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Over the years people have found incredible inspiration in the brave words, actions, and leadership of peace heroes - Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr and Mahatma Ghandi, to name a few. They display courage, moral strength and compassion to gain the right to freedom and safety, regardless of political or religious differences. To achieve peace, we must compete against governmental institutions, law and order, high-level corruption, the global arms trade, injustices, human rights abuses, and persecution - often at risk to our own personal safety.


What Better World Info has to offer


Better World Info is a central information hub covering a vast range of peace topics, useful tools and reliable information specifically for peace activists. The site is here to help you, and to serve as a tool to support your project. The website is a compilation of the best and most accurate peace information from the internet all in one place – saving you valuable time.

The peace site highlights the most important issues and organisations, whilst helping you to find exactly what information you need using the search function. It shows you where to find the most up to date peace news, a guide to peace events, an extensive resource on peace campaigns and movements and even how you can get involved if you are new to activism.

The English site offers over 73,000 links dedicated to peace, and on the German site Bessere Welt Info you can find over 28,000 links all in German. In total that is over 100,000 links, tools and essential information devoted to peace - a truly invaluable and remarkable platform for peace activists and campaigners.


Special features


Highlights of the site include a comprehensive category on exemplary peacemakers and nonviolence advocates - featuring individuals who have significantly contributed to securing and maintaining peace. Additionally, you will find a category dedicated to peace prizes detailing their inspiring laureates. For extra inspiration, there is a whole category on conscientious war objectors, who simply refuse to fight and fuel giant war machines.

Pacifists and peacemakers will find the category on nonviolence especially interesting. This includes many other subcategories covering subjects such as positive examples of nonviolent action, nonviolence organisations, books, media and famous pacifists.

Better World Info also recognises the importance of peace education as a pillar for conflict and violence prevention. Here you can find invaluable resources, courses, and organisations promoting conflict resolution and peace through educational programs.

Better World Info also features an eye-opening category dedicated to military and weapons. This covers anti-nuclear weapons, disarmament movements, and exposing the deeply troubling arms trade. There is a special focus on NATO, killer drones, weapons systems, and wildly inflated military budgets.

Alongside this, you will find a whole category dedicated to conflict regions, the world’s current and past armed conflicts, and the humanitarian crises that inevitably follow. There is an extensive amount of information covering the world’s most devastating war zones including Yemen, Tigray, Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Israel & Palestine and many others.


Social media


Better World Info is also very active on Twitter promoting sustainable peace and nonviolence, the latest peace campaigns, and progress in peace advocacy. They also uniquely offer excellent Twitter lists covering many subjects regarding peace-making, and sustaining long-term peace. A few examples are peace, nukes, anti-military, conflict regions, gun control, Gaza, and refugees.

Better World Info’s full Twitter lists can be found here. By following these it becomes very easy to stay up to date with the latest peace developments, new conflicts, progress in disarmament, and anti-nuke campaigns.


Bessere Welt Info – the German platform for peace activists


Better World Info is also available in German – Bessere Welt Info. Just like the English version, it also serves as an excellent resource for peace activists. Here you will find an extensive collection of handpicked links in German, with a focus on peace movements in Germany. It includes the main peace category Frieden which covers peace news, nonviolent action groups and peace movements, as well as peace education and conscientious objectors. There is also a category covering military and war Militär & Waffen, which explores militaries across the world, anti-ABC weapons, weapons systems, and anti-militarism. You will also find an excellent category featuring the worlds conflict regions Konflikte, and of course, their excellent German Twitter lists.


Get involved


For peace activists, or those looking to get more involved, Better World Info offers excellent tools to support those who want to help change the world. For example, they offer suggestions on how to launch high profile, non-violent campaigns, and even how to become active online. Read more here, and find excellent social media tools here. You will also find online courses, blogs, NGOs, and everything you need for social media campaigning and advocacy.


Better World Info is a non-profit participatory website providing a user-friendly, comprehensive internet directory with 500,000 curated links on global affairs. In addition to peace, you will also find many related topics including human rights, politics, social justice, environment, the global climate crisis, development and aid, economy and education. Each offers unique and reliable insight into the most pressing global issues, including hot topics on issues affecting the world right now.


As Better World Info is an interactive platform, it encourages users to contribute their own knowledge and expertise in all areas. If you have useful information that you would like to share with others, then you are definitely in the right place. Experts and activists in particular are welcome to share informative links and suggest improvements. Everyone is welcome.


Friends of Better World Info


With all that Better World Info has to offer it is not surprising that the site is endorsed by the International Peace Bureau and the United Nations Association Westminster. With longstanding relationships, they recommend Better World Info as an excellent reference tool to help peace activists stay informed and connect with organisations and campaigns.

Vijay Mehta author, activist and chair of Uniting for Peace says "Better World Info encourages and promotes nonviolent alternative solutions for lasting peace and more effective change. Congratulations for building a fantastic website which is very informative and useful for peace activists all around the world.

Fredrik Heffermehl head of the Nobel Peace Prize Watch commends Better World by saying "So great to see that you have brought your unique service to humanity to a new level by a remake of the website. A terrific tool for civil society."

Jan Oberg founder of Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research describes the site as providing "All the sources you can ever need... People often ask me where they can get reliable information about our world - now they can't trust most of the mainstream media. HERE is the answer and only a fool would ignore such a site..."



Article by Rachael Mellor, numbers updated in 3/23

Better World Info - Platform for Peace Activists by Rachael Mellor is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Image: Ragesoss, CC BY-SA 3.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

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