Grid image displaying the 17 goals of the SDGs, each square is a different colour, provides the number of the goal, the image that represents it and a brief description
UN | Public Domain

Limits and Deficits of the SDGs - a Critical Perspective

A critical look at the areas of the SDGs which need expanding and areas which have been overlooked such as nuclear weapons, trade agreements, the arms trade, biodiversity, extinction, tax justice, freedom of the press, digitalisation, cybersecurity and many others.

Better World Info on a PC screen with info text in Turkish on yellow and white background
Better World Info

Better World Info - Turkish Intro

Better World Info, burayı daha iyi bir dünya haline getirmek isteyen insanlar için eşsiz bir kaynak ve güçlü bir araçtır. - 450.000'den fazla barış, insan hakları, çevre ve sosyal adalet bağlantısı içerir.

The white words of peace are written over the blue and yellow Ukraine flag surrounded by white flowers
Public Domain Pictures | Alexandra Koch

Escalating War in Europe could Lead to World War III

Can the Peace Movement Hold US, NATO, UK, Russia, Ukraine to Account? - Excellent speech given by Uniting for Peace Chair Vijay Mehta on 20 July 2022 regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine. He discusses the militarisation of Nato, the US propaganda war on Russia and China, why Asia, Africa, and the Middle-East are not supporting the war, and offers solutions to end the war and create lasting peace.

We Stand With Ukraine protest in Helsinki, anti-war protesters march in the street
Flickr | Rajatonvimma

Unique Peace Resource on the Russia – Ukraine War 2022

Excellent peace resource on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine – including U.S. and NATO involvement. Over 7,500 links to peace voices, expert analysis, peace negotiations, the economic fallout, the resulting refugee crisis, and much more.

White chalk writing on the floor that says ' Together we will change the world'
Unsplash | Priscilla Gyamfi


Must-have tools and resources for activists, campaigners, and NGOs looking to make our world a better place. Connect with excellent initiatives, discover events near you, explore our real news directory, and learn about online activism.

Black chalkboard displaying the words 'education' with a calculator, pens, and other smll objects placed infront
Flickr | Got Credit


Learn how you can use Better World Info as a tool to change our planet for the better. Excellent resource for teachers and learners at all levels. Explore how peace, environment, human rights, and political education can be empowering. Find excellent news media resources, including how-to guides for social media advocacy. Find a world leading medical resource handpicked by a physician, and finally

Colourful city street scene with many people rushing to cross a busy road
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Complete guide to society including a celebration of humanity and its traditions, languages, cultures, communities, and religions. Learn about social injustice, the development & aid industry, how we can foster tolerance, and so much more.

Beige coloured wooden Scrabble letters spell out the word politics on top of many other blank square pieces
Pixabay | Wokandapix


Independent platform on everything politics. Discover background information and in-depth analysis of key political and economic issues. Find election guides, UN toolbox, threats to democracy, issues with globalization, and much more.

Beautiful view of a forest with the sunlighth shining through the trees over bright green grass
Wikimedia | Ayush2162002


Brilliant in-depth look into our natural world. Featuring top news sources, organisations, campaigns, and events regarding all key issues affecting our environment. Analysis and key background information on the climate crisis, sustainability, forests, oceans, animals, the energy sector, and the food and farming industry.

Two open palms are painted with a map of the world, in the background there are white doves in the air in front of a blue cloudy sky
Pixabay | Pixel2013


Must-have guide to the world of peace. Discover everything from nonviolent conflict resolution to the humanitarian crises that follow wars. We expose military budgets and the increasing militarization of the world. Learn about anti-nuke campaigns, disarmament, peace education, peace building, and so much more!

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