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Democracy in danger

Filter bubbles predict which sites and information to show you based on your location, search history, purchases, and the groups you are part of on social media. This makes searching for critical political information very difficult, leaving you with tunnel vision. Our opinions and our votes can be, and have been, easily manipulated in this way.

The good and bad sides to socialism

As governments around the world have become the centre of controversy, citizens are becoming tired of giant industry, corruption, fascism, and austerity measures. Socialism enforces community ownership, and decentralization of economic and social systems. The ideology has been gaining popularity, but when implemented incorrectly has led to hunger, stifled growth, and authoritarian rule.

The power of protest

2019 and 2020 have both seen unprecendented citizen involvement in speaking out, and taking a stand against harmful environmental practices. The Fridays for Future movement, and the Extinction Rebellion drew huge attention to the climate crisis, ackowledged the science infront of us, and sped up governmental action - but there is still much work to be done.