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Factory Farming

Worldwide around 50 billion animals live and die each year in factory farming. The living conditions of these animals are pathetic: hardly any freedom of movement leads to stress, aggressive behavior and cannibalism. Physical underdevelopment is treated with anabolic steroids and increased susceptibility to disease with broad-spectrum antibiotics, which can later lead to life-threatening resistance to germs in humans.

Factory Farming


Our Biodiversity is in massiv danger. 85 percent of global wetlands have already been destroyed, 9% of livestock species have been eradicated and 100 million hectares of tropical rainforest have been cleared. One million species are threatened to become extinct in the next few years if humans do not make profound changes in land use, environmental protection and mitigation of climate change.


Meat Industry

Poor pay, low quality production and miserable hygiene conditions. The corona outbreaks in several meat factories exposed the lousy working conditions under which meat products are manufactured in Europe and worldwide. A long overdue debate is needed in which everyone should ask themselves whether "cheap" should be the decisive attribute for personal meat consumption.

Meat Industry

Colony Collapse

With the drastic rise in the disappearance of honey bees starting in 2006, the syndrome was named Colony Collapse Disorder. Find out why bees are vanishing and what the consequences are for our health and economy.      

Colony Collapse

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Animal Liberation (book)

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Speciesism: The Movie (2013)

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Featured Activist of The Month

Gene Baur

Gene Baur is a Californian activist and author for animal rights. This advocate for veganism co-founded Farm Sanctuary and was inducted in the USA Animal Rights Hall of Fame in 2006. Baur has played an active role in changing legislation including the 2006 ban of foie gras in California. 

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Founded in 1976, TRAFFIC , a wildlife trade monitoring systems is a "leading non-governmental organization working on wildlife trade in the context of both biodiversity conservation and sustainable development".

Featured Resource of The Month

Animal Law Resource Center

The Animal Law Resource Center offers legislative and legal information reagrding animal matters concerning our society such as animal cruelty, animal control, laboratory animal welfare, wildlife management, etc. It additionally provides guidance to those who want to get involved as animal activist.