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Why we should be worried about the Brazilian Amazon?

Under President Bolsonaro's government, we have seen the removal of protective legislature, and a blind eye to the rampant logging, mining and agribusiness destroying the largest percentage of rainforest ever. Coupled with the increasing threat of wildfires, the Amazon, its indigenous communities, and its wildlife face their toughest challenges yet.

Major threats to biodiversity and what is means for us

Climate change, deforestation, over exploitation, invasive species and pollution are all contributing to shrinking biodiversity. This has already led to reduced food security, increased transmition of diseases, unpredictable weather and loss of livlihoods. Read more here, and learn the value of nature to humanity.

The importance of nature conservation

The over exploitation of the Earths natural resources has led to an urgent need to protect it. Conservation will ensure that future generations can benefit from, and enjoy natural environments, as well as providing vital habitats for wildlife. Find NGOs, initiatives, and handpicked articles here.