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Voter suppression and the threat to democracy

Tactics have always been used to ecourage people to vote one way or another. Here we cover the increasingly damaging practice of actually reducing the number of voters in specific targetted groups or areas. This will then reduce the chance of success of competition. We have included examples of intimidaion, depriving people of the right to vote, and of incredibly inconvenient voting conditions, such as expensive ID's, odd opening hours, queuing systems, and difficult locations for polling stations.

President Donald Trump

Undoubtedly, the 45th president of the United States has been one of controversy, even from the very beginning (Russia.) The Republican has been underfire for conflict with his business ties, giving false information, and his racially charged policies. He frequents the headlines for his stance on health, immigration, his management of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the protests resulting from harsh police militarization across the nation. With a trade war on China escalating, and his withdrawal from many global agreements, the future of politics in the US is an uncertain one.

Who is winning in the war on drugs?

The global campaign led by the US government aims to curb the illegal drug trade. The toll it takes on society and individuals is devestating. Learn about drug epidemics, the health effects, and the policies in place to protect vulnerable people here.