women can be portrayed in a bias sexist manner, and left on the margins of society. Gender equal media is an important factor in creating fair, open, and democratic societies.

Where can I get Background Info on Women?

Students, researchers, and those new to the women's movement will find our background information section especially interesting.

We feature a variety of important categories to get you started. Find women's research and study centres, women's initiatives and campaigns including the Beijing Platform for Action.

We highlight remarkable women who have made invaluable contributions to society through literature, peace work, environmentalism, and global health

Find our excellent guide to coronavirus made specifically for women, as well as information for handicapped women, and on the growing sector of women's philanthropy.

Learn about the additional barriers to society that indigenous women and women of colour have faced throughout history, and still face today. Find excellent organisations fighting to uplift their voices, provide support, and safe spaces for women to thrive.


Protoesters stand in the streets of Washington for women's rights. A large pink sign dominates the view with the words 'March like your future depends on it' displayed in large pink letters.
Unsplash | Gayatri Malhotra

What are Women's Rights?

The women's rights movement began in the 19th century, and the fight continues to this day.

In many parts of the world women still do not enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men. There are places where women cannot vote, cannot open bank accounts, own property, attend high school, seek employment, or travel unaccompanied.

Even in places where women have the legal right to do these things, often bureaucracy, social stigmas, fear of reprisal, lack of education, and other barriers exist to prevent women from exercising their rights.

Find top women's rights organisations working tirelessly to expose dire rights situations, and promote and secure a more gender equal world for women in every corner of the world.

Let us take you on a history tour through the Suffragette movement and various right to vote campaigns throughout history.

We also highlight the most pressing women's rights issues today. Find extensive categories on violence against women, femicide, reproductive rights, female genital mutilation, child marriage, dowries, women in conflict regions, trafficking, sexual abuse and harassment, and specific issues faced by women in developing countries.


A pie sits on a pink table with one slice seperate on a plate next to a coffee. There is a board with the words 'Equal rights for others doesn't mean fewer rights for you - it's not pie'
Unsplash | That's Her Business

How can we Achieve Gender Equality?

The United Nations recognises that in order to achieve peace, prosperity, and sustainability, it cannot be done without working towards gender equality.

As the official 5th Sustainable Development Goal, they have cemented their commitment to improving the situation for women worldwide.

Despite this, the 16th Global Gender Gap report by WEF revealed that women must wait another 132 years before full gender parity is achieved. Although there has been slow progress, it is clear than the gender equality movement is facing an uphill battle.

Better World Info serves as a platform for positive long-lasting change. You can find excellent gender equality portals, organisations, initiatives, and get access to the experts on social media.

Discover who is leading the way in opportunities and rights for women, learn about excellent policies already in place to promote inclusivity.

Better World Info highlights key gender equality issues such as the pay gap, employment inequality, harmful societal mindsets, unpaid labour, and female poverty - find in-depth categories exposing the full picture.

By raising awareness, providing accurate information, and connecting excellent gender initiatives, we hope to be a catalyst for change, to break down harmful stereotypes, and foster a new culture where gender does not dictate safety, success, and freedom.

Who are the Best Organisations for Women?

Discover over 800 inspiring organisations dedicated to uplifting the rights of women all over the world. Sorted by country this directory assists those in need of support, helps women's organisations find each other and combine efforts, aids funders and philanthropists find worthy causes, and raises the profile of the many excellent NGOs, campaigns, groups, and resources available.

Search through women's events and campaigns by the United Nations, learn about One Billion Rising aimed at ending rape and sexual violence against women, and find women’s philanthropic foundations.


A white coffee cup with the Words ' The future is female' in black has a lipstick mark on the rim. It sits on a brown desk with a laptop in the background.
Unsplash | CoWomen

What is Feminism?

Feminism is the social, political, and economic movement advocating for the equal rights of women. Although it has materialised in different ways over the decades, and by different cultures, the end goal remains the same.

Empowerment, equality, and equity.

Oppression, sexual exploitation, egotism, sexism, and harassment are still common problems. The origins of feminism lies in the 19th century and the women's suffrage movement, but the fight is still very much ongoing today.

Learn about iconic feminists throughout history, and the trailblazers of today. Let us take you on a tour of the best resources for budding feminists including podcasts, social media, action guides, blogs, foundations, and more.

How are Women Treated by Society?

Traditional roles, expectations and attitudes towards women have thankfully been changing over recent decades. Once resigned to the kitchen and motherhood, normalised societal views have become much broader.

Better World Info investigates how these attitudes are changing, and the many different roles that women of today play in modern society.

Of particular importance is the participation of women in politics. Once viewed as a man's world, the need for more women in governmental leadership is now seen as vital.

Find interesting topics covering girls' education, the portrayal of women in the media, harassment, and the role of women in religion.

Much work is still needed to be done for gender barriers in society to be broken down. In developing countries even more so. Women are often seen as second-class citizens - marginalised from society, left voiceless, and without social or economic freedoms.


