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Privatization of the NHS

Despite huge unpopularity from the general public, and promises to not sell, Johnson’s Conservative government continues to threaten the British healthcare system. Contracts have been signed to outsource more and more operations. The threat of a post-Brexit UK/US deal is ever looming. We explore the cuts, the protests, and key updates here.

Brexit - where are we now?

Since the UK referendum in 2016, the world has watched the withdrawal process from the EU with curious eyes. From the very beginning it was marred with deadlocks, voting controversy, delays, extensions, and a seemingly never-ending transition period. We cover the trade deals, Article 50, the economy, environment, energy, and many more issues yet to be agreed on.

Pro's and con's of high speed rail in the UK

To cope with increasing passenger numbers work has commenced on a second high-speed rail line in the UK. Great for commuters, not so much for the environment or anything sitting in its path. Delays and further reviews have set back progress over various concerns including noise, CO2 emissions, and the destruction of ancient woodlands.