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Independent platform on everything politics. Discover background information and in-depth analysis of key political and economic issues. Find election guides, UN toolbox, threats to democracy, issues with globalization, and much more.

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We invite you to delve deep into our must-have guide for global and national politics. This unique resource for reliable coverage of politics offers critical analysis, and all the developments on key issues - past and present. 

You will find access to important political resources and news sources to stay informed, and a collection of the best organisations who are fighting to uphold democracy, freedom of information, and advocating for political change. 

In order to highlight and promote the inspiring work of exemplary people in politics, we bring you a comprehensive guide to the politicians and political activists who are not afraid to stand-up for social justice, citizens' rights, peace, and the environment.  

We feature extensive coverage of political ideologies including socialism, capitalism, fascism, anarchism, and progressivism. As well as a toolbox for the United Nations and global politics. Everything you need to know about this huge global organisation addressing our planets most pressing issues. 

With citizen protests occurring in almost every corner of the world, political unrest is widespread. Movements such as Black Lives Matter put the spotlight on institutionalised racism in policing. The current cost of living crisis has forced citizens to take to the streets, as well as worldwide demonstrations pressuring political leaders to act on climate change. 

International cooperation seems to be on the backburner, as countries such as China, Russia, North Korea, and many others seem unwilling to engage in diplomacy. 

We are seeing a rise in military takeovers and coups over Africa and Asia, such as in Sudan and Myanmar. Economic crises are being endured by the citizens of Sri Lanka and Lebanon, as we witness the effects of extreme right-wing politics. 

Governmental repression and media censorship are allowing politicians such as Bongbong Marcos to rise to power. Citizen suppression is becoming common place - worrying times certainly. 

You can search by region and country in this incredible platform which covers all of these developments and more. Stay informed with our collection of reliable and independent news sources for each country, and find the organisations fighting for positive change. Follow past, and present elections, and all the key political issues surrounding them. 

Discover special categories featuring politics in the UK and the U.S. On the British side of the Atlantic, we offer in-depth coverage including Brexit, the UK Police and Crime bill, NHS privatisation, immigration controversies, and lobbying and austerity programmes. In the US, you will find extensive information on school shootings and gun reforms, the Roe V. Wade abortion debate, tax injustice, unions, worrying voter suppression at home, foreign tensions with Russia and China, and much more. 

Other highlights include topics on the European Union, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Nicaragua and Haiti’s ongoing political crises, conflict in Yemen, the Taliban takeover, and the devastating global refugee crisis. 

Finally, to ensure that each and every one of us understands their democratic right to vote, and the importance of making the right choice, we offer excellent impartial election guides. It covers everything from your rights, how to vote, and trustworthy resources to help you make an informed decision. You will also find individual categories featuring key political players such as Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, and Anthony Albanese. 

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The word democracy was created from two Greek words - ‘Demos’, meaning people or citizen, and ‘Kratos’, meaning power or rule. Our informative guide to democracy highlights the importance of citizen participation, transparency, and fairness. 

You will find access to key news portals, websites, and initiatives which support democracy in these ever-challenging times. Without informed citizens, society as a whole loses their ability to make choices in accordance with their own interests. 

We explore the history and enemies of democracy over time, as well as the different types of democracy – participatory, grassroots, social, and deliberative. You can find detailed information on political education, and we uncover what happens without it. 

The importance of understanding our civil rights, and the strength of consumer power should not be underestimated. Keep informed on citizen empowerment, and the famous historic initiatives that have fought for our rights such as the workers, civil rights, and Occupy Movement. 

Search democracy by topic to find comprehensive coverage of today's threats to democracy. Issues such as censorship and press freedom continue to supress information in countries like North Korea, Eritrea, Russia, China, and Myanmar. The people are left uninformed, and guided only by misinformation campaigns promoting corrupt political leadership. 

Every 5 days, a journalist is killed, just for bringing critical information to the public. Attacks on local journalists are often by militias and police. Those who are not killed, often face harassment, intimidation, and arbitrary detention. 

The cornerstones of democracy rely on transparency, impartiality, equality, and sovereignty. With the suppression of information, corruption, campaign funding by the rich, and under the table bribes to politicians, democracy simply cannot exist. 

We also explore the online world of filter bubbles, fake news, and the impact of social media on democracy. Algorithms act as an information filter, and also expose us to the risks of data harvesting and microtargeting of voters. The infamous case of the Cambridge-Analytica Facebook scandal exposed how democracy is compromised when we lose control of our personal data. 

E-governance, open-source solutions, and internet governance can protect us from such threats. Find brilliant NGOs fighting for fair political practices, digital rights for citizens, and against web censorship. They support transparent government strategies, which implement integrity and accountability for their actions. 

Net neutrality is vitally important in ensuring our rights are upheld. Famously in 2017, Trump attempted to rollback regulations allowing internet providers to block or slow down access to certain online content. An attempt which thankfully did not succeed. 

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The world of economics can seem daunting, our unique guide to all thing's economy explores the top issues with today's profit hungry financial systems, and exposes the dangers of our capitalist society. We offer viable solutions and alternatives which shift the focus away from profit, to social benefit and a greener world. 

