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"Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world."

With these words, Nelson Mandela described the huge significance of education and knowledge, and the power it gives us to help make the world a better place.

Better World Info’s ➡️ platform for education is home to over 6,500 links on essential resources, news, tools for learners and educators, as well as educational information focused on global issues such as environmental and peace education.

This educational guide is an excellent tool for free and trustworthy information. A recipient of the Comenius-EduMedia Seal of Approval in 2000, Better World Info is here to support global education for all.

In 2020, only 58% of young people completed upper secondary school globally. 31 million girls of primary school age are not receiving education, 17 million of them will never enter a school in their lifetime.

Education is the window to opportunity, employment, independence, and massively reduces the chances of people experiencing poverty and hunger. With women facing additional barriers to education, the 4th Sustainable Development Goal could not be more important.

Where can I get Background Info on Education?

An excellent place to start for new learners, new teachers, and those interested in the field of education. Find a wealth of information on various important topics including education as a universal human right, and as a tool for ensuring sustainable development and reducing inequality.

Learn about important awareness days in such as Teachers Day and International Day of Education, and excellent awards such as the Global Teacher Prize, celebrating the life-changing impact that educators have. Better World Info has a special section dedicated to inspiring mentors, educational reformers, and those fighting for the education of girls. As well as the generous funders and philanthropists driving positive change.

Discover the magical world of libraries, and how education is changing with technology. The Coronavirus pandemic opened up the world of e-learning making education much more accessible. Open education has removed many barriers to education as well, making resources, courses, and learning materials freely available.


Young school children, boys and girls, sit at their desks in Villa Nueva, Guatemala working hard. The children all he dark hair and are not wearing a uniform. They work on old desks with tattered books
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Where can I find News on Education?

Keeping up to date with the latest developments in global education has never been easier. Better world Info has compiled the most reliable and informative media sources for education news.

Find newspapers, magazines, blogs, and social media covering key issues such as education in developing countries, education during conflict, girls' education, teachers’ strikes, student debt, inequality, and much more. Our brilliant Twitter lists on education are a must for up to the minute developments.

Where can I learn about Education in Schools?

Better World Info provides a wide range of resources on schools for both teachers and pupils. You will find categories dedicated to school subjects including STEM education and gender education.

Extensive information is available on international schools, violence in schools, bullying and cyberbullying, and the implications of military recruitment in schools. Explore a huge category featuring alternative schools such as Montessori and Waldorf, and even a section on home schooling.

Who are the Top Universities?

Sorted by region, you will find comprehensive guides on universities around the world. Learn about tuition fees, rankings, and compare courses.

Students can browse a separate category filled with useful resources on student unions, movements, grants, support groups, and financial aid. With huge barriers in place for low-income students in every country, getting the right information is essential.

In the USA, 89% of drop-outs come from low-income backgrounds. First-generation college students in particular face extra challenges. Find the top universities attracting the economically disadvantaged, and advice on taking your course to completion.


AnArfican-American man and woman sit at a computer and laptop while the women is helping to show him something. There are other desks behing them in a library type setting.
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What is Adult Education?

Our world is constantly evolving, as are humans, and our desire to continuously develop ourselves. The concept of lifelong learning started in the 60’s.

Education does not necessarily end with school, studies, or the profession you have chosen. You can continue your educational path at any point in your life, even post retirement.

Learning new skills, developing old ones, and in turn gaining great satisfaction can all be achieved later in life.

At Better World Info you can find out more about adult education and literacy. There is a brilliant guide featuring the important organizations in adult learning, as well as comprehensive resources covering civic education, popular education, critical consciousness, and even inspiring TED Talks.

Data collection by Eurostat in 2021 found that 10.8% of people aged 25-64 were in some form of education or training. With levels of adult literacy and numeracy low, even in developed countries, removing barriers to adult learning such as accessibility and financial costs is vitally important.

7 ways to use Education for a Better World

1. Peace education - Better World Info is the place to find information on peace education. There is a complete list of the incredible people, organizations, and projects working for, and supporting peace education, as well as a huge resource on teaching materials, made especially for educators.

Discover detailed information on peace education courses available to under- and postgraduates, as well as shorter courses, events, workshops, and even online learning opportunities in this area.


A slim Asian women wearing beige outdoor clothes stands holding a book infront of 6 children who are st with their legs crossed on the floor, two of the children has their arms raised as if to answer a question. They are in a beautiful forest setting surrounded by trees and plants with the sun shining through.
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2. Environmental Education - Never before has the need for climate and environmental education been so essential. We are currently experiencing the effects of a global climate crisis. More than ever, it is necessary to adapt education to prepare future generations for the challenges to come, and to explore potential solutions.

