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Around 1 billion people live vegan around the globe: The numbers in Europe are still quite small, but the interest in veganism has increased noticeably in recent years. In supermarkets there are more and more vegan products and vegan restaurants are increasingly seen in the cityscape. The abandoning of animal products is justified with environmental, ethical and health reasons. 

The Folly of Eating Meat

A burger for lunch or kebab to go: the worldwide meat consumption has increased steadily in recent years. Meat in discounters is cheaper than ever. This is only possible because of factory farming, antibiotics and damage to the environment due to high feed imports and use of large agricultural areas. Everything has it's price! We should ask ourselves whether our high meat consumption is worth the consequences.

Organic Farming

Sustainable management of land, water and animals is difficult if meat and vegetables are cheap and available at any time in the supermarket. Fortunately, more and more people are realizing the value of sustainable agriculture and organic farming. Because in the long term the environment, our health and future generations will benefit from a responsible use.