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Are we on target to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals?

In 2015, 17 targets were esablished globally to help create a more sustainable future for everybody. With the goals set to be acheived by 2030, how is your country performing? Find information on implementation, the success stories, and countries and industries who still have much work to do.

The war on drugs explained

Originally started in the U.S, the now global campaign is fighting the production, distribution, and consumption of illegal drugs. Societies and families are torn apart, and gang culture terrorizes neighbourhoods. Find here organizations working on drug policy, the pro's and con's of decriminalisation and legalisation, as well as treatment and harm reduction programmes.

Who are the WHO, and why have the U.S. cut their ties?

The World Helath Organization is tasked with promoting health, and preventing, and ending global disease. No easy feat in 2020, when faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. They have (rightly or wrongly,) been criticized for bias towards certain countries, and ignoring important reports about the virus's spread. Find out more here, and learn what it will mean when the U.S. halts its funding.