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Bioplastics - the future, or just another problem?

Could we have found the answer to our plastic problem? By creating plastics from renewable biomass sources, instead of petrobased polymers, scientists have found a way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels - but at what cost? Find out more about the pro's and con's here.

Zero waste and how to achieve it

The priniciples of zero waste embrace the familiar concepts of recycling and reusing, but also that of living in an environmentally friendly way. If we can lower our consumption, the demand for products, packaging, materials, and fuel falls - along with high levelsĀ of trash and itsĀ associated pollution. Find out here how you can get started on your zero waste journey today.

Should we be worried about microplastics?

These tiny pieces of plastic fragments have found their way into our natural ecosystems. They exist in the form of microbeads, fibers and pellets, or broken down from a larger plastic object. Cosmetics, clothing, and industry are the main culprits. Learn about the effects it is having on organisms including humans here, aswell as the microbead ban, and many other reports.