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What is the circular economy?

In contrast to traditional linear economy, circularity aims to operate in a sustainable way, without losing out on quality or profit. Models focus on reducing waste by reusing, recycling, and repurposing - thus creating a circular feedback system. It has been found to lower pollution, natural resource use, and lengthen the life of infrastructure and equipment. Find initiatives, companies, studies and much more here.

The importance of energy democracy

With the privatisation of the energy industry, and the availability of efficient renewable alternatives, NGOs, unions, local communities, and the renewable energy sector are looking to take back local energy ownership. Important decisions which directly affect our lives are made by citizens. The concept focuses on decentralization, the reduced use of fossil fuels, and individual energy consumption. Find out all the information you need here, as well as initiatives and reports on how to achieve a true energy democracy.

Should we tax harmful environmental practices?

Eco Tax aims to promote environmentally friendly activities by taxing those who cause the damage. It then offers financial incentives to those who embrace green practices. The idea is to create greater social responsibility for our actions. Will it help us to reach our SDG's? Who is setting a good example? Are there any downsides? Find out here.