Many protesters stand on the streets of Washington. The White House is in the background. Two posters dominate the picture. A round blue poster says 'Keep abortion legal' and a square pink posters says 'Bans off my body'.
Unsplash | Gayatri Malhotra

What Role do Women Play in their Families?

The role of women in the family has recently been thrust into the limelight with the ongoing restrictions to pregnancy healthcare and access to abortion in the US.

Political involvement in women's body autonomy has caused waves of protest and anger worldwide.

Fears are widespread that the rollback of women's rights will set a precedent for further removal of rights in the US and in other countries who look to them as a role model.

Find extensive information on many family issues that affect mothers and girls. Special highlights include resources on birth control, sexuality, relationships, and even Mother's Day.


A pink poster for International Day of Women and Girls in science. An image of a brown haired female wearing a white lab coat is in a blue bubble. Her hair is flowing and in it we can see some planets, a microscope and atoms.
Mei | Better World Info

Are Women Treated Fairly in the Workplace?

Female labour force participation is just over 50%, albeit lower than the figure for men at 80%, there are still more women working than ever before.

Employment brings many benefits - to the worker, the workplace, and the economy as a whole. Women are able to become financially independent, confident, valued, and empowered.

Female employment can lift families out of poverty, and provide better opportunities for children.

It is proven that drawing on the talent pool of both men and women brings effectiveness and growth to a business. Closing the employment gap, and supporting women in the economy are key in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Despite the known benefits, there is still a massive gender difference in the workplace. Women make up the bulk of the informal labour market, they are generally paid less than men, discrimination, poor attitudes and workplace harassment are rife, and the digital divide prevents many women from entering higher paid positions.

Better World Info is the place to source information on women working in science, technology, journalism, media, film, and even women in retirement. We have got you covered.


Purple poster celebrating International Women's Day. The profile of 8 different womens head all face the same direction under a banner with flowers and a strong fist above them.
Mei | Better World Info

How can I Celebrate Women’s Day?

International Womens Day celebrates the incredible achievements of women – socially, culturally, economically, and politically.

The day raises awareness of bias, discrimination, and stereotypes. It also is a global call to action for a more diverse and equal world, one where women are empowered and valued.

This is your one stop shop to this important annual women's initiative. Get important background information, access to top accounts on social media, campaigns, events, and celebration guides.

Better World Info's Afterthoughts on Women

Women live in a world which in many ways was designed by men, for men. Even in the wealthiest and most developed countries in the world, women face barriers.

We do not need a world where gender defines us. We are not opposing teams. We need a world which offers equality for all.

Womens rights are human rights.

As Malala Yousafzai said, “I raise my voice not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.”

  • 380 million women and girls live in poverty
  • 1.2 billion women are denied access to safe abortions
  • 12 million girls married under 18 every year and,
  • 130 million girls are not receiving any formal education

Better World Info serves as a platform for gender equality. It is here to support your organisation, campaign, and fight for women's rights. By providing the vital information needed, a space for women's initiatives to network, and by raising the profile of these excellent projects, we hope to be the catalyst for positive change.

Let's work together to provide a more gender equal world for our children. Inclusive leadership, policy, workplaces, societies, and attitudes are key in creating a global culture of equality.

After all, ‘When women and girls are equal, everyone is greater,” Melinda Gates.

Author: Rachael Mellor, 07.12.22 licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

For further reading on women see below  ⬇


Hot Topics

Purple poster celebrating International Women's Day. The profile of 8 different womens head all face the same direction under a banner with flowers and a strong fist above them.
Mei | Better World Info

International Women's Day 2024 - #InspireInclusion

Every year on March 8, protests and celebrations take place across the world to honour women’s rights and continue the fight for a more gender equal world. The 2024 theme is #InspireInclusion. We must celebrate women's acheivements, call out inequality, end discrimination, and continue to increase visability for women everywhere.

International Women's Day 2024 - #InspireInclusion
Profile of a woman with flowing hair, painted in the colours of the Iranian flag, holding a hijab in her fist.
Better World Info | Mei Lau

Women, Life, Freedom !

Protests sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini whilst under arrest for violation of the strict hijab law continue to rock Iran and the world. Demonstrations against mandatory hijab use soon evolved into demands for greater freedoms, women's rights, and against the controversial morality police and harsh Iranian regime. Now being labelled the Iran Revolution, the government has responded with widespread internet blackouts, tear gas, and gun fire. 185 people have already lost their lives as Iranians desperately fight for massive governmental change. - ➡️ betterworld.info with 1,500 links - Share! - On October 6 the Nobel Prize for Peace was awarded to human rights advocate Narges Mohammadi.