Many of us have sadly lost our connection to nature - it's time to reconnect. Students can learn to protect the environment, live more sustainably, and understand the changing world around them. Find key educational resources, organisations, and much more.

3. Human Rights Education - Understanding our fundamental human rights is the first step in the defence of these very rights. Human rights studies empower learners, and sow the seeds for the world's future lawyers, campaigners, defenders, and aid workers.

Find top organisations, colleges, scholarships, internships, graduate programmes, and resources for schools. Better World Info stands up for human rights. It provides a huge toolbox, with over 48,000 links available, and growing - Knowledge is empowering.


A grey statue of great philoshoper Confucius sits in a park. We mostly see his face, which looks peaceful and meditative. His hands a held together.
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4. Philosophy - The ideas and concepts explored in philosophy teach us valuable life skills such as problem-solving, observation, intuition, and critical thinking. It is the study of existence itself, and can therefore help us to answer life's big questions.

Discover our selection of brilliant philosophers from the past and their wise lessons for the future, as well as further reading on humanism, ethics, virtues, and political thinkers.

5. Religious Education - Teaching religion and ethics is an important tool in conveying different perspectives, and understanding other cultures and traditions. Better World Info provides extensive information on individual religions, spirituality, atheism, agnosticism, and even materialism.

You will find useful resources on building religious tolerance, respect, and understanding. Interfaith dialogue is also highlighted as a tool for promoting positive relationships and acceptance. Religious freedom, oppression, and discrimination are also included in this enlightening guide.

6. Health Education - On the topic of health, you will find thousands of carefully selected links chosen by a physician. This includes in-depth coverage of the world's most common diseases, and also a huge category dedicated to healthy living.

Find categories on pressing issues such as obesity, smoking, sanitation, HIV, and even assisted dying. You will also find the world's single largest guide on COVID-19 with a total of 18,000 links. A truly invaluable tool.

7. Financial Education - Financial matters concern each and every one of us, however, they are often left unexplained by standard curriculums.

School leavers are often totally unprepared for the real world, which is why financial education urgently needs to be expanded. Learners should be aware early on, that for example, loans must be repaid with interest, and credit cards can either build or destroy your credit rating.

With a lack of understanding, it is easy to see why many could fall into the debt trap. Better World Info also provides informative links on the global financial system. This includes the financial crisis, tax issues, risks, and fraud.

Key issues such as globalisation, inequality, austerity, tax dodging, and monopolies can all be found under the category capitalism.


Graphic depicting young people standing up for their rights. There are 8 different types of hands and the one in the middle is holding a green placard.
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8. Civic Education - Low turnout among young voters signifies that civic education needs a bigger focus in schools. Lack of desire to vote, and political apathy correlates strongly with a lack of education.

Democracy becomes seriously threatened when large sections of society do not participate politically. This is especially an issue in the US. Check out our Presidential election voters' guide which covers issues such as voter suppression, election fraud, negative campaigning, and information for specific voter groups.

Without sufficient knowledge of politics, and how in a very real sense it affects everything around us, it is difficult to imagine how your single vote would count. Basic political awareness and the appropriate resources can help young people evaluate and classify political events themselves.

Better World Info provides an extensive toolbox of easy to navigate political information, it can be used both as teaching material and for self-education. You will also find access to excellent independent news platforms who discuss political events without bias.

Education in the Digital Age

Social media has become ingrained into our everyday lives - almost everyone now has access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. These new media platforms often do not reflect reality, and therefore more critical awareness and media literacy is vital in order to avoid issues such as disinformation.


A young girl sits in a library at a desk looking excitedly at her laptop screen
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When processing information found on social media, caution is always advised. Fake news spreads incredibly quickly on the internet. We must never forget that these platforms are NOT news media, all information is derived from ordinary people.

Better World Info offers excellent guides on how to navigate social media in a healthy and productive way. Issues with filter bubbles, data protection, and mental health are becoming more and more common with improper use.

Find out how to get the most out of it, access free online courses, and even use it for campaigning and advocacy.

Access to, and the availability of E-learning and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Resources) has grown exponentially in recent years. Digital education has become a flexible, and often free way to enable learning, for many students it has now become the norm.

Better World Info's Afterthoughts on Education

Better World Info embraces education in all its forms, and works to be the best tool in supporting educators, students, and those new to learning. The content is provided freely, to assist those who seek knowledge, and to those who want to use it to help change the world.

The importance of closing the gender gap in education should not be understated. There are 774 million illiterate people in the world – two-thirds of these are female.

We must focus on removing barriers to girls' education whether it be sanitation, drought, conflict, societal norms, child marriage, child labour, cost, or distance.

The doors of opportunity need to be open for everyone. To allow the adults of the future access to the knowledge, skills, adaptability, and confidence to face the challenges to come, education must become a priority.

We all have a fundamental right to education.

