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Find a diverse range of useful resources on education issues including the right to education, education in developing countries, popular education, e-Learning, libraries and education policy.

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Find useful resource for both school teachers and pupils ,on topics related to research and policy including bullying, home education, education fairs and school subjects.

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Environmental Education

Studies have shown that encouraging children to form an emotional attachment to nature may be key to protecting our planet’s future. On our Environmental Education page, you can find useful resources as well as a directory of organizations working in this area.

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Peace Education

Peace education is a critical tool for developing leaders with the knowledge, values and skills they need to promote a culture of peace, prevent the occurrence of conflict and resolve conflicts peacefully. Here you will find over 400 online resources on peace education.

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Higher education is strongly influential in society, and contributes to social and human development. This is where research and training professionals of tomorrow is taking place. Find information on universities all across the world. 

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Adult Education

Find a wealth of information on organizations, websites and resources that address continuing  education on a variety of topics. Never stop learning!

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Hot Topics


It has completely transformed the way we learn and has opened a wide range of educational options on a global scale. Its flexible nature and technological advances make it one of the most adaptable tools for education. Check here our online learning resources.

The Global Teacher Prize

The teaching profession is sometimes overlooked, but in reality it is a key aspect of human development. To highlight, celebrate and recognize teachers’ work from all over the world, the Varkey Foundation rewards an outstanding teacher every year since 2015.


Mass protests are taking place all over Brazil, as thousands of students, academics and teachers are taking the streets to show their disagreement with, what they are calling, "a direct attack on education". This happens after President Bolsonaro announced major reductions in the national education budget.

Citizen Science

Public participation in scientific research is a growing practice as technology allows us to be more connected. This type of research enables scientists to work on a global scale by collaborating with regular citizens to collect, analyze or report data.


The love for wisdom, philosophy is based on asking questions to ourselves and others to analyze humanity, nature, the universe and the connections between them. It teaches us tools to live a good life independent of our problematic surroundings.

Must Read

The Education Crisis

Being in School Is Not the Same as Learning

Must Watch

The Future of Learning

by Ericsson

Suggested Blog

Philosophy Bro

Complex ideas made easy to understand.

Hero of the Month

Peter Tabichi

He’s the 2019 Global Teacher Prize laureate, this admirable teacher is the first African to win this prestigious recognition. He’s a math and science professor, that works to turn his community school into a place where children can find direction and encouragement to pursue a brighter future, despite the difficulties they face in rural Kenya.

Featured Organisation of the Month

Mindfulness in Schools Project

Mindfulness in Schools Project’s vision is that every child possesses the skills to help them manage difficulties and flourish as a citizen. The aim of MiSP is to improve the resilience and wellbeing of young people.

Featured Online Resource of the Month

Right to Education Project

The Right to Education Project promotes mobilization and accountability based on the right to education and building bridges between the disciplines of human rights, education and development. Through their site, you can find information on international law, international implementation, key issues and using rights in practice.