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Cuba - US relations

As a one party Marxist-Leninist state, severe political repression removes the democratic right of Cuban citizens. They are denied trial, freedom of speech, and movement. As a result the United States placed an embargo on the country making economic, commercial, and financial business operations there illegal. Read more about how the lives of Cubans continues to be impacted, and how relations have changed over the years.

Guatemala is losing its own fight against corruption

Back in 2016 Guatemala set the example for all Latin American countries with its hard stance against corruption. National protests led to the incarcaration of former president Molina. In 2020 though, the CICIG is defunct, corruption remains uninvestigated, drug trafficking is rife, human rights budgets have been cut, and efforts to stop impunity are being attacked.

The economic and social crisis in Puerto Rico

Although Puerto Ricans are apart of the United States, and have citizenship, they severely lack political representation. They are a land caught between celebrating their own nationalism, and a U.S territory - but with little support from the mainland. The island continues to struggle with debt, natural disasters, and political instability.