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Incredible resource on the issues that people face around the world, the supportive organisations uplifting vulnerable groups, empowering movements fostering equality, and the heroes fighting for positive change. Must-have tool kit to everything on human rights, exemplary people, women, men, and youth.

Relief effort for Syrian refugees in a refugee camp in Northern Iraq. Various families carry their possessions on a dirt road
Flickr | IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

Better World Info – Platform for Human Rights Activists

Better World Info is an excellent platform for human rights. Read about what Better World has to offer, how to network with others, share your knowledge, and use it as a resource for the most pressing human rights issues

Colourful scene of many young children holding signs about climate change
Flickr | School Strike 4 Climate

Better World Info - Platform for COP 26 (Glasgow)

Better World Info is a remarkable tool for COP26 – everything climate activists, experts, and concerned global citizens need to know, in one place. Read about what Better World Info has to offer, special COP26 highlights

Colourful image of a bus decorated with peace symbols there are protesters riding on top displaying anti-war signs and against funding the war
Wikimedia | Ragesoss

Better World Info - Platform for Peace Activists

Better World Info is a peace tool for activists - Read about what Better World Info has to offer, special peace highlights, how you can get involved, and who recommends Better World Info as a peace platform.

Two women protest in London about the cost of living crisis
Flickr | Garry Knight

Blog for a Better World

Our space dedicated to articles relating to a better world and our growing project.

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