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Are electric vehicles the future?

Improvements in electric battery storage, and increased pressure to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, has led to incredible advances in electric vehicle technology. Learn more here about the benefits to air quality, the best vehicles on the market, government initiatives to encourage the switch, the expansion of EV charging infrastructure, and how you can save money.

Ozone depletion and the ozone hole

Global concerns over the breakdown of the Earth's ozone layer, and the changing size of the ozone hole are ever pressing. The effects of weakened stratospheric  ozone include increased UV levels, cancer, and harmful damage to plants and animals. The Montreal Protocol banned ozone destroying chemicals, but where do we stand today? Click here to learn more about campaigns, chemicals, and the connection between the ozone layer and global warming.

How bad is air pollution?

As the cause of approximately 7 million deaths annually, poor air quality is the worlds most damaging environmental health issue. Humans, animals, crops, and plants are all affected when exposed to excessively polluted air overtime. Findout how to check the air quality levels where you live, as well as pollution hot spots, campaigns to help, and its connection to COVID-19.