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Here you will find a unique internet guide, and a world leading medical information resource on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: Over 7,500 links have been carefully selected by a physician. The dramatic spread of COVID-19 has rapidly disrupted the quality of life and economy for all communities worldwide. Better World Info knows how important it is for you to get up-to-date and accurate knowledge about the pandemic.

Read the latest news, statistics and analysis on the coronavirus and its effect on global health and the economy here. Our English, German, Spanish and French links are categorized to give you quick and easy access to the facts and figures you are looking for. Get live insight to 300 virus experts via our extensive Twitter list. There are also topics covering home office, eLearning, financial aid, medical publications, mask usage, vaccinations and data collection apps.

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COVID-19 Vaccines

The first COVID vaccine in Europe could be available in December already. In particular, the RNA vaccines from the Biotechnology companys Biontech and Moderna have proven to be very effective in initial studies. But a quick return to normal is not in sight for the time being. Because in order to achieve an effective vaccination coverage it will still take some time, until then the wearing of face masks, keeping your distance and general hygiene measures still apply.

COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 Twitter List

Our Corona Twitter list now contains recommendations of 295 experts and health organisations - handpicked and compiled by a physician. This is the best resource to check for current developments in your home country and worldwide. Consult the list, stay ahead of the curve and save yourself valuable time!

COVID-19 Twitter List

Face Masks & Shields

An unthinkable requirement in many countries a few months ago, masks are now a law: supermarkets or public transport will not allow you to enter without one. Politicians argue about the extent to which the requirement to use a mask will help control the pandemic. However, there is no doubt that face masks & shields reduce the contagion of COVID-19 and should be worn in crowded places and indoors. They protect both, the user and others.

Face Masks & Shields

Crisis as Opportunity

Restricted travel, stagnating economies and fear leaves us with few positives that can be drawn from the crisis. However good initiatives such as solidarity movements, flexible working models, more conscious consumption and better infrastructure created during the pandemic will likely remain. The crisis should be seen as an opportunity to redefine basic democratic values and social behaviours such as Medicare for All, Healthcare not Warfare, Universal Ceasefire, Climate Crisis and Green New Deal.

Crisis as Opportunity

Corona Apps

Corona apps are intended to help slow down the spread of the virus and collect important data for research. There are now a whole range of country-specific apps for contact tracing, quarantine monitoring, information and data collection. Questions remain on the user privacy of these app.  Will personal information be used to fight the coronavirus or will it be used by the pharma industry, surveillance and data analysts?

Corona Apps

Must Watch

Noam Chomsky

What Everyone Needs to Know about COVID-19

Must Read

Nature Reviews:

COVID-19 herd immunity: where are we? 

Suggested Blog

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Hero of the Month

John Krasinski

The actor launched the YouTube channel "Some Good News" in early March to spread positive messages during the crisis. It's now followed by over two million people. Whether it's virtual graduation ceremonies, stories of chemotherapy treatments being completed or surprise visits for hospital staff; every week Krasinski presents a colorful mix of funny and touching content. This a a great resource for anyone who needs to laugh during these hard times.

Featured Organisation of the Month

World Health Organisation

The WHO is indisputably one of the key players during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They collect country-specific information, draw up guidelines and pass on relevant health data. Authorities and doctors worldwide rely on the results. The WHO also trains health workers, organizes financial aid for affected countries and takes care of the provision of protective materials.Together with other organizations, they send more than two million sets of protective equipment to over 130 countries.

Featured Online Resource of the Month

COVID-19 Map - Johns Hopkins University

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University created an online dashboard in January 2020 to track the real-time global spread of the virus. The interactive map collects suspected and confirmed case data from multiple government sources. It is a very useful tool for live updates and country-specific developments.