COP 27 in Sharm El-Sheikh image - a desert landscape with a green and blue Earth infront. Cimate activists hold signs protesting climate change. A green figure of a woman has her mouth covred by another hand representing repression in Egypt.

Time for Climate Action

The COP 27 climate talks in Sharm El Sheikh was the opportunity for world leaders to finally implement effective policies and take meaningful action towards the Paris Agreement. The location of the conference is significant as countries on the African continent are some of the most vulnerable to the consequences of climate change, yet contribute very little to global carbon output.

Climate debt is becoming a buzz word among developing nations suffering the worst of the effects of a changing climate, but receiving no reparations from the wealthy countries who hold the blame.

COP 27 unfortunately left continued calls for fossil fuel divestment and the removal of fossil fuel subsides unanswered. NGOs, youth groups, indigenous communities, scientists, universities, and activists are the united voice still demanding change.

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Yellow and blue graphic representing the sun, the earth, and the oceans for the 2022 climate conference
COP27 | United Nations

COP27 – UN Climate Change Conference 2022

There is much pressure on the 27th climate change conference to match talks and targets with direct action. Labelled the implementation COP, it will be held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt between 6-18 November. There is much hope that the talks will focus on how the current climate agenda is failing Africa, and that developing countries must be prioritised. There are concerns that restrictions could be put in place on climate activists hoping to apply extra pressure on leaders to act. We will follow the build-up and all developments. Find everything you need to know right here!

COP27 – UN Climate Change Conference 2022
A thermometer reading 45 degrees with a background of fierce hot looking orange and yellow clouds
Pixabay | Gerd Altmann

Extreme Global Heat Waves of 2022

The summer so far has been one of concern for climate scientists as deadly heat waves have spread across the globe. Notably in Europe and especially in the UK. The resulting wildfires, evacuations, and mortalities have been devastating. Experts are warning that the worst is yet to come as world leaders continue to dither on important policies regarding curbing carbon emissions and environmental protection.

Extreme Global Heat Waves of 2022

IPCC climate report

The first part of the sixth assessment report of the IPCC was published on August 9, 2021. It deals with the latest scientific findings. In it you can read what should now be clear to everyone: Man-made climate change is advancing and accelerating. The consequences such as droughts, heat waves that trigger forest fires or floods, as most recently in Germany, will be even more devastating in the future - if we do not act as quickly as possible.  

IPCC climate report
A green blue and white Earth on a blue background with the letters COP26 underneath
UN | COP26

Glasgow Climate Pact

This global agreement was created as a result of the COP 26, it includes some of the strongest commitments to combat climate change ever agreed in history, including agreements on emissions cuts, reduction of carbon use, monetary aid to developing countries, measures to curb deforestation, reduction of methane emissions and investment in clean technologies. This new agreement was welcomed as a promising step forward, but faces criticism for not including immediate actions. Find all the information about the summit here!

Glasgow Climate Pact
Global Climate Crisis regional meetings, Latin America, Environment

2022 LACCW

The Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week is part of the regional climate meetings coordinated by the UNFCCC in collaboration with other international partners and will be held from 18-22 July in the Dominican Republic. The event will bring together governments, the private sector, indigenous communities, youth and civil society to find ways to integrate climate action into the economic recovery plans in the region in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2022 LACCW

Fridays for Future

After sitting in front of the Swedish parliament for 3 weeks protesting her country's inaction towards the climate crisis, Greta Thunberg decided to strike every Friday. The #FridaysForFuture movement spread, mobilising children and adults worldwide to protest locally every Friday noon. With reports of key demonstrations having 1.4 million people marching globally.

Fridays for Future

Extinction Rebellion (XR)

Although they faced much opposition, including a government ban on protest, for two consecutive weeks' activists took to the streets with demonstrations of civil disobedience in order to urge the government to take action against climate collapse, loss of biodiversity and the risk of social and ecological collapse. Find here what's next for this international rebellious movement. 

Extinction Rebellion (XR)

2021-2030 UN Renewal Decade

The UN declared a bold initiative to restore the world's ecosystems over a ten-year period. The UN says that humans are using 1.6 times the resources the planet can sustainably provide, and that this must urgently change.  This initiative aims to help achieve the climate targets of the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals, and to keep global warming below 2°C. And, above all, it aims to achieve a balanced relationship between humanity and ecosystems. It is a nature-based solution, which requires individual to global efforts, because to really make a difference, restoration must happen on a large scale.

2021-2030 UN Renewal Decade

CO2 levels in atmosphere

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's annual measurement, in 2021 the amount of CO2 has reached its highest level in more than four million years, approaching a Pliocene-like level. Despite last year's decline due to pandemic shutdowns, greenhouse gases are increasing as economies and people resume their "pre-pandemic routines".As we already know, CO2 levels will continue to rise, due to human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels, unless we take urgent action.

CO2 levels in atmosphere

Climate Change Deniers

Climate change denial or skepticism involves denying and dismissing the scientific knowledge on climate change. The deniers dismiss the fact that climate change is caused by humans and deny its impacts on human society and nature.

Climate Change Deniers

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Hero of the Month

David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough is the people's voice in the UNFCC and has also briefed the British government. He mentioned that government "can not be radical enough" on climate action and said that he feels society is going through a new transition on its views of morality, as it did with slavery, this time on climate change. That the question for the government, is how do they take the electorate with them? He highlights that every time we breathe we are dependant on nature and that never before have we been so powerful that we can crush nature without even realising it.

Featured Organisation of the Month

The Climate Reality Project

The non-profit organization was formed in 2006 by the American politician and environmentalist Al Gore. The Climate Reality Project is specialized on education on climate change, campaigns against climate change denial and building a global climate protection movement. In recent years it has attracted attention through numerous campaigns such as the I AM PRO SNOW campaign to draw attention to snow as a basis for leisure and work or the 24 Hours of Reality campaign with a focus on a specific region of the world.

Featured Online Resource of the Month

My Climate Future

With information based on solid science, this interactive site allows you to find out how many climate extremes you will face in your lifetime, compared to a world without climate change.

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