For German speakers, we recommend checking out the German education platform where you will find 4,500 links on schools, universities, science, adult education, libraries, education policy, philosophy, and a lot more.

Author: Rachael Mellor, 13.12.22 licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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Hot Topics

Yellow and purple graphic for International Day of Education on January 24th. A stack of books with young people climbing on them sits in front of the planet Earth. On the right the slogan for 2024 reads 'learning for lasting peace'
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International Day of Education - January 24

The UN has dedicated January 24th as the International Day of Education to reaffirm the collective commitment to education as a global human right. To this day 258 million children and youth still do not attend school and conflict is making the situation worse. Education is an important step to break the cycle of poverty and achieve gender equality. It is also key in fostering sustainability, inclusion, and peace. We must also support educators on this day, and everyday, in helping students to realise their dreams. This years theme is 'Learning for Lasting Peace'.  

International Day of Education - January 24
A large image of the Earth sits behind the white text 'World Teachers' Day October 5 2022' Below a teacher schools a child at his desk
Rachael | BWI

World Teacher's Day - October 5

Supported by UNESCO, the ILO, UNICEF, and Education International, this global day celebrating teachers recognises their huge importance in shaping the adults of the future. It also raises awareness of the need for more investment and funding in education, support for teachers, a fair wage, and improved working conditions.

World Teacher's Day - October 5
Open Educational Resources logo - White text on blue background
Wikimedia | Jonathasmello

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Explore the incredible world of freely accessible, open licensed, high-quality educational and teaching resources. Empowering learners and teachers all over the world through universal access to knowledge, regardless of age, gender, or geographical location. OER is being seen as part of a permanent solution to education inequality which can benefit everyone. It is supported by UNESCO and renowned institutions such as MIT and the Khan Academy.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Homeschooling & Education during COVID-19

The way our children learn is significantly changing during the pandemic as there are over 300 million students worldwide not attending school due to quarantines. Find useful resources in our Home Education page. 

Homeschooling & Education during COVID-19
Large green chalkboard on a white wall displaying the word eLearning in white chalk


It has completely transformed the way we learn and has opened a wide range of educational options on a global scale. Its flexible nature and technological advances make it one of the most adaptable tools for education. Check here our online learning resources.



Massive open online courses are free courses offered online with unlimited participation. They provide an affordable and flexible way for you to learn new skills, advance in your career objectives and deliver quality educational experiences.

Sebastian Leon Prado

The Global Teacher Prize

The teaching profession is sometimes overlooked, but in reality it is a key aspect of human development. To highlight, celebrate and recognize teachers’ work from all over the world, the Varkey Foundation rewards an outstanding teacher every year since 2015.

The Global Teacher Prize
Jeso Carneiro


Mass protests are taking place all over Brazil, as thousands of students, academics and teachers are taking the streets to show their disagreement with, what they are calling, "a direct attack on education". This happens after President Bolsonaro announced major reductions in the national education budget.


Citizen Science

Public participation in scientific research is a growing practice as technology allows us to be more connected. This type of research enables scientists to work on a global scale by collaborating with regular citizens to collect, analyze or report data.

Citizen Science
Colourful side profile silhouette of a human head with a cloud of colours spilling out of the brain
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The love for wisdom, philosophy is based on asking questions to ourselves and others to analyze humanity, nature, the universe and the connections between them. It teaches us tools to live a good life independent of our problematic surroundings.


School Day of Non-violence and Peace - Jan 30

With the belief that sustainable development cannot be achieved without peace, school all over the world celebrate School Day of Nonviolence & Peace. It's main message is "Universal love, non-violence and peace. Universal love is better than egoism, non-violence is better than violence, and peace is better than war".

School Day of Non-violence and Peace - Jan 30

Random Acts of Kindness

Kindess is a powerful tool that helps make the world a better place. If you can make someone happy, do it. Offer random acts of kindness and inspire people to spread love and happiness among humanity.

Random Acts of Kindness

Recommended content

The Varkey Foundation

Hero of the Month

Peter Tabichi

He’s the 2019 Global Teacher Prize laureate, this admirable teacher is the first African to win this prestigious recognition. He’s a math and science professor, that works to turn his community school into a place where children can find direction and encouragement to pursue a brighter future, despite the difficulties they face in rural Kenya.

Featured Organisation of the Month

Mindfulness in Schools Project

Mindfulness in Schools Project’s vision is that every child possesses the skills to help them manage difficulties and flourish as a citizen. The aim of MiSP is to improve the resilience and wellbeing of young people.

Featured Online Resource of the Month

Right to Education Project

The Right to Education Project promotes mobilization and accountability based on the right to education and building bridges between the disciplines of human rights, education and development. Through their site, you can find information on international law, international implementation, key issues and using rights in practice.

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