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Greek island refugee crisis

Due to their geographical position, many of the Greek Islands have become a stepping stone to enter Europe - those from the Middle East and Africa are seeking an escape from violence and poor living conditions. They are faced with overcrowded and unsanitary camps as the islands struggle to cope with the mounting numbers. Tensions are high between the locals and the new arrivals as the humanitarian crisis grows, and new refugees arrive every day.

Forced labour and modern slavery - 21st century problems

Shockingly, the estimated number of those who fall under this category is somewhere between 21-46 million people. Contemporary slavery includes those who are exploited in the private sector and those who are forced into work by government authorities. It also includes those who are exploited sexually or forced into marriage. We explore the causes, the organisations fighting against this human right violation, and the industries who refuse to change thier ways.

The ongoing European refugee crisis

Escaping from war, violence, and poor living conditions, huge numbers of refugees face the perilous journey across the Mediterranean Sea. They are often greeted with equally poor living standards, and few opportunities. Here we provide information on the causes, the organisations working to help, how you can help, and individual stories of those whose lives have been directly impacted.