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Find a wealth of resources and publications on key issues related to global health, including vaccines, sanitation, the right to health and healthcare in developing countries. Please be sure to download our RSS lists Water, Sanitation & Hygiene and Global Health & Development.

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Health Info by Disease

Find resources on the key organisations working to combat the world's most ubiquitous and malignant diseases including cancer, HIV/AIDs, ebola, malaria and diabetes. 

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Healthy Lifestyle

Diet, fitness and weight all have a critical impact on our health and form the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. However, studies have shown that in the United States less than 3% of the population live a healthy lifestyle. Learn about how you can be one of this 3%by reviewing our resources here. 

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Health & Politics

Want to gain a better understanding of how politics affect population health and health policies? Inform yourself on critical topics such as health care reforms, the effects of privatization efforts in countries with free health services and the debate about the right to assisted dying.

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Hot Topics

Coronavirus Pandemic

At Better World Info we aim to provide a world leading medical information resource on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: 7,000 links in English, German, French and Spanish have been carefully selected by a physician and are updated daily. Help us to share this unique internet guide so that this collection of information can benefit more people in the current pandemic. Expert input is welcome.


Yellow teeth, no condition, bad breath. In the long run, regular smoking damages almost all human organs and increases the risk of cancer or cardiovascular problems. Addiction manifests itself through the function of the cigarette as a stress killer or pastime during lunch break. Suitable alternatives can help you to stop smoking. Better read a book or draw something, it might be more sustainable for your life.

Obesity Epidemic

The global epidemic of obesity or "globesity" is one of today’s most neglected public health issues. In 2000, it was estimated by the WHO that more than 300 million adults were overweight. If immediate action is not taken, millions will suffer from serious health disorders.

HIV/AIDs Epidemic

A virus diagnosed for the first time in humans in 1981, HIV has affected more than 70 million people since. If not treated, HIV evolves into AIDS which has led to approximately 35 million deaths worldwide.


2.6 billion people in the world continue to lack adequate sanitation leading to important negative health impacts. See how organizations play a role in improving sanitation through policy development and the implementation of sanitation programmes.

Dignity in Dying

Assisted suicide allows a dying person to choose and control how their life will end when their situation becomes unbearable. In most countries, this act remains illegal.


The controversy around vaccination has existed since they were introduced and continue to this day. Most experts regard them as safe and effective, while some people have concerns regarding side effects in their bodies. Find out more about vaccines here.

Influenza Tips

Every year there is a flu season, even if we have been vaccinated in the past, we can get sick again. This happens because the virus undergoes small changes and can affect us again. Influenza is unpredictable and highly contagious and in this interconnected world this type of virus can have devastating repercussions.

Ebola Virus Outbreak

In 2018 the eyes of the world turned to the DR of Congo where many cases of the Ebola infections emerged again. This deadly virus killed more than 11,000 people from 2014 to 2016 in West Africa.

Must Read on Health

Preventing the next pandemic:

Zoonotic diseases and how to break the chain of transmission.

Must Watch

The Waiting Room

24 hours. 241 patients. 1 stretched E.R. a film by Peter Nicks 

Suggested Blog

Sarah Wilson

An Australian journalist, blogger, philanthropist and author of I Quit Sugar.

Hero of the Month

Razan al-Najjar

This 21-year-old volunteer paramedic from Gaza was killed on June 1st. She has become an icon of bravery, resistance and service.  

Featured Organisation of the Month

The Global Fund

The Global Fund is a 21st-century partnership organization designed to accelerate the end of the AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria epidemics. Founded in 2002, the Global Fund is a partnership between governments, civil society, the private sector and people affected by the diseases. The Global Fund raises and invests nearly US$4 billion a year to support programs run by local experts in countries and communities most in need.

Featured Online Resource of the Month


K4Health shares accurate, up-to-date knowledge and tools to strengthen family planning and other public health efforts worldwide. They envision a knowledge sharing revolution in which program managers and service providers collaborate with and learn from each other, adapting and using knowledge to build stronger health systems.