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Can Israel really annex the West Bank?

Tensions regarding the West Bank have existed since 1967. In September 2019, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced his plan to annex the area – breaking international law. We cover the effects on Palestinians, the potential area mapped out, the reactions of various countries around the world, and everything else you need to know.

9 years and counting of civil war in Syria

Originally stemmed from discontent with the Syrian government in 2011, the Syrian Armed Forces, ISIL, and many other rebel groups have created a humanitarian crisis of disastrous scale. Foreign involvement has complicated matters further, crime has taken over, ancient heritage sites destroyed, and 3.8 million have been made refugees. Will Syrian’s ever find peace?

Humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Since 2015, a civil war has raged in Yemen over the official governance of the country. As a consequence, 13 million Yemeni civilians are facing starvation. The war has destroyed civilian areas, and killed thousands – controversially with bombs provided by the US and UK. With no viable water supply, agriculture has collapsed, and health has deteriorated rapidly.