Women, Life, Freedom !
Strong white women wearing a red and white polka dot bandana and blue shirt, raising her hand into a fist and displaying her biceps
Pixabay | Clker-Free-Vector-Images

Gender Inequality

Even in 2021, much work still remains in order to achieve gender parity. The social and economic benefits of a gender equal world have been widely proven, yet the gap persists. Current estimates predict it will take another 108 years to close it! Our huge resource covers all the issues including girls’ education, child marriage, political participation, discrimination in the workplace, the wage gap, and cultural norms and expectations of women’s role in society. You will also find the organisations working tirelessly to achieve equality. Here’s to ALL women reaching their full potential, and to empowering women everywhere.

Gender Inequality

16 Days of Activism

This global campaign was founded by the Women's Global Leadership Institute in 1991, making it the oldest campaign in the context of ending violence against women. It aims to draw attention to gender-based violence and to highlight the work of women activists around the world. It is held every year from 25 November to 10 December. The 2021 campaign focuses on 16 grassroots women activists and peacebuilders working for peace, justice and equality.

16 Days of Activism
Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

International Women Human Rights Defenders Day - November 29

Join us in celebrating Women Human Rights Defenders Day – these brave women are often victims of violence, harassment and even imprisonment. We must raise awareness, and galvanize advocacy for equal rights, against discrimination and increased protection for activists

International Women Human Rights Defenders Day - November 29
Image by Robert Jones from Pixabay

Women's Equality Day - August 26

First celebrated in 1971, the day marks the hard-earned success of the suffragists who laid the first steps for women on the long road to a more equal and just future. The 19th Amendment made it illegal to deny citizens the right to vote based on sex – in this early stage, it still allowed for the discrimination of women of colour. The fight for voting equality continued, as does the fight for equality today. May August 26th be a reminder of the work still left to be achieved in the fight for an inclusive and just world for everyone.

Women's Equality Day - August 26
Image by ❤️A life without animals is not worth living❤️ from Pixabay

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - November 25

This UN international day focuses on violence against women, particularly domestic violence – and ending it once and for all. It aims to bring together survivors, activists and decision makers to raise awareness of the need for funding, services, prevention and data. A global effort to end this shadow pandemic

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - November 25

Reproductive Rights

In a historic victory for the women's rights movement, the Colombian government has announced the decriminalisation of abortion during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. Previously, abortion was only allowed if there was a risk to the pregnant woman, life-threatening foetal malformations or if the pregnancy was the result of rape, but under the new law no one can be penalised for having an abortion within the time limit. It is a major step forward for the Latin American region, which has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world.

Reproductive Rights
Image by akiragiulia from Pixabay

1 Billion Rising – February 14th

1 in 3 women in the world will suffer violence in her lifetime, that is, 1 billion women and girls. Hence the name of this global campaign that was launched on Valentine's Day 2012, and since then, every February, activists around the world raise their voices in one of the largest mass actions to protest against impunity and injustice for those who suffer gender-based violence. The 2022 campaign will focus on raising voices for the bodies of all women, girls and the earth.

1 Billion Rising – February 14th
©2005 WFU/Ken Bennett

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933 - 2020)

As the second ever female justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg remains an inspiration for women around the world. She was a champion for women's rights, gender equality, and workers' rights. Her legacy is one of revolution. Since her passing concerns are mounting for the future of the Supreme Court. With the election looming, her death has not only affected the hearts of thousands, but has also become a main talking point for voters and politicians alike.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933 - 2020)

Women & Peace

A woman's voices in important in conflict prevention and resolution. Find out more about women's meaningful participation in the peace process.

Women & Peace

Violence Against Women

More than 1 out of 3 women report having suffered sexual and/or physical violence. It affects a woman's mental and physical health impacting their ability to fully participate in society.

Violence Against Women

Ni una menos

This feminist movement which began in Argentina, has spread across Latin American campaigning against gender-based violence.

Ni una menos

Female Genital Mutilation

200 million women and girls are affected by this female circumcision practise in 27 countries of Africa. Find out about what actions are being taken by the international community to protect women and girls.

Female Genital Mutilation

Recommended content

Nobel Womens Initiative

Hero of the Month

Ounaysa Abdallah

Ounaysa is a student and journalist from Sudan. Her activism began during the 2018-2019 revolution, which led to the deposition of Omar al-Bashir. Although many feminist activists were at the forefront of the uprising, they were never given due recognition or equal voice during the post-dictatorship scenario, and this led Ounaysa to work for women's empowerment in her country.

Ounaysa believes that knowledge empowers people, and that everyone should rise up to fight for an equal voice despite challenges and harmful traditional gender norms.

Featured Organisation of the Month

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

The WILPF is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) with National Sections covering every continent. Since 1915, they have united women from all corners of the world, to work for peace through non-violent means and to promote political, economic and social justice for all.

Featured Online Resource of the Month

Wiki Gender

Wikigender is a global online collaborative platform linking policymakers and experts, from both developed and developing countries, to find solutions in advancing gender equality. It provides a centralized space for knowledge exchange on key emerging issues, with a strong focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

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