Find excellent news resources covering economic developments on local and global economy. Explore studies, books, organisations, and initiatives uncovering where things went wrong, and the progressive economic reforms offering change. 

Ever wondered who pulls the strings in shaping our world economy? Our must-have guide to key global players features in-depth analysis of the G7 and G20 – made up of the planet's wealthiest countries, and responsible for controlling international financial stability, trade, securing growth, and their own prosperity. 

You can follow the actions of the World Bank – whose goals are to reduce poverty, and improve living standards. But are widely criticized for promoting deregulation, inflation, dependency, and harming development instead. 

We also feature the IMF, WTO, and OECD, who all play big roles in controlling and regulating the economy and our social wellbeing. Find extensive information on the World Economic Forum, the elitist gathering for the rich and powerful. 

Search under hot topics to access reliable information and analysis on the key issues affecting our economy. We feature past financial crises, banking scandals, and expose soaring financial inequality, now common place across the planet. Of all the G7 nations, the U.S. has the highest level of income inequality, with the wealth gap more than doubling between 1989 – 2016 alone. It comes as no surprise that the U.S. is home to the largest number of the 1% club. 

Tax avoidance and tax havens costs developing countries $100 billion a year. It is estimated that the world's elite holds up to $32 trillion in offshore havens. In fact, these unprecedented levels of tax evasion are the leading cause of austerity policies.  

These measures, such as those witnessed in the UK, punish ordinary citizens by raising taxes, and cutting public spending where the poorest are always the first to lose. Luckily, journalists and financial crime experts work hard to expose tax leaks such as the Pandora Papers, the Panama Papers, and the 2020 FinCEN files. World leaders, officials, and banking institutions have all been implicated. 

We investigate banks as enablers of corruption and fraud. As well as other top issues such as national debt, anonymous companies, multinationals avoiding regulation, the gig economy, and the new monopolists – Better World Info covers it all. 

The global financial system is vast, broken, and in need of fixing. Exemplary economists work hard to redefine our economic thinking. These experts are the pioneers of a different shaped society, one where profit is not the main goal, but the needs of the majority are put first. Proposals such as the global minimum corporate tax rate have been implemented to reign in multinationals, and tackle corporate tax avoidance. 

Other progressive reforms propose real banking regulation, and a total overhaul of banking systems – including curbing massive bankers' bonuses. Ideas such as the UK campaign for a Robin Hood Tax, propose a small tariff on the financial sector, in order to fight climate change and poverty. Other alternatives include cooperative banking initiatives, and the implementation of a Universal Basic Income

We feature a special category on cryptocurrency, the decentralized digital currency currently shaking up traditional monetary systems. An exciting new way to purchase goods, and invest, but heavily criticised for its speculative nature, environmental impact, and links to fraud and organised crime. 

We seek a world where an alternative economy thrives. Get informed on the latest developments in the circular economy, and the shift towards green growth. We also cover ethical investing, and green careers. 

Alternative lifestyles go hand in hand with the principles of a greener economy. Find out how you can become an ethical consumer, begin on the road to a simpler life, learn about anti-consumerism and minimalism, and see how many people are already living their lives in this way. 

Living more sustainably has been linked to increased happiness and more free time to do the things you really enjoy. The movement against corruption, greed, inequality, and power is growing every day - see how you can get involved. 

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Globalization of goods is one of the most divisive issues of our age. Once hailed for fostering interconnectedness, opening markets and new cultures to the world, and lowering the cost of products – but now criticised by many for being a new form of capitalist imperialism.

Globalization is a system which serves corporate interests over those of the people. It has caused large scale unemployment, widened the inequality gap, created trade imbalances, and proven highly detrimental to our fragile environment.

Our excellent guide to globalization walks you through all of these issues. You will find top news sources and organisations such as Corp Watch, who work to hold multi-national companies accountable, and expose corporate wrongdoing.

There is a huge platform devoted to the World Social Forum – the annual meeting of civil society organisations working towards an alternative model of globalization which focuses on citizens and environment.

Delve into the scary world of neoliberal globalization, where free-market capitalism reigns, and privatization, deregulation, and austerity are key. Our guide offers essential information on the Bilderberg Group, the supply chain crisis, and many critical voices.

Free trade agreements are also a top contender for controversy. We unravel the ins and outs of the TTIP, TAFTA, TPP, and RCEP. Are these agreements essential for job creation and economic growth, or do they actually just prop up international corporations, supress workers' rights, and purposely ignore environmental regulations?

Whilst exploring an alternative reality where workers voices are heard, and social and environmental issues are considered first, find excellent information on the rising importance of corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurs, and green deals.


Better World Info shows you that there are viable options for an alternative world. With citizen pressure, politicians can be pushed into supporting social reforms. With access to impartial and reliable information, voters can make informed decisions regarding their own futures, and actively participate in decision making. Economic growth can be fostered through green initiatives where everyone wins. Finally, we imagine a world where globalization does not need to crush workers' rights in order to churn out gigantic profits. Start your journey into a better world today.


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