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Rise of the right-wing in Poland

Over the last few years there has been a worrying trend towards far-right political policies. Human rights concerns have been raised regarding freedom of expression, increased pressure of judges and prosecutors to fall in line, worsening conditions for women, and frequent attacks on members of the LGBTQ community.

How bad is immigration into Greece?

Geographically positioned as the natural gateway from the Middle-East into Europe, it is estimated that 90% of illegal immigration into the EU is via Greece. Under mounting pressure, and facing its own economic problems, relations at the Turkish border are tense. How is Greece coping with the arrival of swaths of asylum seekers?

Democracy in danger - Hungary

2019 saw the beginning of the dismantling of many democratic institutions. Changes in courts which will impact corruption and police conduct cases took effect. Education is now under state control, and strict asylum laws have caused huge problems in neighbouring Serbia. The media is also being tightly controlled, and critical journalists vilified. What is next for Hungary, and has democracy disappeared for good?